CORONAVIRUS -FREE 27th -30th March 2020 Book for aged 6+ The Hairy Legged Mystery for those in Lockdown

Hello everyone,

As mentioned on my other blog – the best way I can help all those families on lockdown is provide free children’s books. Sooooo…

The Hairy-Legged Mystery is Free on Amazon from 27th March 2020 morning until 30th March 2020 for all those who need a story to read to their children.

I hope it helps all those mums and dads… I hope it will make you all smile!

FREE – Link to The Hairy Legged Mystery on Amazon – FREE

hairylegged version 3

The Hairy Legged Mystery
by Amazon Media EU  S.à r.l.
Learn more:


Is that really a monster hiding in the hedge?

One afternoon, while Ben and Jenny play in the garden, Ben notices a pair of extremely hairy legs belonging to a huge creature hiding in their hedge. Just as they investigate they are called in for tea. From that moment on the pair attempt to determine what the ‘creature’ is. During the night they watch from their bedroom window and can see the outline of a hairy shape lurking in the darkness. It had to be a monster didn’t it? What did that monster want? The whole thing was turning into a mystery. Why had the cucumber patch been destroyed? Had the creature taken the fruit bowl? Why would the prize roses be beheaded? Was the creature trying to get their attention? The whole thing had turned into a hairy-legged mystery!

hairylegged version 3

If you know anyone who might enjoy this then please let them know.
Unfortunately I can only make it Free until 30th March 2020 because I only have a few free promotional days.
Love Michelle aka Ruby Allure

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