Seeking Solitude?

20191114_091106The challenge to find solitude increases every day because the world has close to eight billion people and world population rises daily.


Another point to consider is most of the world has access to most other parts of the world. There is more disposable income and hotels aim to fill themselves to capacity to make as much profit as possible. A travesty of tourism destroys opportunity for solitude.


We then have social media, where the world of selfie in exclusive locations dominates people’s social media accounts. The drive to get a selfie in a stunning location out-weighs the joy of truly enjoying the moment and being present.


I have watched numerous selfie-paths compulsively selfie without a moment of taking in absolute beauty and wonder… That astounded me…


Their experience was all about getting a selfie, evaluating the selfie and then posting the selfie… I wonder how they would react if someone told them that no one actually cares about their blooming selfie except them and the hour taking one thousand pictures is a waste of precious life… They would probably think the person was mad to say such things. Watching such behaviour supports the need to be in solitude, away from selfie-pathic normalisation.


So now we come to solitude. People often ask me why I desire to be completely alone, as if it is weird. Unlike so many others who love being with people, all of the time, well I like being away and in silence. It is how I recharge. Don’t be offended, I am happy to chat and be the life and soul of a party as long as I know I can be completely away from humanity to recover. It takes a lot of energy to lift an atmosphere and for some reason I have a tendency to do that.


So that solitude I craved has been found. I had to pay a lot for it because there are no selfie-pathic dickheads hampering my view. Just a beautiful location on a mountain and the opportunity to mentally digest, write my books, blog and recharge… Bliss!


It is possible to find that solitude; however, the truth is it can be pretty expensive to partake in the privilege of privacy and prestige. In this case it took talking to a very good travel agent with inside knowledge of places for solitude.


So as I mentioned,  as I am writing my next book (in solitude) and you may be interested in my eclectic range of books on Amazon:


It seems that Christmas is upping the sales of Cruise Ship Creatures dramatically like it did last year:


It must be a good stocking filler…

I also realised why these little beauties are selling…

Splishy Sploshy cover


hairylegged version 3

Well they are selling because I ran a series of promotions on Amazon and the result was word of mouth sales, which happen to be prior to Christmas (good timing eh?). I guess these will be stocking fillers too.




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