Travel, Adventure and Inspiration

thetaplus_20191009194754163R0012695What do a pith helmet, a selfie stick and a swimming pool have in common? Well we have the extreme selfie creating couple. She is apparently the intrepid swimming pool explorer as he directs her in what appears to be the potential Hollywood blockbuster a la pith blooming helmet! People do bemuse me!


Now at first I was amazed by the behaviour; however, it has become the norm. I will be writing a bit more in some other blogs about travels and people watching. Where do you think I get my inspiration from. Cruise Ship creatures came from people watching and sells well because of the insane things people do on a cruise ship…


As many of my friends know I love to travel. Yet sometimes I feel that it is better to keep it to myself; however, a number of people have said they don’t like my travel silence. The truth is I felt that posting pictures of my travels may come across as rubbing people’s faces in it.  Apparently I was wrong. A lot of lovely people have actually booked holidays based on some of my sharing.


Another feedback I received was that people wanted to know how I come up with my rather random ideas. Most of them come from travel and experiencing. Take for example on a recent trip I went night kayaking to swim with bio-luminescense, a type of algae that glows in the water. These experiences are recorded, put in a journal and then usually turn up in my stories.


Anyway, here are a few pictures of one of my recent travels to Mauritius… and I have been there twice in one year. I never do that, so that gives you an idea of what a wonderful place it is…




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