Making The Most Of The Time…

Well, isn’t life bizarre? The world has been suddenly forced to stop. All of our busy lives, always doing, always having to be somewhere… BAM!


Deadlines, compartmentalisation and then the weekends… Those beautiful two days where you end up fitting as much in as you can because that is your ‘free’ time – which of course gets filled… Busy, busy and BUSY! GONE!


As if by magic there is a bolt from the blue like a giant divine hand pointed at us and screamed STOP! Of course we didn’t listen so…

‘You will have to make us stop…’


Of course we were all made to stop. What’s more, there was no discernment, no privilege, it was everyone – each individual as potentially fallible as the next. How awful and so very clever. I am humbled.


So, I  feel at this time I have a choice: focus on our liberty being removed or make the most of the time. Numerous friends of mine have lost their jobs or work has dried up. Many of them are using the time to gain new skills, reflect and learn to meditate. Others are in panic, which is understandable when there is no finish line. Many of them have said they have never had space and time before because they were caught up on career treadmills. For them, they feel as though they have been sucked into a void and their purpose has been extinguished.


That brings me to purpose… As we have evolved we have developed elaborate systems where we apply stories and meanings to events. This event is so unprecedented that conspiracy theorists are having a field day and riling up so many. How useful!


Throughout history there have been a multitude of plagues which have been a ‘rebalancing’. The thing is in this era we have grown deluded. We think we can shirk death and we have a sense of life entitlement. We don’t. So when staring the grim reaper in the face, I wonder what I can contribute to the world. It isn’t so much purpose, more what can I do that ignites me and will ignite others too. I have found that my joy often lifts others… I do that through my writing or by delivering technology systems that work (my two very different careers). Some would say that was my purpose…


With all of the above in mind, I intend to luxuriate in reflection. Continue with my work and those evenings where I would usually be out socialising will be dedicated to writing my next books and finding myself incredibly amusing – that is why I can spend hours writing. Nothing better than laughing at your own jokes in solitude.


Since I am aware that so many people are in shock, and many are in phases of grief, I hope that you discover that this time is precious and use it well. I will ask you this… What ignites you and brings you joy that you can share with others?


The truth is the mastery in life comes in enjoying everything. This quiet time may enable you to ask ‘what do I enjoy in life?’ How do I enjoy life more now.’






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