Can You Believe Mussel Shells Have Been Used For Toilet Paper?

Yes they did use mussel shells as toilet tissue! My goodness that shocked me. So much so I realised I should provide just a little update on the writing and why I have been quiet for a little while. Before you get excited I wasn’t experimenting with mussel shells as toilet paper!


The quiet comes from finishing my current book which is being illustrated… Here are some sketches to give you an idea. Oh and I love how concerned the goldfish is…


This next book is a book for children although, like my others, it is designed for the enjoyment of parents reading it out… I am not going to give too much away… admittedly I loved writing it and you know when you write something and it makes you smile… Yep and that smile turned to belly laughter when the next book decided to grip me… by the nostrils…


Again, I can’t give too much away but research resulted in going to a GREAT STINK EXHIBITION – Oh yes… I ended up at a sewage farm with my lovely friend who fancied a stinky adventure…


Crossness was a sewage station like no other and to say that I was inspired was an understatement. I can’t wait to get immersed in the next stink-tastic adventure…


The thing with the writing is it often takes me down some rather unexpected avenues and this one was a whole new sewage ball game!


The above is one beautiful sewer! Who could have known sewage could create such beauty?


Oh how we found it funny… It was one stinking adventure that two stink-adventurers would never forget!


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