It IS Time to plant trees…

Are you planting trees yet? So many people are talking about climate change but are not ‘doing’ anything. It is all very well talking but the easiest way to contribute to replanting is shown below and it is FREE. Nature provides the seeds… You become a human squirrel… Yes you do😁 I call it renegade planting.


So how does it work?

Well it is Autumn and acorns, chestnuts and horse chestnuts (conkers) are all ripe for gathering…

Be like a squirrel and gather your nuts!


Basically I take a bag out with me and pick up acorns, conkers and chestnuts (trees that are natural to the area I live). I gather the seeds/nuts until around November. That way I have a few thousand potential trees sitting waiting for planting. That amount of seeds, with regular planting, usually lasts me until spring.


Then… every day I carry a small bag of acorns/conkers/chestnuts around with me and at opportune moments I will plant them. I do this on the walk to and from work and on my lunch time.


When I plant an acorn I consider whether a giant tree residing on that location would work. I don’t plant too close to buildings based on how tree roots can cause issues. Other than that grass verges work, areas of park work and there could be oaks on the Bournemouth clifftop in the future. It depends whether the planted seeds survive…


So with that in mind, why not stop the talk and take some tree planting action? Plus enjoy the planting knowing that every seeds you plant could be the beginning of a beautiful tree.

Oh and if you know anyone who would like this idea then please share it. The more of us who plant, the quicker we can reforest…


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