It Must Be Cruising Season…

Well there is nothing better than returning home from a baby naming ceremony to have a peek at your book sales to see that Cruise Ship Creatures is sailing into summer sales. Admittedly posting the audio on the blog has captured people’s attention – although I sense it is more than that…


Actually while we are here… I am going to put my favourite OUT-TAKE from Stockton Harris on this blog because it makes me laugh every time… It is affectionately called ‘fanny packs’…

So back to what I think is behind all these Cruisey shinnanegans… People are going on their summer holiday and are using the Cruise Ship Creatures field guide to watch fellow passengers. Then they talk about it over dinner… How do I know this? Well I had a few emails explaining that a couple had gone on a cruise and both had downloaded Cruise Ship Creatures. They laid by the pool, next to each other, with their huge earphones on (potential here for bad tan lines) and simultaneously listened to the book. Apparently they laughed at the same time and at some points couldn’t breathe.  Apparently the ‘free eye with every treatment’ amazed them. Anyway I still love the fact  that I wrote this blooming book to record all the randomness of cruise ships with absolutely no sales expectations and it ends up selling… I have also had one of the largest learnings of my writing life with this book and the ones I have written since: the joy and pleasure is in the creation. For me it is no longer about writing to please the market… It is about writing what one loves and finds hysyerical. If the market wants it then it will sell! It just goes to show that the world wants more laughter and people will always enjoy an excuse to people watch!😁

Click here for Cruise Ship Creatures on

Link to the audio of Cruise Ship Creatures on






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