The Monsters’ Dance – CHAPTER 15



Wearing her onesie, Jenny laid in bed thinking about the dance she intended to create. It had to be fun, lively and easy. She had spent time researching the tune to one of the dances that her mum had shown her. Through continuing her dance investigation she had discovered the music to the song without the words. She hummed the tune once more and thought about the different words that a monster would use. ‘Hand should be claw,’ she muttered. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice her mum and dad standing by the door.
‘Night darling,’ said her dad. He popped in, kissed her on the forehead and smiled. ‘I see the unicorn onesie is back in favour,’ he said before he went to Ben’s room. Her mother came in and sat beside her on the bed. ‘What are you thinking about Jen?’ her mum asked. ‘You have been very caught up in your thoughts this weekend,’ she said admiring her daughter’s gentle features.
‘I am tired but I am thinking about dancing mum,’ Jenny replied honestly.
‘I am not surprised because you have your new dance shoes.’ Her mum had loved the sparkly little numbers as soon as she saw them.

Angry stump
‘They are very pretty mum. Thank you so much for letting me have them.’ Jenny made a huge yawn and closed her eyes. Her mum kissed her on the forehead and tucked her in. ‘Night darling, it was my pleasure. A young lady should always have at least one pair of shoes she loves,’ she said. Jenny’s mum paused by the door and gazed at her daughter. Her dance shoes were arranged beside the bed. Rather than sleep walking she could sleep dance instead. With a smile, Jenny’s mum quietly closed the door just leaving a little gap revealing that the landing light was on.
For ten minutes Jenny laid quietly listening. Her dad was taking far too long with Ben. What made it stranger was the racing was on the television, so he should have been quicker. Finally Jenny heard her father and mother on the landing. ‘It seems like shopping tires them out,’ said their father. ‘It tires me out too,’ he said giving his wife a cuddle.
Jenny shifted impatiently in bed. They were taking too long! She and Ben only had a few minutes to get to the back fence, in that time they had to be very quiet.
Finally their mum and dad made their way down the stairs. The sound of motor racing on the television filled the ground floor. No doubt their mum would nod off on the couch after working a week of shifts while their father watched the cars fly around the track.

‘Jen we need to go now!’ Ben stood beside the door in his dinosaur onesie and hiking boots. The bottom of the onesie barely covered his calf. He did look funny because he had grown so much since they first bought it. Jen slipped her dance shoes into her small unicorn backpack and wore her trainers that lit up when she pressed on the heel. The pair stealthily made their way down the stairs and purposely kept a wide stance on the creaky stairs. The problem was that the wide stance set off the lights on Jenny’s pumps. Ben glared at Jenny when the lights began to dance and reflect off the walls. He couldn’t say anything, instead he gestured for her to hurry. The pair stood with their backs to the hall wall and side-stepped to the door of the front room. They then dropped to their knees and scurried along the floor to the kitchen. The kitchen floor made a different noise so the pair stayed on their knees and skidded their way to the back door. Silently, Ben unlocked it and the pair stepped out onto the patio. When they were outside Ben locked the door and placed the key under a plant pot on the decking.
‘Why did you do that?’ asked Jenny, looking confused.
‘Well if the door is unlocked then they will suspect something,’ Ben replied.
‘But if there is no key then they will also suspect something.’ Jenny guessed that her parents would end up making a full on search of the area if the key was missing.
‘Yes they will suspect that one of them has lost the key,’ Ben appeared proud of himself. ‘And… what if they lock the door while we are out?’
‘Look George and Tabitha are by the fence,’ Jenny said turning and waving. Their friends wore their onesies and looked very funny. George looked like a giant bat and Tabitha resembled a slightly deranged zebra.
‘We are going to have to run now Jen.’ Before Jen could respond Ben launched into a full sprint. That was how it was going to be until the group reached the stump concealing the costume.

Scan 60-2

After running at full speed the group arrived at the costume-concealing destination. The group had sprinted their fastest which meant they were three minutes ahead of schedule. Tabitha and Jenny bent over to catch their breath. Ben and George had already recovered and were scouting the area for monsters.
‘I think we are good to go,’ said George gesturing at the stump.
‘We are now two minutes ahead of time,’ which was lucky because a group of four climbing into the costume was more challenging than expected. In the end they had to climb into the costume in sequence. George lifted the monster costume’s head and stepped in, followed by Tabitha, then Jenny and Ben. The thing that none of them had considered was the fact it was going to be pretty dark in the forest even though sunset was around nine-thirty. What made it even stranger was putting large sunglasses on the trunk of the monster costume. It took three attempts and Jenny had to pop out and use invisible tape to secure the glasses to the trunk. Once secure she stood for a moment admiring the creation, it was the weirdest looking monster she had ever seen. She checked along the body and made sure everything was secure including scales and clumps of hairbrush hair. She gently stroked her creation like it was a pet and decided that the bobbed wig made their monster more stylish than most other monsters.

MysteryIn that moment Jenny realised that the holes under the side scales (she had added those little beauties so the group could breathe and peer out) actually worked perfectly as armholes. In all her monster research, a lot of the monsters had multiple arms. Their monster would have eight, which made it all the more monstery!
‘Hurry up,’ called George.
‘I am just checking the costume,’ said Jenny. ‘I think we can all put our arms out of the holes under the scales. It will stop the costume falling off,’ she said thoughtfully.
Ben switched on his torch, which made the costume glow from inside. ‘That’s better, I can see now.’ The monster’s glowing bottom was a rather bizarre sight.
‘Tabitha can you put your torch on too? It will even out the glow. At the moment our bottom glows and that might look a bit strange and draw attention,’ said Ben wondering how strange a monster could actually look.

With that Tabitha switched on her torch. It evened out the glow and made the creature look pretty cool. ‘I think we are ready,’ said Jenny climbing under the costume canopy.
‘Is everyone ready?’ asked George taking charge.
‘Yes,’ they all replied.
‘Right, we are all going to have to walk in time,’ he said. ‘Okay, go… Left, right, left, right, left…’ It took a few paces for the group to fall into time. Once they did they moved effortlessly and glided down the trail. The group gained momentum and could hear growling and dance music ahead. It was in that moment the reality of what was about to take place hit them. Were there really monsters?




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