Tingle Dingle and The Curse of The Splishy Sploshies – CHAPTER 2


The spin cycle of the washing machine woke Tingle up. Well, it wasn’t the actual spin cycle it was the little voices and the giggling that accompanied the sound of the washing machine as it rumbled through the washing cycle. Wasn’t it a bit early for washing? She sat up and gasped, ‘They’re back!’ Noiselessly she climbed out of bed and snuck into Josh’s room. He was half awake too. ‘Josh, I think they’re downstairs,’ she whispered.
Josh sat up in his dinosaur pyjamas and picked up his toy Brontosaurus. He glanced at his frog Wellington boots; they were neatly placed against the wall. He might need them.
‘What should we do?’ he asked.
‘I don’t know but I want to see them again,’ Tingle replied.
‘I want to see them too,’ Josh said waving his dinosaur.
‘I think we need a mirror,’ said Tingle.
‘Why don’t we just be very quiet,’ asked Josh.
Tingle shrugged, the worst that could happen was the Splishy Sploshies could hide when they noticed them.
The brother and sister carefully snuck towards the kitchen and could hear more sniggering with the occasional chuckle. The brother and sister glanced at each other. Tingle gestured for Josh to drop to his knees and then down onto his belly. Stealthily they crept towards the kitchen door. When they were ready they peered around the corner to witness a sight they could never have expected. What was going on? There were Splishy Sploshies in the washing machine spinning around and around. What made the situation stranger was they spun with the door open. Their mum had said washing was impossible when the washing machine door was open. By the window there were other naughty nymphs pouring washing-up liquid into the sink. Giant bubbles rose, they jumped inside and floated around. Other Splishy Sploshies arranged the washing-up to make it into a water obstacle course while another larger Splishy Sploshy seemed to be magicing the water into spirals and loops. Water sprayed everywhere.
‘I think we need to get mum,’ whispered Josh.
Tingle glanced back towards the front room and noticed there were Splishy Sploshies in the fish tank, watching. Each wore red dresses and swam about with the goldfish. Even the flower-filled vase had Splishy Sploshies wearing blue outfits peering through the glass.
‘They really are everywhere,’ Tingle whispered in complete disbelief.
The pair were silent and felt the sense of being watched. Josh nudged Tingle and pointed towards the downstairs toilet. A spout of water rose into the air and took on the form of a Splishy Sploshy: a lady nymph with wild hair and a watery flowing dress. She smiled at the children and nodded to say hello. In that moment the whole area descended into sploshy chaos. The hush turned into a watery tune filled with gurgling song. The taps spouted water which looped the loop. Bubbles filled with splishing Sploshies zoomed around the kitchen and into the hall before gathering in the front room. A few moments later even the goldfish, contained in huge bubbles, went for a tour around the ground floor before returning to the fish tank. Josh was in awe and Tingle didn’t know what to do… At the same time the spin of the washing machine grew faster, the singing and the giggling intensified. The pair heard their mother about to open her bedroom door. The spin of the washing machine erupted into its fastest cycle – bubbles filled the kitchen. Water surged up the plughole. Splishy Sploshy gurgling singers burst into intense opera singing. More and more Splishy Sploshies rose from every water containing nook. The water on the floor looked like waves. Splishy Sploshies danced about the kitchen. Others used the cereal bowls as little boats with spoon paddles. Even the bath duck made a quacking entrance followed by smaller ducks as they circled and synchronised a ducky dance. And…. just as their mum arrived at the kitchen door the washing machine hurled its contents including numerous pairs of wet knickers. One particularly large pair collided with her face. Splat! The rest of the wet washing splattered the walls. Plop! Plop! Ploooooooooooooooooooop! The washing was quickly followed by a huge gush of water, as if a giant hose had been switched on. There was a moment of calm before the water rose into the air. It was suspended for a few seconds while it formed a mini-river that travelled across the ceiling. As Tingle and Josh’s mum peeled the soaking knickers from her face and stepped across the kitchen threshold the water became still and hung in the air. She stood for a moment and looked up at the strange sight. Tingle and Josh covered their mouths. What was going to happen? The suspended droplets, filled with little Splishy Sploshies began to create a watery storm and they circled like a tornado.

‘Oh no,’ said their mum. The bubbles lined up just as their mum realised what was about to happen. She covered her head with her hands but the water rained down, rose up into a wave and washed over her. That water then formed a long watery snake and slithered through the letter box.
Tingle and Josh’s mum stood completely soaked in her pyjamas. She trudged towards the hall table and drippily picked up the bit of paper that Auntie Joanna had left for her. With a tone of aggravation she read out the rhyme.
‘With a splish splosh splash
You will depart in a flash
All that watery mess
Will disappear no less
Our home will be dry
As you say goodbye
And even though you had fun
You will clear any damage done
Our home will return to how it should be
And my darlings we shall see
That you return to your Splishy place
With your happy Sploshy face

With a sigh, she watched all the water retract back to its origin. Even her hair dried out along with her pyjamas and wet slippers.
Josh and Tingle clapped excitedly.
‘Do we need to get Auntie Joanna?’ asked Tingle.
Their mum nodded, ‘It will just get worse and worse until we have a conversation with them,’ she said gesturing to the Splishy Sploshies.
‘I think they’re funny,’ said Josh, watching one get sucked backwards down the toilet.
‘They are funny Josh but they are creating a water-filled mess. As funny as it is, they could destroy our home. Water will keep leaking and pouring until the whole place is destroyed. We only have one more chance to use the rhyme. After that we won’t be able to stop the destruction unless we ask them to stop and we apologise. I will remind Auntie Joanna to tell you the story about the palace once this is sorted. As fun as the Splishy Sploshies are, they intend to destroy everything to make a point. What makes this worse is that other people don’t have Auntie Joanna and her magic rhymes to help them. So if you notice a drip you had better get it sorted as soon as you can because that one tiny drip can turn into a flood very quickly! That is the power of water.’
Tingle sighed, she didn’t want her home ruined by the Splishy Sploshies. ‘Did you tell dad?’ She asked.
Their mum shook her head, ‘I was asleep when he finished work last night. We can tell him later – after he has slept.’
‘Mum I think dad might have flushed the toilet too much. Josh makes a bit of a splash in the bath and so do I but I didn’t make the floor wet,’ Tingle said thoughtfully.
‘Darling, it doesn’t matter who splashed, or what happened because there is no point blaming. We just need to get this sorted and pay attention to what we are doing with our water once we are clear of them.’ Tingle’s mum glanced at her watch. Auntie Joanna had clients on a Saturday morning, which meant anything could happen before she arrived. Dianne glanced at the fish tank, there were Splishy Sploshies watching. No doubt they were already planning their next epic watery escapade.




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