The Monsters’ Dance – CHAPTER 2

monster group



group with yucky

The feeling of anticipation coming from the forest couldn’t be contained. The trees whispered and rustled with the party news. The heavy monsters stomped excitedly, the menacing monsters moggled and the funny little monsters clapped eagerly knowing the merrymaking was drawing near. The longest day was just two days away and that was the tipping terrification time of year. After the longest day the days became shorter, and with longer nights there was increasing monstery potential. Yipeeeee!!! Double Roarrrrrry Yipeeeeeee! During the autumn and winter nights a monster could menace mightily, could brutishly blend and fiendishly frighten with such wonderful ease. With the long autumn shadows monsters could cunningly creep during twilight to their full monstery might. Oh what monstery marvelousness for every monster skulking the forest! The fun monstery times were coming and that called for a roarious-rowdy celebration. To make it increasingly exciting, it was not just an average celebration but the kind of magnificent monster merriment shared in monsteracious legends of the monstery beasty boogying kind. With dances like the Brutish Bop, the Most Monster-tastic Menacing Moves, the Hipity Monster Hop, The Raucous Ravenous Rave, The Jiggly Jazzy Joggle, Beastly Ballet, Tap-a-Clappa-Monstery-Rappa, The Gnarly Toothy Tango, The Sensational Salivatory Salsa, The Biggest Brashest-Bootie Boogie, The Terrifying Twirly Whirly, The Stompacious Sway, The Predatory Prance, The Jurassic Jump, The Wondrous Wiggle and prizes for the Best Monster Mover and Shakers of the year. There was even a ‘Special Award’ for the most original dance. Was it any wonder that the enthusiasm was so monsteraciously contagious?

Scan 60-2

Urgently monstrous invitations were printed and huge monstery posters made. Of course they were posted only where monsters could see them. Humans had no idea of what the monsters were up to and that was how they liked it. The monsters’ smugaciousness came from being able to hide, blend in and camouflage without even the hint of monster presence in evidence. They enjoyed the fact that humans imagined them, but never saw them unless they were invited to. Monsters chose to be seen on rare occasions or there was an accidental sighting where an oblivious monster was caught off-guard. That way the creeping monster contingency stayed safe. In fact the first rule of monster survival was ‘don’t let humans see you,’ because they were fed up of being hunted down and put on show. It had happened in the past and would never happen again! There was no way they were ever going to be paraded in circuses or flaunted in stupid shows! The monsters made sure of that!

Scan 46-2

With all the excitement during the poster and invitation making, one lone invitation lifted from the pile. The wind tickled it through the air and transported it away. A magpie, sitting on a branch, noticed a sparkle and a glint and cocked its head to the side. The silver writing on pale purple card, decorated with all manner of sparkle around the trim, instantly captured its attention. A moment later the bubbly bird flew, swooped and glided away. After numerous flaps, the magpie circled a tree and perched on the edge of its nest. The wind picked up, prized the invitation from its beak and blew it to a special destination as the sun set. A pink basket surrounded by silver streamers was where that invitation drifted to rest. That basket was attached to a white and purple tricycle that belonged to Jenny. Little did she know that she was about to make such a marvellously monstrous discovery.

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