The Monsters’ Dance – CHAPTER 18


group with yucky

‘Let me introduce myself and our judges this evening.’ The compare was a very round monster with small eyes and a huge mouth. ‘As you know I am Gerald from the Guzzling Clan and we are here to judge, entertain and make this dance a dazzling disco delight.’ He had skinny little arms and long skinny legs. He could have looked like a walking lollypop, although he wore a lovely turquoise velvet suit and a bright green tie. ‘Please give a warm welcome to… Beatrice the Bouffant Banshee…’
Beatrice stood up and waved. She shook her head and a cascade of snakes fell to her shoulders like loose living hair falling from a bun. She then swirled her hair so the snakes spun through the air. They hissed as they circled her head. When she stopped the snakes retracted and re-formed her perfect bouffant; you wouldn’t even know those snaky sneakers were lurking there.
The crowd loved the spectacle and cheered with appreciation.
‘We have Horrace the Horrible Hunter-Munster…’ With that, Horrace leapt into the air. The pit quaked when his huge body pounded the ground when he landed. His claw-crammed hands cut through the atmosphere like hot swords cutting through lard. He snarled a growl so deep that the rumble made the hairs on the back of necks bristle.

‘ROOOOOARRRRR!’ He cried. The monsters from the audience roared back. He then took them into a tribal roar where he sounded and they replied. Inside the mystery monster Jenny turned pale. Horrace looked like the kind of monster who could eat a child in a second.
‘Next we have Megan the Mesmerising Mutant.’ Megan stood up elegantly once Horrace had finished roaring. She wore a beautiful turquoise and green sequined dress. There were whistles from the audience as she morphed through her many mutations. The way she mutated was mesmerising and mystifying. When she was complete, she tipped her chin, placed her hand on her hip and blew kisses at the audience.
‘And finally let me introduce Bob the Bulbous Battle Beast.’ Bob was one mighty beast because he had muscles on muscles. When his name was announced he launched himself into the air and spun until he landed with a thud. When the dust around him settled he pulled out a guitar-like instrument with a carved tribal monster head made of metal on the end. When the arena went silent he began to strum the guitar into a frenzy and as his finale gave a battle cry. The audience was quiet, in awe. He then made one more twang, which seemed to ignite the audience who cheered and roared their approval.
Gerald waited for the audience to quieten. ‘So… let me ask you this…’ He paused theatrically. ‘Are you ready for our first dancer?’
‘Yey!!!’ There were monstrous yeys from the audience but it wasn’t enough.
‘I said are you READY for our first dancer? Let me hear you roar!!!!’ Gerald demanded.
‘Is that all the roar you have in you? Let me hear you ruthlessly roar!’ He cried.
The audience erupted into a unanimous roar. ‘RRROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR!’
‘Now that is more like it,’ Gerald said with a huge grin. ‘Then let’s all welcome to the pit… Gulp the Greedy Monster with his Bouncy Belly dance…’

A spotlight shone on the entrance to the dance floor and music reminiscent of Arabian belly dancing music played rhythmically. Entwined claws emerged from behind a golden curtain and rose into the air, a moment later a huge bounding belly took centre stage and began to undulate. The rippling of Gulp’s gut was spellbinding. That beautifully bulky belly had been decorated with a silver pattern and all manner of coloured crystal, which cleverly caught the lights as Gulp became immersed in his belly bouncing bliss. With a huge smile and his arms above his head, which looked like he was praying, Gulp moved in a way that captivated the audience. And… the music… well the music was just heavenly. The whole audience was transported into an entrancing tummy treat. When the music came to the end Gulp completed his dance by slapping his stomach and roaring. The whole mayhem of monsters were thrown from their mesmerised meditation and a huge roar of admiration filled the pit.

‘That was amazing!’ said Jenny. ‘I have never seen anything so good.’
‘We are never going to do better than that,’ muttered Ben.
‘We are so coming last,’ said George.
‘It doesn’t matter,’ whispered Tabitha. ‘No human has ever seen anything like this. It doesn’t matter where we come – the fact that we are here, seeing something so tremendous, is more than enough. If we come last who cares because we have competed in a magnificent Monster Dance!’
She was right.

