The Monsters’ Dance – CHAPTER 13



Being sneaky was a skill and Spotal was known for it. Spotal was built for sneaking. He could curl himself around anything and adjust himself to fit into most things. His fur adjusted to the colour of the surroundings and he could move silently and stealthily like a breeze. He had a long, slim head that could be easily squished. His squishability meant that he could wedge himself, including his head into very narrow spaces. The problem with Spotal was that he was very last minute with everything. He had learned his sneakiness because he was always late and last minute, so often had to sneak in. He couldn’t organise anything and never made plans. The main challenge for Spotal was to make a decision and in this case, at the very last moment, Spotal had decided that he needed to enter the dance contest. He needed to come up with the best name for that dance too. He had considered all the ways he could bring in the word sneaky but there was nothing special about it. So he decided the best name for what he could do would be the SLY SLIDE INTO THE SPINNY SHIMMY. That way he could sneakily emerge onto the dance floor, create some epic slides and finish the dance with the best spin into a shimmy ever imagined. The whole thing with being sneaky was that the audience would not expect such sneakerdom. The element of surprise would be perfect and capture the audience’s attention. There was also another challenge for Spotal: he hadn’t danced for a very long time. He had hoped that it would be easy and his sliding skills were okay but a decent shimmy, with all different parts of his body, made his head go all over the place and that made him dizzy. Combining a shimmy with spinning, well, that was terribly difficult.
After leaning on a rock, in the ornamental rock-garden part of the forest, Spotal took another deep breath and decided to practice the shimmy spin a few more times. He had worked out that if he kept his eyes focused on one fixed spot then he was less likely to be sick.

Angry stump

Spotal switched on his music, took a deep breath and slyly slid. He danced enthusiastically until he worked himself up to the spinny shimmy and… Splat! He was flat on his face again. The dizziness overwhelmed him and his brain felt a like a pea rebounding around the inside of a bucket. Was there any way he could master it? If he could spin and shimmy at the same time then surely he would win. For a moment he stood thoughtfully and shimmied his chest. He then shook his bottom. He could manage shaking one body part but two was very difficult. Maybe he should just dramatically shake one body part at a time. Was that the answer? A spinning bottom shimmy to finish with an upper-body shimmy without spin? He took a deep breath, he had to be careful not to tire himself out. He would give it one more go and then on the night would wing it. No matter how hard he practised, he knew he would never be ready. It was just a case of getting the dance clear in his head and then giving it his all in the monster-motion-filled-moment. Finally his decision was made. He knew what he was going to do; he just hoped that he wouldn’t be sick on the judges.


There was one final monster that the other monsters didn’t want to dance. It was Yucky the disgusting monster, from the Monster Clan of Yuck. He had a froggish face, was stinky and oozed weird liquid. There were times when he lifted one of his five arms and a jet of slime would fly out. That was his monstery trait and that was how he was designed. Everyone in the Yuck Clan could armpit slime a moving target at one hundred meters if necessary. If he was ever in danger then he would lift an arm and a jet of slime would cover his assailant. Yucky was designed purely for repulsive monsterdooom. What made it worse was when Yucky danced too frantically, and raised all of his arms, all the goo would fly out in all directions. What’s more, that gunge could be very slippery. The previous year some of the judges had skidded on Yucky’s secretions and had all fallen over in a maddened monster pile. Unfortunately Yucky had annoyed all of the judges with his extreme yuckiness and ended up being disqualified. Of course that made him more determined to get back out there and win! The challenge for Yucky was when he danced he liked to lift and wave his five arms. He couldn’t help it because the music transported him into a dream and the next thing he knew those flaying arms were expelling all kinds of slimy sludge jets in all directions. Five arms with five jets meant he had all directions covered. If he lifted all of his arms simultaneously then that would be a slimy spectacle to behold.

group with yucky

Yucky stood by the swamp and paced about. How was he going to dance without waving his arms? Keeping those arms down was a real challenge. There had to be a special arms pressed to body dance didn’t there? He pressed all his arms flat to his body and kicked his legs in the air. Suddenly he knew what he was going to do, it was like the Scottish and Irish dancing he had heard about. They kept their arms close to their bodies and bounced around only kicking their legs. That was it! That was the answer. If he could find the right music, which was quite folky mixed with some good beats, then that was it. Yipeee! Yucky was sooooo excited. In that moment the name that came to him was the Yipee Yucky Yurdle Durdle dance. That was what his dance was going to be called and it was going to be epic! Never in the history of the Monsters’ Dance had anything been witnessed quite like it!




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