The Importance of Dream Time

Who here is busy? Who here is soooooo sooooo busy? Well my lovelies this is one of my biggest realisations of late… The busier you are then the less creative you are… Forced creativity isn’t a pleasure and is much like mental constipation. The more you force the less that comes out… A nasty analogy… but unfortunately true.


So why do I write this? Well last weekend I took myself off for some dream time. This involves going to somewhere in nature – either a river, lake, beach or forest and spending my time imagining. What an absolute luxury. There is so much room to imagine creatures, scenarios or simply watch nature and that is bliss for me. Quiet, dreaming, nature and creativity – ahhhhhhhh lovely!



The whole experience recharged and revived me. In fact over that weekend my next 3 books constructed themselves and formed their order. They had been floating around like asteroids and the space and time provided the opportunity for them to return to earth.

IMG-20180514-WA0003 When I returned to ‘real life’ and the fast pace we all live in, I realised how important taking time off the treadmill is. In fact it is only when you stop that you realise how fast you are going. The last week has been super fast where projects had to be delivered, meetings coordinated and presentations made. During that time I noticed how busy people were, all caught up in achieving and producing. During that observation I reflected on my dream time and realised how important it was. It had charged me up and provided the energy to complete my work. So my question is when do you intend to have some dream time?


If you want to know more about my books… You can find me on Amazon under Michelle Dry😁



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