‘Next up we have our first late entry and that is Squabble, the moodiest monster on the planet. She will be performing the Hippity Hoppity, Flippity Floppity bop. Are you ready?’ Gerald cried. Roars filled the arena and moody music filled the atmosphere. The music was loud, it had a beat and Squabble burst from the curtains filled with rage. In time with the music she dived onto the floor face first where she proceeded to have a tantrum and bashed the floor with all her might. She then rolled onto her back and kicked her legs in the air like an angry baby. Even though she was throwing a wobbler, every move was perfectly coordinated to the music. Of course the monsters cheered!

Jenny and Tabitha shook their heads in amazement as Squabble launched herself to standing. She resembled a huge angry rabbit with three tails. In fact she was more of a giant rabbit with attitude because everything about her suggested that all she wanted to do was argue. Her mouth turned down, she expressed the ultimate frown and looked as though she had a rancid smell under her nose. With defiance she circled the dance floor by jumping sideways and clawing the air as she moved. With a focused look in her eyes she stood at the edge of the dance floor like a gymnast and concentrated. She then made a huge roar and jumped up and down until she jumped higher than two grown-ups standing on each other’s shoulders. When she reached the peak she screamed at the top of her lungs and then began to flip into a somersault, land, bounce and flip across the floor in another series of flips. Every time she landed she either roared, tantrummed or screamed before launching in another direction. The monsters in the audience stamped their feet in time to the angry music. Finally Squabble bounded to the edge of the dance floor, took a run up and did a series of rabbit tumbles which finished with a triple somersault. When she landed in the centre of the dance floor she had a tantrum and launched herself back to standing. She made a rowdy roar which developed into a very rabbit toothy smile and raised her arms. The audience erupted into applause. Squabble stood taking in the moment and the adoration. She then turned to the judges, curtseyed and then stomped towards the contestant’s area.

Scan 52
Ben’s mouth was open so wide that he could have captured a whole swarm of flies. ‘That was completely crazy,’ he muttered. ‘She just literally threw a wobbler and turned it into a dance.’
‘I think she got whatever was troubling her off her chest,’ whispered Jenny in complete awe. There were days that she felt angry and if she could dance like that then she would definitely feel better very quickly.
‘I really liked that dance. It was so freeing,’ said Tabitha trying to contain her urge to throw a wiggly wobbler.
‘I… I… just don’t know what to say…’ said George stumbling on his words. Not only had he learned that monsters were real; he had also learned that they danced like maniacs!
‘Spectacular eh?’ Gerald said sauntering to the centre of the pit. ‘So are we ready for more magical, mysterious, monstrous moves?’
‘Roar!’ cried the crowd.
‘I can’t hear you…’ Gerald pointed his microphone towards the audience.
The spectators were excited, the music had charged them up and what was up next was unlike anything they had ever seen before. The lights dimmed, a mysterious mist rose within the pit and a flit of fireflies drifted behind a white sheet. ‘What do you think that is?’ asked Tabitha.
The group shrugged, an illuminated sheet was quite unexpected in terms of monsters and dancing.
‘Welcome Ghostly with her Woooo Woooo dance. The music to accompany the gliding sheet resembled a haunting opera. A whole choir of voices hummed haunting harmonies. The sheet drifted elegantly about the pit as the fireflies illuminated the mist and the sheet as it moved. The whole performance was magical because every so often the sheet formed into the shape of Ghostly and other times the sheet gently spun and levitated as though it was alive itself.

Scan 55

‘That is so beautiful,’ said Jenny, realising that the dance had been perfectly choreographed, unlike their last minute creation. Watching the graceful and perfectly executed moves made her feel apprehensive. How on earth were the four of them ‘having a go at a bit of a last minute random dance’ going to compare to some of the most wonderful dances she had ever witnessed?
A huge round of applause filled the arena when the music tailed off and the sheet descended to the ground. Of course Ghostly was nowhere to be seen, but that was the point because she was never seen. Gerald stepped into the centre of the pit and glanced around, ‘Ghostly are you going to take a bow?’
‘I am,’ she whispered into the microphone.
Gerald jumped and screamed down the microphone which made the whole arena sit up. There was a gentle giggle from beside Gerald which filled the arena. The whole audience realised that Ghostly had ghouled them all good and proper!
With that there was a huge roar of appreciation from the audience. Ghostly drifted to the contestant’s area but of course no one saw her go.


