Making that Decision

Have you ummmmmed and ahhhhhed and ooooohed and what iffff’d and then avoided making a decision because you are not convinced it is the right one? So then you carry on the mental churn of more ummmmming, aaaahing and avoiding? Shall I? Shan’t I? Ooooh avoid, avoid… Avoid…


The reason I mention this is because at the moment I am surrounded by people who avoid making decisions. It is fascinating and somewhat painful to watch. The thing is no decision is a decision: it is a decision to not make a decision and hand the responsibility or outcome over to an intangible force. Ohhhh deep? Yes.


Another observation that has been repeating itself lately is that people keep changing their mind. I watch this mostly in the work place, where everything is a priority and people are trying to please. The unfortunate result of the lack of definite decision is complete mayhem/chaos. I have learned to observe the unfolding of lack of decision and have seen some disturbing outcomes:

Projects being delayed

Systems being bunged in without testing

People blaming each other


Lack of decision which results in no clear action which becomes a bodge-it outcome.

So with this in mind what I have learned about decisions:

1) Don’t rush – make decisions slowly and well. Then stick to them

2) Determine what you want as your best and easiest outcome

3) Consider your worst case scenario

4) What happens if no decision is made – where will you be in a year?

5) What positive action comes from making that decision?


The way I see it is: if it all goes to shyte at least you have taken responsibility for your life and not handed your power over to someone else. Also if it all goes to shyte your next decision could be to rise and grow a flower from that shyte…

Now what if you make that decision? You suddenly have a course of action and the path towards a positive outcome can unfold! Imagine!

Make that decision… I dare you…

One decision can completely change your life…





Brilliantly funny! A must for all who like cruising or simply a bloody good laugh. The narrator must have had a few “outtakes” on this one!!!!










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