The Pong Song… Yes Really!

Cheeky Reekies

How did you spend your time during lockdown?

ANSWER: I made the most of it and edited my book of Little Stinkers and shared The Pong Song with many of my friends. Some were struggling with the lockdown monotony and needed some light relief. That came in the form of a pong song. Who can say that?

I will be quite frank  – I wouldn’t usually voice record myself singing such a song… That is for the audio producers to grapple with. Yet necessity is the mother of all invention and my friend requested the little ditty.

Obviously such a song will provide you with a whiff of what’s to come. I don’t want to ruin the stinking surprise because Little Stinkers is in the proofing phase. However, my lovely friends felt it was unfair to keep the pong song to myself and asked me to release it early.

So please enjoy and there will be more stinky updates to come. No doubt you are all thrilled.

Now, before I get on with my next book, I just want to say that inspiration comes in many forms. With all my heady ideals of being kissed by great literary inspiration, I never thought the divine muse would provide me with an exclusive pong to write about… Yet it has. I do wonder how the world will receive such a book… Although it doesn’t really matter because I was crying so hard with laughter when I wrote it. That is the joy of being self-amused and having the natural capacity to laugh at your own jokes.

With that, all I can say is ‘detonate the sprouts’. When I have a ‘Stink release’ date, I will let you all know. In the meantime, there will be some fun on its way – while Little Stinkers is brewing…. But first I will be sharing Gargantuan Adventures, which has just arrived on Audible… Blimey – this last few months have been productive!

Love to you all!


Ohhhh it looks like the big release will be the 22nd July 2020… Get ready!!!

Whiley Wafter







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