The Monsters’ Dance – CHAPTER 12



After two hours of being dragged around the shopping centre, Ben and Jenny were completely bored of shopping. They had to buy new shoes for school and that was no fun at all! All they wanted to do was go home and set everything up. Unfortunately until they purchased their shoes then no one was going anywhere. At that moment the family sat in the food hall having a snack. Ben and Jenny’s parents discussed what other shops they needed to visit while Jenny was pre-occupied by a huge screen playing various pop music films. She watched the different dances as she sipped her drink.
‘What are you thinking Jenny?’ asked Ben, noticing Jenny staring up at the screen.

‘I think the best dances are the ones where a whole group dance together. They are all perfectly timed and coordinated. They also all know what the other people in the group are doing too. At that moment a funny dance came on where a whole group of around fifty people burst into a dance where they all wiggled in time with each other. ‘See how fun that is? There are lots of people doing the same dance. I like that. They all know the moves and they are all doing it at the same time…’ Jenny sighed, ‘We haven’t even chosen our music yet. Unless we know the music how can we create a dance?’
Ben studied his sister, she was very good with details and the group had been so busy trying to figure out costumes and locations that they hadn’t even decided on music.
‘We will just have to figure it out when we are there,’ whispered Ben.
‘We don’t even know how monsters play music. Is there a band? Do they play music through their phones? Do monsters even have phones or tablets?’ Jenny asked mulling over how monsters got by.
Ben fell silent. How did monsters do anything?
Jenny studied her brother, there was a lot that they didn’t know about monsters.
‘Right children are you ready?’ Asked their dad. He was clearly bored of shopping too.
‘Can’t we just go home?’ Asked Jenny. ‘My school shoes are just fine.’
‘They have a crack in the bottom,’ her mum replied, glancing at her shopping list.
‘I have a plan,’ said their father. ‘We power shop!’
Ben and Jenny had no idea what that was.
‘Power shopping is when we do super-fat-shopping,’ said their dad desperately. ‘Ben and I will go to a shoe shop, and Jenny and you will go to a shoe shop. We have to be back here in forty minutes with new shoes. Let’s look at it like a race.’

Jenny smiled, that was so like her dad. Her mum rolled her eyes. ‘If you come back with something rubbish darling then you will be the one exchanging them.’ Their mother was aware that anything done in a rush usually resulted in trouble. ‘Buy cheap buy twice, do something too fast then you will just have to do it again. Quality not quantity darling.’ She skimmed through her shopping list once more. The shoes were the last items to buy.
Their father shrugged with a twinkle in his eye. He intended to buy some blooming shoes and get home within the hour. There was some epic super-fast car racing was on the television and there was no way he was going to spend too much time shoe shopping when he could be watching that instead.
‘Darling don’t you worry, we will do a really good job. We are focused now and have a definite sense of shoe acquisition purpose.’ With that he gestured for Ben to follow and the pair jogged in the direction of a shoe shop.
‘Jenny, you know we need to beat them don’t you?’ Her mother said very matter-of-factly.
Jenny nodded, she had seen the shoes she wanted and that meant that if they were quick then she could study some more dancing.

‘If you know what you want and they are in the sale then we will buy you a pretty pair as well. Is that a good motivation?’ Her mum said as she watched her husband and Ben jogging across the shopping forecourt.
‘Can I have some dancing shoes?’ Jenny asked with a glint in her eye.
Jenny’s mum smiled, ‘Yes, if your school shoes are in the sale then we can also pick some pretty dance shoes too.’
Jenny lit up, that made the race all the more exciting.
‘You know which shoes you want don’t you?’ Jenny’s mum said as she power-walked across the restaurant to the escalator.

Jenny nodded and followed closely behind. She gestured at a small shoe shop on the floor below. ‘Mum what is the funniest dance you have ever done?’
‘Oh there have been a few Jenny. Right let’s go buy those shoes. When we get back here we can sit down and I can show you some of them on the phone.’ Jenny had a good feeling, she guessed that her mum would know some very good dances and maybe if Jenny could see them then she could come up with the best dance ever seen by monsters.





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