So How Can I Contribute?

Hello all you lovely people… I have been thinking about how I can contribute during such random and unprecedented times. I will be honest I admire people whose calling is the medical profession. The fact that they are so dedicated to healing people and can remain focused in such challenging circumstances astound me.


Unfortunately I am not cut out for anything that involves bodily functions or fluids. A friend showed me the contents of a nappy once and I almost passed out. So since I am not medically inclined I started thinking… What is it I can contribute?


In my full time job I have been mapping out the potential incident management response for those who have to isolate, the vulnerable and those that need medication. At the moment I work as a business analyst and have previously worked with incident management- so at least I feel I can be helpful there.


When I discussed contribution with a friend of mine, who has children, she said that her main concern was keeping her children occupied when there was no clarity on how long children would be off school… and then it hit me… I could post my children’s books chapter by chapter… the whole books for FREE. So if you have children … I hope this will help you keep them entertained. I have posted all the chapters of Tingle Dingle and The Curse of The Splishy Sploshies (aged 7+) on this website (as a blog) and I am in the process of uploading The Monsters’ Dance. I will gradually work through my kids books and those with audio – I will add the audio too.

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Just as a note – the uploading is quite time consuming and because I work full time plus editing my current book at the same time (which is hilarious and so much fun), I will endeavour to share chapters on Wednesdays and Saturdays… although previous books will all be grouped and available – so I already have one full book available for FREE -Tingle Dingle and The Curse of the Splishy Sploshies can be found in the blog section of Michelle Here is the link that will take you to the first chapter:


Also if you have any friends this might appeal to then please share. I hope it helps… Good luck!

Tingle Dingle and The Curse of The Splishy Sploshies CHAPTER 1


Love Michelle



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