Singapore Schwiiiing!

Singapore has a certain inspirational attitude that intrigues me. The fact that it is known as the garden city increases its appeal too.


So the reason I have returned again is because of the way they approach the combination of nature, technology and architecture. Who else would create a huge waterfall made of rainwater and plant a forest in their airport? Welcome to Jewel!


Phenomenal or what?


I am so inspired by such big ideas when it is so easy to be caught up in the minutae of life. I love to be reminded of such possibility and people who think without limit. Plus nature, technology and digitisation is part of my ongoing research.


The other reason is that I am in Singapore is because I am writing my next book about Artificial Intelligence, human interaction with digital and simulation. I have deviated from kids books and humour for a moment into my techy side once more. My last deviation was Money Farm – quite a while ago now!


So… Why Singapore? The Science and art museum, at Marina Bay, has a fantastic exhibition which is well worth experiencing. I will add a few examples to provoke your curiosity:

The food court in Marina Bay shopping centre has an interactive digital piece of art too:

Watching humanity interact with the digital art was fascinating; what’s more, watching the art respond to human behaviour was mesmerising.


Another aspect of Singapore which I love is the random art works that one can stumble upon…

20191113_091954or a whole host of giant eggs…

20191113_092202After such an inspirational visit, I am now immersed in writing my next book. I genuinely recommend a three day stop over if you can or a week would be better.


Thank you Singapore – you always manage inspire me.

To find out more about my eclectic collection of books please click on the following link:


At the moment people are buying this one for Christmas presents:


This one seems to be selling to people who travel and like synchronicity

4RETINABLUE4These two kiddy books have been doing well:

MONSTERS DANCE FULLCOVER FOR PROMOSplishy Sploshy coverAnd an unexpected spurt on:

hairylegged version 3I guess those who read the Monsters’ Dance were curious about the Hairy Legged Mystery… Or it might be a Christmas thing. Who knows? As long as people enjoy them…

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