‘Well next up we have Slither. Welcome Slither to the stage with the Wibbly Wobbly dance.’ The lights dimmed and circumnavigated the audience until every spotlight was trained upon Slither. Slither balanced on his head in the middle of the pit and that was when the flowy trance-like snaky music began to play to a strong beat. His tail flicked this way and that to the music as he made numerous shapes with his slithery body. It seemed as though he had no skeleton and could roll like a large O or become a wave as he slithered this way and that.

‘There is no way we can compete with that,’ George said in a deflated tone.
‘It doesn’t matter,’ said Tabitha. ‘We just need to get in there and have fun!’
Slither’s dance worked itself up to a crescendo where he slithered up a pole and looped round and round like a windmill. He gathered speed and… splat! He flew off and collided with the floor.

‘Do you think he meant to do that?’ Jenny whispered in a concerned tone.
The audience went quiet as Slither laid silently in the middle of the stage.
‘Can we get a stretcher?’ called Gerald, realising something was wrong. A few moments later some medical monsters arrived on stage and transported Slither away.
‘A round of applause for Slither!’ called Gerald.
There was clapping and a few roars but it was apparent that even though the audience was filled with monsters, they hoped that Slither wasn’t hurt.
‘Well we are going to have to get on with the show! Next up we have Smirky the smiley monster. She will cheer us up with her beaming smile. Ohhh I love this because she intends to make us all happy with her Happy Clappy dance…’

Scan 53

Smirky, with the biggest beaming smile, stepped into the pit and launched into her Happy Clappy dance. She wiggled and waggled, zizzled and zazzled and all the while grinned and beamed with joy. The music was fun and filled the pit with glee. The monsters were uplifted. They clapped and danced in the stands and that was when the entire Monster Pit took on a completely new feeling. It was as if everything was getting out of hand. The extreme Happy Clappy dance led into Romper The Stomper monster shaking the whole place with her Slammacious Stomp. Spriggit and Sproggit launched into their Twinny Twirl. Unfortunately they spun so fast that Sproggit fell over and pulled Spriggit on top of him. Raucous the Roary monster entered the dance pit with an almighty roar which made the audience jump and scream. He then launched into his Roary Rave. The audience covered their ears as Raucous roared, raved and writhed. Gnasher quickly crashed into the pit and broke plates as part of the Gnasher Smasher Crasher dance. The audience loved it and were on their feet dancing too. It seemed the Monsters’ Dance was spiralling out of monstrous control. The whole thing turned into a massive monster mayhem filled with claws, confusion and chaos. They Monsteracoiously moving in mass!
Spottal the Sneaky monster snuck onto the dance floor and used every part of his body in the Sly Spinny Shimmy. Jenny adored it, she couldn’t believe so many body parts could move in different directions all at the same time. Even Spottal’s spotty bottom shook like it was sitting on a washing machine. There were just three dances left and the order suddenly made sense. Clonk the clumsy monster launched into a Can-Can, unfortunately he managed to get his foot caught in bunting which caused an area of the pit to collapse. As he disentangled himself he fell into the band, rebounded and fell on some of the audience. Clonk’s clumsiness was legendary; however, this year he surpassed himself by falling on the judges’ table and knocking over the leader board.


Yipee, the Yucky monster, took a deep breath and focused. Since Clonk had destroyed the area, whatever he did would be well received in comparison. When Yucky stepped into the pit numerous monsters covered themselves with protective sheets and goggles. Additional slime shields were raised around the arena; they looked like clear protective walls. The problem was it seemed there weren’t enough slime defenders to cover the whole arena. Gerald opened a transparent domed umbrella and stood to the side of the judges because he anticipated the worst.

‘What are they doing?’ asked Ben.
Jenny didn’t respond, instead she was consumed in her thoughts and handed each of the group a piece of paper. The words to their song was written in her best handwriting. ‘Read it and memorise it,’ she whispered.
Highland Scottish music played and Yucky bounded into the pit clasping his arms to his side. Yucky’s huge grin revealed he was incredibly pleased with himself as he kicked his legs in perfect time with music. He was so absorbed by his dance that he felt as though the music transported him into a new dancing realm and he loved it! He was so captivated by the music that he closed his eyes and drifted into the perfection of the creative moment. Smoooooch, spluuuurt and sploppppp! There was a reason why slime shields had been raised.
‘Roaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr!’ cried the audience.
Yucky opened his eyes to see a misery of monsters bellowing. Unfortunately he had accidentally lifted his arms and slimed the majority of the monsters in the first two rows. For the finale, he smiled awkwardly and continued his leg-kicking Scottish-style dancing to return to the contestant’s area. Slime dripped from the audience and the atmosphere crashed due to the huge pool of gooey slime.‘Good news everyone,’ cried Gerald from inside the slime-imbued transparent umbrella. He put his most optimistic voice on in an attempt to ignite the crowd. ‘Slither is fine. He just winded himself… Put your claws together… and give a round of applause for Slither.’ The round of applause wasn’t terribly loud, in fact is sounded sloppy as the audience slapped their slimy splopped claws together.

