Why So Quiet?

Why so quiet? Well the silence has been lovely and enabled new ideas to take form. The reason for this quiet is because a month ago I finished the draft of my most recent book. To celebrate I often go on a travel or visit a spa.


I am a huge believer in celebrating when we complete a project. Why else do you put in so much effort? The celebration and reward finalise all the work for me. What’s more, in the past I would finish a book or a project and start the next one straight away… That is because I get excited about the new and initiating projects. The thing that I realised is that without the celebration and a decent break, there is no space for the resolution of the previous project and the new project gets caught up in the remnants of the ‘remaining mental clutter.’ That might sound strange to some people but that is how it is for me… So what do I do now? I completely switch off. I do a digital detox… head to a beautiful location and do as much nothing as I can in paradise…


I never used to do this; however, I have learned that stepping away and completely resting provides the space to process. It allows the past to resolve and creates the space for the new. Previously I would make an announcement, but in all honesty who really cares? Instead, it is just lovely to step into quiet without the world being aware of it… I have absolutely learned to love this way of doing things… It is amazing when you find a way which works for you…


With regards to the most recent book… Well, I loved writing it… So much mischief within it… and I have just received the illustrations. I particularly love how bemused the goldfish looks. So… hopefully, with all things going well, it will be released in the next month… Exciting? Oh yes…


So why so quiet… Well I was allowing the new ideas the space to be heard😁

If you want to see what I write you can find me on Amazon – Michelle Dry

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