CORONAVIRUS – FREE BOOK for aged 8+ – WYLD – ONE MAMMOTH ADVENTURE -FREE 27th March 2020 -> 30th March 2020

Hello again,

As mentioned before I have put some of my books on Amazon for free (I have limited free promotion days). This one is Wyld – One Mammoth Adventure and will be free from midday on 27th March 2020 until 30th March 2020.

It will appeal to aged 8+ although the main character is 11.

I will put the blurb below… Here is the link:

LINK TO FREE BOOK from 27th March 2020 until 30th March 2020 – WYLD – ONE MAMMOTH ADVENTURE



Sometimes the desire to explore can just get the better of you. That is what happened to Wyld when his family were sent to a remote valley to study the newly bred prehistoric mammals. Those prehistoric creatures weren’t the dinosaur kind either but the mammoth and sabre tooth tiger types.

Of course Wyld didn’t believe there were creatures like that out there. So, while his parents were in another stuffy meeting, he thought that he would just take a ‘little look’ outside. That little look resulted in him discovering a fluff-ball of a creature and the pair end up on a Wyld adventure that neither could have imagined.


If you know anyone who has children who might like it then please share.

Unfortunately I have limited free promotion days so can only put it free from midday 27th March 2020 until Morning of 30th March 2020.

I hope you or your children enjoy it and here is a little film of one of the locations that inspired it!

Love Michelle


Wyld: One Mammoth Adventure (Wyld Adventures)
by Amazon Media EU  S.à r.l.
Learn more:



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