‘And now for our final entry and this one is quite A-Mystery. This is A-Mystery and since we have never met A-Mystery monster, I think we need to discover a little more.’ Gerald threw his umbrella aside and opened his arms to the crowd.
‘Oh no,’ muttered George.
Jenny quickly slipped on her dance shoes.
‘I don’t want to talk,’ said George desperately. ‘Right!’
The group stood up and made their way to the centre of the pit leading with their right feet.

‘I feel frightened,’ Jenny whispered.
‘I smell… I smell something odd. This isn’t a local forest monster scent,’ said Gerald gazing at the bizarre looking creature in front of him.
‘We are from overseas…’ replied George in his gruffest monster voice.
‘You smell different… You smell like…’ Gerald tried to remember where he had last experienced such a stench.
‘Wet dog monster?’ George sputtered with a growl. ‘Well we are from the Isle of Wight…’
‘Ahhh the island across the sea. Whereabouts?’ Gerald asked, noticing the audience were sniffing too and were now increasingly curious.
‘Near the Polar Bear, beside The Needles where they have the different coloured sand…’ Gerald tremored whilst doing his best gruff voice.
There was a thoughtful silence amongst the monsters. They were impressed that a monster had made such a voyage to take part in their special dance. All the while, Jenny passed her phone to Tabitha, who placed it in George’s hand.
‘You smell like human… but because you are from an island that must be why you smell like rotten eggs. You have different water there and eat different food,’ Gerald said. The monster audience growled in agreement.
‘Oh thank you… You think humans smell like rotten eggs?’ George asked curiously.
The group flinched, why had George asked that?
‘Do you disagree?’ Gerald asked slowly and with a mistrust in his tone.
‘Ermm. Erm… I have never smelled a human. I don’t like to go near them,’ George said. ‘I am a monster recluse and that is why I am A-Mystery monster.’
There was a huge sense of phew-ness amongst Ben, Tabitha and Jenny. George had done well!
‘Ahhh that makes more sense. Well thank you for joining us this evening. With regards to humans have you smelled what they release from the hole at the bottom of their backs and the top of their legs after they have eaten? The only way we can describe it is that a rotten smog comes from them. It is horrifying.’ Gerald continued, as if probing to find out what the mysterious monster knew of humans.

Scan 51
‘He means farts,’ whispered Tabitha.
‘No we like to keep away. We don’t want anything to do with them; so we live as far away as we can from them. We have never sniffed them. Why would we?’ George’s voice was beginning to quiver and the audience fell silent. They had sensed something and an awkward atmosphere filled the arena.
‘Are you sure that smell is us – there is slime everywhere – surely that rancid smell is coming from that?’ George blustered. Finally George took a deep breath.
Tabitha glanced nervously at Jenny. Whenever George made such a deep breath it meant he had something he really had to say.
‘To be honest and this is a little embarrassing to admit but I can be very shy. Being here tonight is a big challenge for me… I like to keep myself to myself and… well, to be seen by other monsters and to dance in pubic… Erm… It is one of my greatest fears. So I wouldn’t be surprised if I am pouring stinky liquid from every part of my body right now…’ He said and sighed.
‘Ah that explains it…’ said Megan from the judging booth. Her tone was sympathetic. The silence was broken and the monsters shifted uneasily. A monster had admitted it was shy and a bit scared?
‘So you don’t eat humans over here…’ George snuck in.
There was laughter amongst the monsters. ‘Let’s get on with the dance,’ said the Bouffant Banshee. She liked the mysterious monster. It was honest and naïve, which was quite a rare monster find.


‘So your name is A-Mystery and you are from the Isle of Wight and what is the name of your dance?’ Gerald cut in.
‘It is called A-MYSTERY MONSTERY RUMBLE TUMBLE WITH DANCE,’ George announced with more confidence in his tone.
‘And your music?’ Gerald asked.
‘Do you have a blue-tooth speaker?’ George hoped they knew what he was talking about
‘Nope! We have Monster Tooth Technology! It is you who lives onCLEANEDMONSTER9 a remote island. We have all the technology we desire here. Connect to the Monster Tooth,’ Gerald said waving at the Monster Production team.
A moment later they were connected and George hit play.

