The Monsters’ Dance – CHAPTER 8




Time was running out for the monster-tastic dancing practice. Spriggit and Sproggit, the Dancing Monster twins felt tired. They were just going to do two more practices before they called it a day. They stood at the centre of a whirl of mist. The area where they lived often had evening mist rise from the nearby swamp area. It created the perfect shield for them to privately practice without any other monsteracious prying eyes.


Spriggit and Sproggit were small for monsters. They were the size of small ponies and just as wide. The pair of them had patchy down covering their body. Their skin looked similar to Dalmatian dogs. Where one had white splodges, the other had black splodges. They were exactly opposite in their patchy hair pattern arrangement. Their panda-like faces had huge bushy eyebrows, one white brow and the other dark. Of course where one brow was dark on Spriggit it was pale on Sproggit – that was how they were. On their heads they had five horns. Spriggit had three dark horns and two white horns and Sproggit had two dark horns and three white horns. Now what made them marvellously monstery was along their spines they had scales that stuck out like pointy stars. The pair were equally opposite to each other in pattern, horns and personality. Where Spriggit liked to do things in order, Sproggit was chaotic and that was what caused the problem. Spriggit preferred to create an ordered dance and Sproggit wanted to just go with it and chaotically express himself. The pair had spent a lot of time arguing until they finally came to a compromise. Spriggit switched on the music and glided into the imaginary dance arena in a precise and calculated dance. He paused as Sproggit, in his chaotic state, shimmied, tumbled and pranced to join him. Once Spriggit had accurately danced his steps they high-clawed and Sproggit erupted into freestyle. The contrast strangely worked. The pair circled, shimmied and came to a final lift where Sproggit took a run up and… Spriggit launched him above his head. Sproggit tumbled through the air and landed on his feet and rolled with his legs aloft. For the finale Spriggit cartwheeled and tumbled his way over, did a handstand which he carefully and in a controlled way enabled him to fall onto Sproggit’s feet. Sproggit used his feet to spin Spriggit like helicopter blades and launched him into the air where he landed perfectly. At the same time Sproggit flipped to standing and the pair did a final shimmy, landed and lifted their claws in the air like gymnasts. The music stopped and the pair panted. They glanced at each other and caught their breath. ‘I think that is about as good as we can do before the dance,’ said Spriggit. The pair were thoughtful. ‘Once more and that is it…’ said Sproggit. The pair took a deep breath. Went back to their original positions and re-set the music. Just one more time!

Angry stump

Over by the Monster’s Graveyard, a sheet wafted through the air. The music was haunting and the delicate material drifted elegantly in time with the music. You could be forgiven for thinking there was nothing there but in actual fact Ghostly, the invisible monster, was practising her Woooo Woooo dance. Since she was a Ghost Monster, she loved haunting music and scaring people on her arrival. What made Ghostly ever so mysterious was that no one could see her unless she used the frightening-fabric to reveal her presence. She had cut two holes in the lace-decorated sheet so that she could see through it. She was so elegant and had the ability to turn the sheet into a beautiful dress as she danced. Ghostly was chic and moved like a ballerina. The sheet that she danced with flowed gracefully through the air as she twirled, arched and revealed her delicate shape behind the sheet. There were times she could create a shape and launch the sheet in the air. While the material sailed through space she darted across the floor and made a random ‘Woooo!’ at an unsuspecting victim. She might scare another monster before returning to the sheet before she made another dance move. There were no other monsters with such abilities. Ghostly was known for her incredible scaring tactics and her intense Woooo Woooo dance because she always kept the audience on their toes. Sometimes she would go on a Wooooing spree and terrify the audience. Quite often one loud scream would make the other monsters jump too. That was satisfying: mass monster spooking mayhem was so much fun! So, for Ghostly the Monsters’ Dance was the highlight of her year. She would come out from hiding and gracefully glide her Ghostly ghoulish glamour around the arena before disappearing for another year. This year she planned to out-woo herself by surprising as many of the spectators and judges as possible. There was nothing better than silently sneaking up behind a monster and whispering ‘Woooo!’ in their ear and making all their fur stand on end. Little did any of the monsters know that this year Ghostly had prepared and a multitude of monsters would be involved in the Woooo Woooo dance! It was all sooooo wooooooily wonderful!
Gnasher had huge teeth, the kind of teeth that a Sabre-tooth tiger had. Those teeth were polished and so looked after that they gleamed. Sometimes he even decorated those giant fangs with little silver stars to make them all the more stunning. Gnasher was a tall monster with green skin, well it wasn’t really skin, it looked more like lichen and moss. It was quite amazing how he could quickly drop to the floor in a forest and not be seen. At other times he could hug a tree and it would appear as though he was part of the tree. He was a master of mossy monster disguise and what was most impressive was that his teeth, when he needed them to, could transform into branches. That way humans would never be able to spot him when they were out on their walks.

Scan 51

Gnasher delighted in dance, to dress up and passionately perform. He liked the old style dancing where the human men wore dark suits, top hats and carried a cane as they swayed. The previous year he intended to be the smartest, most well-turned-out monster. He wore a suit, a top hat and carried a cane with a silver tip. He danced elegantly like the men in the old black and white films that the humans watched and he did well – he came fourth. The year before he tried the same tactic and came sixth. It seemed that no one else saw the beauty in the old style dancing. So it was time for a new tactic. He needed something more explosive, increasingly eye-catching and something that had never been done before. He decided to be more spectacular and had decided to decorate his teeth, yet that was just the beginning. He needed to make a huge impact. It seemed the audience liked a good beat, a lot of action and… crashing and smashing. So, with that in mind, he had decided to try something completely original and outside of his ‘charming’ comfort zone: The Crasher Gnasher Smasher dance. He intended to burst in, bear his teeth and incorporate the Greek plate smashing spectacle into his performance. The music would be dramatic at the start with a beat that would make the audience jiggle. It would then calm down and finally evolve into the Greek plate smashing music. Gnasher was excited, it was completely different to his usual approach, although he had realised if he kept doing the same dance over and over again then he would get the same results. It was time to try something fresh and see what happened. Gnasher felt excited in his gut. He was about to practice for the last time that day. He arranged his paper plates because the real china plates had been saved for the actual dance. He took a very deep breath as he focused. With all his passion he prepared, switched on his music and launched into the Crasher Gnasher Smasher dance and… It was gnarly!




Monsters dance amazon snip

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