Bologna Bookfair Build Up

There is a certain amount of time in the day and one has to balance full time work, laughing at one’s own jokes, writing books, hanging out with friends and doing hot and aerial yoga. As an author it is expected that you keep a blog even if your books are selling anyway… I know!


Soooooo Bologna Children’s Bookfair (for those that don’t know) is the fabulous children’s book fair that takes place in Bologna, Italy every year. This year I have decided to attend to take a look at all the augmented reality and listen to the future of books including Artificial Intelligence usage (my other career is technology / systems and Business Intelligence- i won’t go into details). Sooo with that in mind, I realised I wanted to have two unpublished children’s books prepared, just in case I end up chatting to any editors or agents. I learned my lesson before when I met my photography agent at a children’s author evening. At the time I was bored and constructed a rather fantastic sculpture of a genetic double helix made of cocktail sausages. The agent snapped me up there and then. It is amazing what an unexpected talent for cocktail sausage sculpture can do for a girl…


Illustrations by Robin Dry,

Anyway I deviated… So really what I am saying is that Bologna Bookfair is in April and I have just completed a book full of pongs. It was such fun to write… I am not going to go into detail but there are times where I had to get up and walk around the room because I was laughing so hard – not because I made a pong – just so you know. Even I have to ask myself what is going on in my own head at times…


So with the Pong book drafted, I swiftly moved onto the second in the series of monsters and have been mapping the plot. When I say map… I would say it is more of an asteroid storm… The point is I now have the plot roughed out and am ready to writing rumble…


So with all of the above in mind… There will be a few updates during the run up to Bologna… Yet all the while I have monsters climbing the walls… and they have my full attention at the moment.

monster group

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