‘We sing the song three times,’ Jenny whispered.
The crowd was still and the music played, a moment later the group all sang the words they had been given.
‘Put your left claw in, your left claw out…
Make a loud roar and shake it all about…
‘Ohhhh monster dancy dancy…
Oh monster dancy dancy…
Knees bend, claws clench Roaaaaaaaaaaaaar Roarrrrrrrrrrrrr Rooooarrr!’ They sang at the top of their lungs.
The audience were slightly confused but watched as the second chorus erupted from inside the monster.
‘Put your hairy leg in and a hairy leg out.
In, out, in out and wave it all about…
Do the monster dancy and turn around…’
As a group the whole monster moved in a circle. There was a subtle sound of ripping that no one really paid attention to.
‘Hairy legs bend, claws clench Roaaaar Roar Rooooooooooooooooaar!’ They sang in harmony.
That time the monsters started to follow the direction and put their hairy legs in and hairy legs out.
‘Just one more time,’ Jenny whispered.
‘All together, you can all do it… Join in!’ George cried.
‘Put your left claw in, your left claw out.
Make a loud roar and shake it all about…

Angry stump
ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRR!’ They all roared as loudly as they could. Jenny even did a little giggle. It was so much fun!
‘Do the monster dancy and turn around…’ Unfortunately the group were so caught up in their own dance moves that as they turned around the head end of A-Mystery went in a different direction to the bottom end. The sound of ripping filled the pit. When the group sang ‘Knees bend, claws clench Roaaaaaaaaaaaaar Roarrrrrrrrrrrrr Rooooarrr!’ The mass of monsters went quiet.
Jenny, wearing her angry unicorn onesie, stood beside Tabitha who was wearing her multi-eyed zebra outfit. The two remaining parts of the costume hung over Ben and George, who were not completely aware of what had taken place and continued to dance. A head and a bottom were dancing their own dances while Tabitha and Jenny stood frozen to the spot with a whole monster audience staring at them.
The compare sidled over to them and peered at them curiously. Some of the monsters climbed into the pit and circled them. They sniffed and poked them.

Tabitha and Jenny stood very still, like when a wasp landed on their cheek.
‘And what do we have here?’ Gerald asked curiously. The audience studied the group and didn’t know what appeared before them. All the while a monster bottom continued to dance in a different direction to A-Mystery’s head. After a short while George and Ben came to a standstill. Something had gone very wrong.
‘What are they mummy?’ asked Romper Stomper’s fluffy little monster tufts.

‘I don’t have a clue,’ she replied.
‘What are you?’ asked the compare circling them.
‘Isn’t it obvious?’ Jenny said.
It wasn’t obvious. There were growls of disapproval amongst the audience.
Jenny made her best witches cackle. Tabitha was pale and couldn’t move. She just wanted to curl up and hide.
‘It is obvious – We are A-Mystery monster!!!! Play it again George…’ Jenny cried.
George hit play on Jenny’s phone.
‘Take their claws,’ Jenny called to Tabitha.
The next thing the monsters knew was the music played again and Jenny grabbed their claws and made them form a circle. She sang her absolute loudest and the band joined in. Moments later more monsters joined in and… then more monsters joined in. Even the judges left their seats and took other monster’s claws. Eventually all of the other competitors joined in, even Yucky, but he kept his arms low.
‘Put your left claw in, your left claw out…
Make a loud roar and shake it all about…
‘Ohhhh monster dancy dancy
Oh monster dancy dancy…
Knees bend, claws clench Roaaaaaaaaaaaaar Roarrrrrrrrrrrrr Rooooarrr!’
The mass of monsters ran into the centre of the pit holding each other’s claws and then ran backwards to the edge of the pit. They did this again and again until Jenny sang the second chorus. The monsters and the band began to sing.
‘Put your hairy leg in and a hairy leg out.
In, out, in out and wave it all about
Do the monster dancy and turn around…’
As a group the whole monster audience twirled in a circle and then grabbed everyone’s claws.
‘Hairy legs bend, claws clench Roaaaar Roar Rooooooooooooooooaar!’ There was a tremendous mass roar!
‘Oh monster dancy dancy….’ Again the monsters ran to the centre of the pit and backwards to the edge of the pit. Many were laughing. The baby monsters loved it and some of the other monsters began to bounce around with such enjoyment!
‘Just one more time,’ Jenny shrilled. She adored the dance, it was just so much fun!
‘Put your left claw in, your left claw out…
Make a loud roar and shake it all about…
ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRR!’ They all roared and some of the monsters erupted into some hearty monster laughs.
‘Do the monster dancy and turn around.
Knees bend, claws clench Roaaaaaaaaaaaaar Roarrrrrrrrrrrrr Rooooarrr!’
Jenny sighed and glanced at Tabitha who was out of breath.
‘Again!’ The monster crowd cried.
After ten extra rounds of the song, Jenny’s phone battery died. Tabitha was dragged back and forth as the mayhem of monsters ran to the centre of the circle singing at the top of their lungs ‘Ohhhh monster dancy dancy!’ She was too exhausted to go another time and was pleased they had to stop. In fact she was just monster-dancy-ed out!

