The Monsters’ Dance CHAPTER 1

monster groupCHAPTER 1


There was a deep growl carried on the wind. It wound through the trees and blew from the forest. Ben, a stringy scruff of a boy, stopped riding his bike around the garden and paused.

‘Did you hear that Jen?’ Ben asked half whispering. He glanced over at his sister Jenny, her blonde curly hair defied gravity and had at least three twigs poking from the frizzy mess. She stopped bouncing on the trampoline and gazed at him with a concerned expression.

‘What was it?’ Jenny replied, climbing off the trampoline and making her way over to her brother. Ben scraped his fringe from his face as he considered what the noise could be. He found himself shaking his head and sighing. ‘I don’t know,’ he replied thoughtfully. ‘It can’t be what I think it was.’

‘What did you think it was?’ asked Jenny. She had her own ideas.

Ben took a deep breath and paced. ‘I think it was a…’

‘A what?’ Jenny leant closer.

‘A monster!’ Ben was serious, his eyes gave him away. Jenny studied her brother with a fretful expression. ‘It sounded like that to me too.’ She stroked her chin thoughtfully. ‘Do you think there are actual monsters in the forest?’


Ben glanced from side to side; he looked shifty. ‘I think there are lots of monsters in the forest. I just think adults keep them secret to stop us being concerned.’

Jenny had thought the same thing. ‘Do you think we should ask mum and dad?’

Ben shrugged, they will just tell us the same old stories. We need to find out for ourselves.

‘Tea time kids,’ their father called from the patio.

It was five-thirty and Jenny and Ben glanced at the forest. There were a few more excited roars and growls on the wind. They sounded as though they were calling to each other, something thrilling was brewing. The children had that ‘knowing’ feeling. What were those monsters up to?


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