Why the Big Splash?


CROPSplish9Okay you guessed it! Well I have been quiet for a little while because I have been writing my next children’s book. Tingle Dingle and The Curse of The Splishy Sploshies. Ohhhhh what fun it has been. I will be sharing some chapters over the coming weeks. I am just awaiting the final publishing date before I get too excited. In the meantime, I have some epic illustrations – here are few of the beauties:

CROPSplish3As you may have gathered the book is about water sprites.

It isn’t often a washing machine spits a pair of washed wet knickers in your face is it?

How would you feel? Shocked? Surprised? Slightly distressed?

Well that is the magic of the Splishy Sploshies, a group of water sprites that seek out those who mis-use water and create all kinds of shenanigans to grab attention. One loo flush too many, being overly splash-tastic at bath time or water fountains squirting away during a drought can call the Splishy Sploshies into action. No one is out of limits when it comes to Splishy Sploshy mayhem and that includes royalty! One false splash and a home can have an infestation of Splishy Sploshies.

In this particular case Tingle and Josh need to figure out why the Splishy Sploshies have visited and have started wrecking their home.


Like many of my other books, this book has been so much fun to write. I hope the readers find it as fun to read as I did to write it. I am so pleased with Robin Dry, the illustrator and Lynda, my proof-reader. It is just lovely to be able to share a random idea with people and watch it translate into fun pictures…


Soooooo… over the next weeks I will be sharing the first three chapters and in the meantime, if you want to see what else I have written, then type Michelle Dry into Amazon (in the book section) where there are quite an array of creations.


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