The compere took to the microphone.
‘Well that was certainly a surprise. Thank you so much A-Mystery monster, maybe you have distant family called A-Surprise. So we are going to take a fifteen minute break while the judges make their final decisions. In that break time monsters you can take your refreshments or head over to the drinks stands. We have many a lovely monster concoction brewed to terrify your taste buds.’ Gerald gestured to Ben, Jenny, Tabitha and George, who returned to their seats. Jenny couldn’t help but giggle because George, the A-Mystery wigged monster head, dragged himself along while Ben, who was technically a lone monster bottom, trundled along behind him. Tabitha and Jenny were now free and could happily sit in their monster onesies without any monster costume to distort their view.
Smirky the smiley monster, ventured over to where they were sitting, ‘I love your dance shoes,’ she said. She gestured to an empty seat next to Jenny. ‘May I sit down?’
‘Of course,’ said Jenny, she had never considered that a monster could be so polite.
‘Well this is the claw chomping part where we wait for the results. It has been an amazing competition this year and I couldn’t guess who the winner is because everyone brought something unique to the Monster Pit this time,’ she said looking incredibly pleased.
‘How do the prizes work?’ Jenny was excited and curious about monster prizes.
‘Like normal. We have first, second and third prize. There are medals for each placing: Gold, Silver and Bronze, like any other competition. The Gold medal winner also receives a Monster Dance Cup and has their name engraved on it… And there is…’ Smirky paused thoughtfully, how much did she give away?
‘Have you won before?’ Jenny asked.
‘I have won a few times, but the competition is more intense than ever! Every year they make the judgement based on different themes,’ she said with a beaming smile.
‘Oh…’ Jenny said because she had decided which dance was her favourite.
‘You don’t seem to have a drink,’ Smirky said quickly returning with some purple liquid. She passed a cup to each of the group.
‘What is it?’ Jenny asked cautiously.
‘It’s lavender juice.’
Jenny sniffed it – it smelled like old lady perfume. When Smirky wasn’t looking, Jenny threw it over her shoulder.
Tabitha copied and George and Ben smelled it and hid the cups behind their chairs. What if they reacted to it or it had some weird monster ingredient that turned them into actual monsters? How would they explain that to their mum and dad?
The lights in the Monster Pit began to flash, signalling to all the monsters that the results were in!
‘If everyone could make their way back to their seats. We have the results and… We have a clear winner. Could the contestants make their way to the centre of the pit?’ Gerald announced over the microphone.
‘Are you ready?’ Gerald shrilled.
There was a drum roll.
A huge roar of anticipation erupted amongst the monsters.
‘I said are you ready?’ cried Gerald.
‘ROOOOOARRR!’ rumbled the monster mass.
‘Oh you are going to have to do better than that… ARE… YOU… READY?’
A colossal monster roar filled the pit. ‘ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!’
‘Okay, so you are ready! In third place… Gulp inspired us with his rippling gut in his Bouncy Belly dance. We were so impressed by all that belly bouncing. Gulp you are a winner! Would you like to step up and collect your prize?’
Gulp gut-juddered as he made his way over to collect his medal and took his place on the podium.
‘In second place Smirky….’
Smirky stood up and beamed her beautiful smile, she was pleased to have a medal but wished she had won. She lifted her claw in the air and the crowd roared their approval.
‘This year has been a real challenge and deciding who was going to be the Gold Medal Winner was a very difficult and careful decision,’ Gerald paused theatrically and glanced about the pit. The audience were silent. They didn’t have a clue who had won because there were so many fantastic and original entries.
Tabitha, George, Jenny and Ben took a deep breath. Had they won? They couldn’t have could they?
‘RAUCUS! With the ROARY RAUCOUS RAVE! We have never seen anything like it and the whole arena joined in.’
Jenny and Tabitha sighed, Raucous was fantastic, although they couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. With expressions that revealed happiness for Raucous, they watched him stand up, bash his chest and roar. At the same time Squabble launched herself onto the floor and bashed it with all her might. ‘It’s not fair!’ She cried launching into a full tantrum.
Raucous hurled himself onto the platform and stood waving his arms proudly as Squabble was escorted out of the arena by two huge security monsters.
‘And Finally!’
The mass of monsters became quiet. ‘As you know each year we have a special award for the most original dance and this year there was a resounding vote for one particular monster. Can we guess who that was?’
There was muttering amongst the monsters as they tried to figure out who that monster was.
‘A-Mystery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Gerald cried.

