The Monsters’ Dance – CHAPTER 5

costumeCHAPTER 5



‘I couldn’t concentrate,’ said Jenny when she linked arms with Tabitha. The pair of them strolled arm in arm to the bench where they had met that morning. Ben and George sat waiting. They were in deep thought and had a large piece of paper between them on the bench. A few coloured pens were arranged next to it. George sucked the inside of his cheek as he stared into space.

‘What are you doing?’ asked Tabitha.

‘Sucking my cheek,’ said George with a loud sucking noise like an emptying plughole.

‘We are getting the plan down,’ replied Ben without glancing up.

George turned his attention to the paper and was quiet as he thought. He appeared to be concentrating so hard that it looked like he was squeezing a frozen pea between his knees.

‘So this dance is taking place tomorrow evening. We are going to have to have tea and then sneak out without anyone knowing.’ Ben scratched his head thoughtfully as he spoke.


Tabitha and Jenny glanced at each other. They hadn’t even thought about the logistics. They were more caught up in how to make a monster outfit. What’s more, they wanted their monstery creation to look good.

‘We are going to have to figure out where the Monster Pit is,’ said George with a flick of his wonky fringe.

Jenny wondered whether George flicked more regularly due to the fringe disaster. Admittedly, she was distracting herself from the developing big picture.

‘Yes we need to scope out the area and figure out our timings. This needs to be a precision mission.’ George was taking control again.

‘What if they eat us?’ Asked Jenny. ‘We probably need to leave a message under our pillows just in case we don’t come back. Something like Dear Mum and Dad, if you can’t find us it is because we dressed up as a monster, went to a Monster’s Dance and were eaten. We are very sorry. Love you both. Ben and Jenny.’

The group all glanced at Jenny in horror.

‘Is that what you have been thinking about all afternoon?’ Ben shook his head in absolute bewilderment. ‘You have been planning on letting mum and dad know you have been eaten by a monster?’

Jenny nodded sincerely. ‘Well we can’t just disappear… Although I did have a thought. You said that you think that monsters don’t eat monsters. Well to make double sure I was going to wear my pink unicorn onesie. That would stop me looking like a child and it has a silver horn. I could paint a big angry mouth with fangs on it to make it more monstery, get some more horns and glue some dolls eyes all over it to make it a bit weird.’ No one responded, Jenny often had quite strange thoughts. That was probably the winner of late. ‘Ben I thought you could wear your dinosaur onesie. We could add some extra scales. That way we are less likely to be eaten. Also if we wear our onesies to bed then we would save time when we sneak back in later. That is as long as we don’t get eaten.’

group with yucky

The group studied her with amazement. There was brilliance in her suggestion. Where Ben had considered how to get to the dance, Tabitha had been day-dreaming and designing the perfect monster outfit, George had wondered how on earth a monster would dance, and Jenny had been focused on how not to get eaten. Each of them had their skills and each contributed perfectly.

‘I have a zebra onesie,’ said Tabitha thoughtfully. ‘I also have fangs from Halloween.’

‘A fanged zebra monster,’ said Jenny with a glint in her eye.

‘I have a bat onesie outfit’ said George matter of factly. ‘I could make it a bit monsterier by gluing some dolls eyes to the hood too.’ He shook his head when he realised what he had just said, ‘You do realise that monsters aren’t real so we are just going to look stupid!’

‘No we won’t look stupid. We will look original. Plus we will be prepared for all eventuality by transforming the onesies into potential monster outfits. It makes sense.’ Tabitha was definite. ‘Monsters usually have lots of eyes and teeth.’

The group nodded in agreement. There were going to be a lot of wibbly dolls eyes used.

Jenny appeared concerned.

‘What’s wrong?’ asked Tabitha.

‘Well you are all going to look monsterier than me, which means they will probably choose to eat me first. I need to make my unicorn outfit more monster-like. I think I am going to put some scales down the back like a stegosaurus. I can make those out of foil and card,’ she said thoughtfully. ‘I will staple those on.’

