Why two careers works for me…

Soooo it seems that people are curious that I have two careers when I could just have one. Well unfortunately I get bored too easily. That is the truth of the matter. I tried being an author full time and found that being at home all the time meant I had no one to aggravate at work. No work buddies to annoy and no sitting ducks (as I call them). There is pleasure (for me) to go to work, be challenged, solve puzzles, map them out and share my findings. We then take these findings and build them into technological systems. To create better technology or use artificial intelligence to make a process smooth gives me a sense of satisfaction. This kind of work appeals to the puzzle-solving side of my brain. It needs stimulation…


Now I tried just working with technology but unfortunately the creative side gets grumpy without an outlet. So much so, that that side of my brain will keep me awake with idea after idea if there isn’t an outlet. Honestly the stuff that pops into my head. It is actually like being haunted by characters or books. In the end I always give in and write the books. I found I had to write regularly to stop the mental build up… It is something I am compelled to do. Book after book after book.


By having two careers something wonderful happened. Pressure was taken off writing. I no longer needed to make money from it and that provided fun-tastic freedom. To be able to write what you fancy is a joy.


I will be honest, I learned a horrible lesson in my twenties, when I was a photographer, that forcing myself to make money from my passion destroyed it. Basically I ended up taking every photographic job from sports photography to weddings and portraiture to art. I was always working on photography which resulted in photographic burnout. Photography stopped being fun and that was when I had to let it go and  moved into my alternative analytical career. It took about 3 years until I felt the urge to photographically play again…


So the learning for me was to find the balance: go to work, puzzle solve and aggravate the crap out of your sitting duck colleagues. Then, in your spare time indulge in imagination and write the books you love. Release those little literary beauties to the world and if they sell then wonderful… If they don’t then you had a lovely time writing them…

If anyone asks me for advice about writing and careers… I say find a career you enjoy and can earn money from so you don’t have to worry about paying mortgages, food and bills. Then enjoy your writing and create a routine. If you love writing you will find a way… This technique might not work for everyone- yet in the workplace you meet real characters. It is an office zoo. Take the opportunity to observe. If you happen to write a bestseller then you can give it up if you want. Yet there is also something fun about being at work and knowing your books are selling while there is all the worky-waffle taking place!

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