The Monsters’ Dance – CHAPTER 7


The front door bell rang and Jenny’s mum answered to find both Tabitha and George standing appearing energised. Their faces were flushed and their eyes were aglow. Tabitha had two large bags with her and an expression of determination. There was no time to lose!


‘What do you have there dear?’ Asked Ben and Jenny’s mum.
‘Erm Jenny and I have art and craft homework so I brought everything crafty that I own just in case,’ she replied at speed.
Ben and Jenny’s mum nodded. Jenny had mentioned something about creative homework and Tabitha was convincing because she had practiced her answers on the way over. It seemed that no matter what a child was up to at least one parent asked questions. A child always needed a decent answer for all eventuality.
‘Oh how very thoughtful,’ Jenny’s mum replied. ‘Jenny is up in the attic going through old materials. She mentioned something about needing to use old curtains. She said she would meet you out in the summer house.’
Tabitha and George glanced at each other. Jenny’s attic antics were not part of the plan. Ben came bounding down the hallway. ‘Come and play football in the garden George. Oh and Tabitha, Jenny has already put all of her craft stuff in the summer house for you both. She is just going through all of the old curtains upstairs.’ George glanced at Tabitha, Ben had just said all of that in front of his mum. Did their mum know what they were up to? Ben beckoned the pair to follow him to the garden.
‘Darling remember your tea is in a couple of hours and Tabitha and George will need to be home for their tea as well,’ Ben’s mum called.

Ben nodded, ‘Yes mum.’ He waved for George and Tabitha to follow him.
When the group reached the summer house George stopped abruptly. ‘Did you tell your parents about the…’ George glanced about to make sure there were no adults close by. ‘The monsters.’
‘Nope,’ said Ben.
‘Well how come Jenny is upstairs in the attic room?’ Tabitha asked.
‘Do you know how difficult it is to sneak old curtains through the house with all the other stuff needed to make a huge monster outfit?’ Ben asked with a questioning expression.
Tabitha sighed, ‘Mum wanted to know why I needed two bags of craft stuff. I told her Jenny and I are working on an art project.’
Ben nodded approvingly, ‘Well done Tabitha. That is exactly what Jen said to mum. So our stories match. Our dad isn’t home from work yet, so mum will probably tell him. In a way this makes it easier. Jenny said she was making a dragon costume. She mentioned the story of George and the Dragon being turned into a drama.’
George stood up tall, he was impressed because the reality was George was going to be the dragon. So, in a way the story was true.
The three of them sat in the summer house as Tabitha emptied her arts and crafts stuff onto the floor. In one of the bags was a huge pair of green-rimmed sunglasses.
‘What are those for?’ asked George.
‘Well I thought that sunglasses would make the monster look cool. Also we need to see where we are going. So we are going to have to make holes in the front of the monster so we can see ahead. It then made me consider that the monsters might notice one of us looking out of the holes in the costume. That made me think how can we solve that and I remembered that we had a huge pair of sunglasses from a Caribbean fancy dress party mum and dad went to. I thought I would bring them just in case.’ Tabitha paused thoughtfully. ‘Oh and we should also make a hole in the back so we can see behind.’
‘We can’t put sunglasses over its bottom,’ said George concealing amusement at his own joke.
‘No we put the hole under the tail,’ said Tabitha giving her brother a certain look.
‘You have it all figured out,’ said Ben picking up the sunglasses and putting them on. They were three times as wide as his head. Ben danced around wearing the glasses and George sniggered.
‘I actually like these,’ said Ben with a giggle.
‘As cool as they are… we need to get a move on,’ said George glancing at his watch. ‘I think it would be better for us to make a run for it now before tea. That way we have time if we don’t find the Monster Pit to go out again after tea.’

Angry stump
At that moment Jenny reversed through the door dragging all kinds of different materials. There were some old brown velvet curtains. Some very hairy old blankets, some hairy looking woollen jumpers, a number of wigs and some silvery green curtains.
Panting, she dropped what she was carrying in the middle of the summer house and glanced at Ben who danced wearing the large green sunglasses. ‘Those are cool!’ she said. ‘Can I have a go?’
Ben did a funny dance over and the group giggled. He then handed them to Jenny who did a Hawaiian Hula dance. ‘We are going to have to come up with our own amazing dance,’ said Jenny thoughtfully.
‘I think we have more than enough to do now. We will have to figure that out tomorrow before we go.’ Jenny glanced at Tabitha. ‘Yes but there are four of us. We need to practice together.’ The group were quiet. There just wasn’t enough time to do everything. They had to prioritise.
‘Okay… So Tabs and I will try and come up with something while we create our costume,’ Jenny said.
‘Jen, George and I are going to leg it now before tea. We have around an hour and a half before we need to be back and an hour and a bit before dad gets home. So we reckon that George and I will jog and time ourselves. We will also create a bit of a map and photograph key points. That way we can show you both when we return.’

Jen nodded and rummaged in her purple-felt handbag. ‘Just quickly before you go, Tabitha and I created this in art class.’ She unfurled a piece of paper with a drawing of a monster. The creature was hairy, had different patches, eight legs, lots of eyes, scales and… a trunk.
‘We created a multi-eyed dragon, crossed an elephant with a hint of dinosaur and mammoth.’ She said with an excited glint in her eye. Ben and George tried to conceal their amusement and nodded approvingly. The drawing looked like a long hairy sausage with legs and a funny nose with loads of eyes. There was a definite feeling of monster about it and that was all that mattered.
‘Well as long as we can all fit inside and it looks a bit monstery then we should be fine. Right, George and I have to go now. You are going to have to focus and make an unforgettable monster,’ said Ben eyeing George who struggled to hold in his laughter.
Tabitha and Jenny gazed knowingly at each other. The monster they were about to create would go down in the history of monsters!









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