Jenny’s mouth opened wide and Tabitha screamed. The pair hugged, jumped up and down and then made their way over to the podium. ‘We only have one medal for you all, but we have made you a certificate for the four A-Mystery parts!’ The Bouffant Banshee said as she shook their hands and gave them their prize. The snakes in her hair unravelled and peered at the four parts that made up A-Mystery. The group were still as the snakes hissed and took in the details of the group. Finally when the snaky sneakers had had enough they recoiled back into the huge bouffant and the group were guided to a special area on the podium to receive their prize. Finally all the monsters contestants lined up to have a photo taken. ‘A-Mystery, this picture is a secret and is only kept amongst the forest monsters. If we give you a copy to take to the Isle of Wight then you will have to promise to keep it secret.’ Gerald said with a certain expression.
Jenny, George, Ben and Tabitha all said ‘Yes,’ in unison.
‘Now let the real Deliciously Delectable DISCO Dance begin….’ Gerald said waving his claw at the monster DJ.
Fireflies erupted into the air making firework patterns and the monster crowd oooohed, arrrrhed and roared as they watched. The music took on a fun beat and the monster families took to the dance floor. The sun began to set and the evening sky took on the many shades of red, orange and pink.
Gerald took to the microphone again. ‘As we all know, this is the longest day which means the days will soon grow shorter and the nights will become longer. You all know what that means?’ He paused glancing at his fellow monsters. ‘Scaring time is drawing near… SOOOOOO… Let’s… celebrate and… DANCE!!!!’ He cried and threw his arms in the air.

With that the whole Monster Pit roared with excitement and the dance became wild. ‘ROOOOOAAAARRRR!!!’
Jenny, Ben, Tabitha and George danced with the monsters and giggled, but the problem was it was getting late. With a sigh, Tabitha turned to Ben, George and Jenny. ‘We are going to have to go…’ She said sadly. ‘We need to be back before night falls.’
‘We need to say goodbye,’ Jenny said in a very sad tone.
Ben shook his head, ‘We are going to sneak out, like a proper Mystery monster.’
‘But we haven’t picked up our photo,’ Tabitha said desperately.
George sighed, ‘I think it’s better that we don’t have one. It could be found and it’ll be hard to keep secret.’
The group agreed and watched the Monster Pit with every kind of monster imaginable dancing their heart out and having fun.
‘These monsters are so nice,’ said Tabitha. ‘Who would have thought they would be so much fun?’
‘And who would have thought that they wouldn’t want to eat us because we taste like farts,’ said Ben with a huge flatulence appreciating grin.
‘You probably taste the fartiest,’ said Tabitha glaring at George.
‘No I don’t…’ George said defensively.
‘Let’s go…’ Ben said turning and walking towards the gate.
With a sigh the group snuck along the path, back to the stump, where they hid the costume to be collected the next day. The group jogged home wearing their onesies. In the half-light they made it to the back fence just as the sun set.
‘What an amazing night,’ said Tabitha hugging her friend and switching on her torch.
‘I told you monsters were real,’ said Ben to George.
George smiled, there was no way he could argue.
With that the group went their separate ways.
Jenny and Ben unlocked the back door, replaced the key and stood silently. Their parents were still in the front room. The pair snuck up the stairs to bed. It had been the best dance ever!




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