Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 8 – With AUDIO


Clenching fists and mental mist.


Ms Kirk dug her nails into the skin of her clenched fists. Dark blood dripped onto the floor. Her face turned a deep shade of red and the veins on her forehead swelled.

‘You can’t have her! She has to be punished! What is the use of instilling discipline when she’s simply having an easy ride out?’ Ms Kirk screamed and stamped her foot.

‘But from what we can gather you didn’t want her here in the first place,’ said the pigeon-chested woman.

‘That’s not the point! And… well… I have changed my mind! What’s more, there has been strange goings on since she arrived. I want those mysteries solved before I hand her over.’

‘What kind of mysteries?’ asked the male parent with intrigue.

‘That is school business and remains confidential!’ Ms Kirk folded her arms. ‘That bloomin’ girl!’ she muttered.


Ghost stood listening by the door of the great hall. Davina snuck into the same corridor and stood beside him. ‘If Ms Kirk catches you she’ll have a fraz,’ said Ghost.

‘I can’t get into any more trouble than I’m already in, can I?’ Davina responded in deflation.

‘I’m sure you can, you seem to have a natural talent for it,’ Ghost returned with a half-smile. ‘Erm, look Davina… now that I’m not so shocked there’s something I have to tell you.’

‘Okay…’ replied Davina tentatively.

‘Well when we were in the woods…’

Ms Kirk flung the office door open. Capturing sight of Davina, she snarled. ‘Who told you to come inside the school building?’

Davina flinched, ‘I needed the toilet,’ she lied.

‘The toilets are that way child! Now go before I…’

The two blue-glowing parents peered from behind Ms Kirk.

‘I didn’t realise she would be so small considering…’ the female parent trailed off. She stepped towards Davina and crouched down. ‘It’s so wonderful to finally meet you after all the stories we’ve heard.’

Davina took in the details of the woman. ‘Do you know who my parents are?’

‘That is so sweet and so naïve,’ laughed the blue-glowing woman.

‘I don’t understand,’ said Davina with a frown.

‘Once we get you away from here, all will be revealed. Thank God we got to you before the others did.’

‘What others?’

‘Don’t you worry yourself. It’s better that you don’t remember,’ soothed the would-be mum.

Davina studied the two would-be parents. What did they know about her memory?

‘Come with us,’ urged the female parent, tugging Davina towards a very angry looking teacher. ‘Ms Kirk we are taking her! We strongly advise you to let her go with us otherwise all manner of strange things will happen to this school. And I assume you know this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg’, warned the blue-glowing female.

‘What do you know of it?’ scowled Ms Kirk.

‘You would not believe us if we told you,’ replied the floppy-haired partner.

‘I’m all ears!’ insisted Ms Kirk defiantly.

Refusing to be drawn in, both of the mother and father folded their arms defensively. ‘You’ll find out eventually.’

‘Anyway she was never supposed to come here in the first place and I think you know that don’t you Ms Kirk? You intended to conceal her didn’t you? Now her time here has hindered her. Ms Kirk you know this will be looked upon unfavourably!’

‘I don’t care! All the while she is here I can keep an eye on her!’ snorted Ms Kirk.

Davina ignored the argument, she had no say in the matter and stared out of the large patterned window towards the forest. She blinked at the sight that flickered for the briefest moment. She could have sworn she saw boulders move.








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