The Monsters’ Dance – CHAPTER 6




A wriggling, undulating figure slithered to the rhythm of song that sounded like Salsa. Slither, the snaky monster had a head like a Cobra snake. He had long wibbly legs and stretchy slim arms. He stood on the bank of the river watching his reflection as he practiced his snaky shimmy followed by a full body wave. The way he moved was mesmerising. He intended to hypnotise his audience with his wiggleacious rhythm. That way he would be sure to win. He went through his moves one more time and decided that he needed to snake his way to the floor and undulate his long lithe limbs as he glided across the ground. With a loud hiss he flipped up to standing and for the finale shook every part of his body, which made him rattle like he was playing the maracas. When he came to the end of his practice he coiled himself around a rock and basked in the sun. The previous year he had come third in the dancing competition, this year he had practiced to precision. ‘This time I will win,’ he hissed as he gazed at his reflection in the river. His snaky voice was calculating and smooth. This year his music choice made even the most miserable monsters shake their hips. He intended to ignite the audience in a rhythmic Salsa-filled sway that made him the most popular monster in the contest. His dance would be wonderful!


Over in the depths of the forest there was an area where numerous fallen trees had created a secret circle. A storm had knocked them over like dominoes and arranged them in such a way that from above the stumps looked like they formed a ring. Those trees had fallen a long time ago and were coated in lichen with numerous disc-shaped fungi growing from them. Smirky, the smiley monster, liked to hang out there and dance because she loved saying that she been to a special place where she met a fun-guy. Of course her own jokes made her smile and her smirk was so broad and grinny that when she met any of the other monsters she couldn’t help but make them light up too. Her huge, happy, beaming, grin filled with higgledy piggledy teeth, made anyone she met relax – apart from humans. What made her all the more lovely was her whole family were smilers. They loved to make people happy. They had bright eyes with huge luxurious lashes that fluttered when they truly grinned. The only thing that hindered them was their huge fangs. When she was young she had approached human children to make friends and smiled at them. They always screamed and legged it. She never understood why they reacted so weirdly until her mum explained that the two huge teeth at either side of her mouth made them think they were her next dinner. She was horrified when she learned that and tried to make friends with children to explain that she was vegetarian. Although it never worked. The fact was that being a huge pink fluffy creature with dark hairy freckles and three eyes made it difficult for her to approach any human child. She had tried simply appearing using the marvellous monster sneakability but appearing out of nowhere didn’t work either. Such a huge surprise made the little child scream and flee. All she wanted to do was play and giggle but there was never time to explain herself to a child in the process of running as fast as they could. A couple of times she ran beside them trying to be friendly and smiling but unfortunately that didn’t work. When a child was petrified and sprinting, the last thing they were likely to do was listen to a huge fluffy monster with fangs explain she was vegetarian. In the end she gave-up and focused on her smirky and smiling endeavours. She loved to dance, that made her smile. She adored laughing, launching herself in the air, doing flips and she could even jump and do the splits. Her gymnastic-fantastic capabilities worked in her favour. She had the perfect happy music for her extremely joyful dance. She launched herself in the air did the splits and landed. In her elation she made a huge euphoric roar. She loved to dance, she loved to leap and she loved to smile. Surely the audience wanted to be happy too. A happy smiley audience, joining in with a cheerful dance had to make her THE winner. One more set of chuckle-filled leaps made her grin. Her eyes were filled with joy as she choreographed the final part of her dance, which resulted in the ultimate smirktastic tumble into a handstand with splits. That was it. She had a good feeling and she intended to share that!

Scan 53

In a swampy area to the north of the forest an eruptious roar resonated through the branches. Raucous the roary monster, with his huge shoulders, small bottom, thunderous thighs and solid arms was soooo excited! He had a huge hairy mane, a face like a lion, but had three eyes. Another mid-rave roar filled the swamp and he found himself immersed in his dance practice. He was so caught up in his roary-ravey music and expressing himself in ways that many monsters couldn’t manage, that he forgot the time. His arms flayed in the air to a pounding beat that had operatic ambiance and trance-like tunes. He was so elated that he let out a bliss-filled bellow.


Raucous realised that the more he danced the happier he became. The beat, the roars and the moves made him gorgeously growl with pleasure. He wished he danced all through the year rather than save it all up for a competition. He loved the Monsters’ Dance and this was the first time he had entered. He had watched the other monsters shake and shimmy, rock and roarily roll but there had never really been a decent roar-filled rave. Raucous liked to rumble, tumble and make a good grumble… He had decided to bring all of those skills to his Raucous Rave. There had never been a dance like it and he intended to express himself and enjoy every monstrously moving moment. He knew his music choice would grab the creature-filled crowd. The beat was bounce-full, the vocals were uplifting and the crescendo made a monster’s heart burst open… What a joy, what an experience and what an opportunity to win! He had to be the winner didn’t he? There was nothing more a monster could want from a dance was there?



Monsters dance amazon snip

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