The group could see where she was coming from.



‘Right we need to focus,’ said George. ‘We have limited time and tonight Ben and I will go and scope out the Monster Pit.’

‘Why can’t we come?’ asked Tabitha with a huff. She folded her arms and made a little stamp with her foot.

‘You can if you want but we need to make the monster outfit too.’ Ben replied. ‘I thought that you would both enjoy making the monster outfit more than climbing over the fence and running through the forest. Plus George and I need to work out timings.’

The reality was that if they had time Tabitha and Jenny would have loved to run through the forest with the boys. The thing was that time was limited and admittedly Jenny and Tabitha were creative with costume making and could be trusted with glue. Unfortunately in the past Ben had accidentally stuck himself to a toilet seat when he had a mishap with some super-glue. It was quite awkward when he had to explain to the doctors how he had managed to attach the toilet seat to his bottom by accident. Since then he had limited glue access. Tabitha couldn’t imagine what would happen if George and Ben were left to the monster outfit making. No doubt they would construct something completely hideous and ridiculous.

‘We would have liked to do both.’ Tabitha and Jenny glanced at each other. Admittedly they were more excited about making the monster costume. The thought of running around and working out timings did not really appeal because they would be under pressure. Admittedly, Ben made sense, he had definitely thought about how to organise the group properly.

‘Tonight Tabitha and George will come to ours straight from school. You will need to let your mum and dad know. We will all go out to the garden. Oh and… we need to record me and you making noise on one of our phones.’ Ben said to George. ‘That way Jenny and Tabitha can play it in a loop while they work on the monster outfit.’

‘Why are we doing that?’ Jenny asked with a confused expression.

‘Haven’t you noticed that mum and dad only check on us when things go quiet?’ Ben rolled his eyes because sometimes people missed the most obvious things.

‘Genius,’ said Tabitha in adoration.

‘So George and I will jog through the forest to the Centennial trees, work out where the Monster Pit is and figure out the best place to hide the costume,’ Ben became animated. He moved like an intrepid explorer.

Jenny didn’t get why the costume needed to be hidden.

Ben noticed her expression, ‘If we can get the outfit to a hiding place close to the pit by tomorrow lunch time then that way it will be quicker for us to get to the location tomorrow night. That means that the costume needs to be ready by tomorrow at midday. George and I will run it through the forest.’

The plan sounded good far. Yet there was something niggling Jenny.

Angry stump

‘Dad will call tea at five-thirty. We will finish eating our tea at six. We then have a bath at seven before bed at seven-thirty. In that time we need to work out what else we need to do tomorrow morning.’

‘We have to go and see granny tomorrow too,’ said Tabitha.

‘Can you get out of it?’ asked Ben.

George and Tabitha shook their head in unison. ‘She loves seeing us. She always has a good story too.’

‘Oh dear,’ said Jenny. She then went pale. ‘Our mum takes us shopping on Saturday and we need new shoes.’ It then hit her: they needed to create and make a decent outfit in no time. If the outfit didn’t look right then they would definitely get eaten!

‘We have no time then…’ Ben sighed.

‘Well we will just have to be efficient tonight. We need to make that monster this evening.’ Tabitha was always up for a challenge and was always optimistic.

‘But I have never made a monster outfit in two hours,’ said Jenny looking concerned.

‘Jenny you have never made a monster outfit full stop,’ George said with an expression of amusement.

Jenny shook her head and glanced at Tabitha. ‘You are going to have to bring all your craft stuff over with glue, staples and tape. We are going to have to go for it Tabs.’ Jenny watched her friend’s reaction.

Tabitha was clearly excited. ‘We have art this afternoon, maybe we should design our monster dragon outfit. Then we will have the idea clear in our minds and be ready for this evening.’ She paused thoughtfully. ‘We might even have time to glue a few bits together.’




Monsters dance amazon snip

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