Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 13 – With AUDIO



Tiredness means sleep.


Despite being exhausted, Davina and Ghost fought the sneak of sleep. It was obvious they were resisting the need to rest. As much as they resisted, Thalia showed them to the sleeping chambers. Davina stood in the doorway absorbing the calm interior. The room was airy, light and divided by silver silk partitions. She glanced about the room; the beds were circular and curved into the walls. Each bed had fluid looking stairs leading up to it and an ornately woven silver web duvet. Davina relished the thought of a comfortable bed with that silky web to keep her cosy. She didn’t know where the desire came from, but it was lodged somewhere at the back of her mind.

‘Choose a bed,’ said Thalia ushering the pair into the room. ‘You appear to recognise the web duvet Davina. Your friend Ghost might be interested to know that the Tetrix created them with its numerous hands.’ Thalia watched Ghost’s expression, creatures he never knew existed were now entering his reality. There was a whole vast universe of creatures that he had been completely unaware of.

‘A Tetrix?’ repeated Ghost.

‘They are the Gargantuan weavers. They are solitary creatures that reside in the white under-coves of Gargantuan. They suspend themselves like spiders. Their purpose is to create the perfect weave for clothes and other useful things including time. They are renowned for their singing and humming while they weave at great speed.’

There was a different meaning in what Thalia was saying rather than what she meant. ‘Thalia you are saying something without actually saying it.’ Davina yawned but covered her mouth.

With a gentle smile, Thalia nodded a knowing nod. ‘When Gargantuan was thriving the creatures wove webs that inter-linked harmonious lives, time and destinies on the outside. They can weave people’s lives and dreams too. There are many uses for webs and weaving. We can talk about this another time. You should rest now.’

Climbing onto her bed, Davina wrapped herself in the silky web duvet and felt cosy. The smell of summer and strawberries made her shoulders drop. She yawned again and glanced over at Ghost.

He barely stroked the soft duvet before he passed out on his face. His eyes remained open and he kept mumbling to himself about escape. Every now and again he made weird dog twitches.

‘Well I will leave you to rest.’ Thalia chuckled to herself as she watched Ghost running in his sleep. ’There are some things you can’t run from Ghost,’ she whispered.


Once Thalia had left, Davina laid flat on her back staring at the ceiling. Even the ceiling carried a swirling pattern like shimering whirlpools. Her mind churned, it wouldn’t switch off. She felt so angry and confused. She took a deep breath, whenever the anger or rage rose, her nails became talons. What did that mean?

Endless mumbling and puffing came from Ghost as he continued to run in his sleep.

Davina rolled over and covered her ears. ‘Cakes, frogs and monsters… with stones dropping on them in upside-downrivers,’ cried Ghost nonsensically.

With a loud exhalation, Davina rolled over and rested on her elbow watching Ghost run in his sleep. He was such a strange boy.

‘Monster stone cakes!’ he cried.

That was it. Ghost was just too loud! She was not going to be able to sleep. She quietly slipped out of bed and headed towards the kitchen to find Thalia.


Thalia was in the kitchen making what appeared to be food preparations.

Davina peered through the gap in the door and watched Thalia plod into a storage area. Pots of powder and solidified wedges were arranged according to colour in different compartments on a shelf. Beside the store of jars was a sign, ‘Nutritional Algae.’

Davina watched; unsure if she should go inside. She hesitated as Thalia selected a variety of coloured blocks and returned to the large white table. There were numerous coloured algae to choose from; each had a different purpose.

Silently Davina snuck up to the table. Thalia glanced at her, ‘You are supposed to be resting Davina.’

‘I know… but I’m over tired. Can I just sit quietly to calm my mind and then I’ll sleep.’

Thalia smiled with her eyes but continued arranging the algae in order. She nodded towards the store where Davina could read a description of the qualities of each algae and its use.

Inside the store, Davina read the descriptions according to the colour of the algae. The orange algae apparently increased energy and sight; whilst the blue helped those who needed to heal themselves. The red helped with strength in conflicts (especially when it came to wars). The green helped with understanding and sensing others. The purple supported wisdom and perception. A yellow paste increased thought power, especially the ability to think and absorb information. There was one algae that Davina decided that no one would want to eat. It was the black algae; a dark food that forced those who ate it to see the horror and depths of darkness contained within themselves. The white algae was an exceptional one: those who ate white algae would become pure. All the bad they had done would leave them, but first they had to face everything wrong that they had done. Foods that had purpose was something Davina had not paid attention to on the outside world. The only purpose food had on the outside was satisfaction taste and survival.

The rhythmic pummelling of the algae mini bricks drew Davina’s attention. She returned to the sturdy white table and sat and watched Thalia create a variety of pastes beside a luminous orb of light. ‘Some of this will be for dinner, the extra batch will be for the journey,’ she said with a quick glance at Davina. ‘Darling I won’t be able to converse while I make this. It takes concentration and specific measures.’

Davina nodded but realised Thalia was mainly talking to herself but was aware of Davina’s presence. ‘Hmmm… How is Ghost going to cope with the new food?’ Thalia scratched her face, stood up and poured hot liquid from a cannister. ‘Make it a soup,’ she said smirking at the concoction. She then suspended some on the end of a stick and watched it splop into the bowl. ‘He isn’t going to like the taste is he? Death or a strange flavour…?’

There was a squawk from the sky which drew Thalia’s attention to the window. Elora, her eagle, swooped in and settled on a silver perch beside the table. Once Elora had arranged her wings and settled, Thalia stood up and stroked under her beak. ‘Now you calm down and I will be interested to find out your news,’ she said. ‘Have you eaten?’

Elora responded with a subtle chirp sound.

‘Good,’ said Thalia returning to her seat.

Once Elora settled, she observed Thalia intently with her pink and golden eagle eyes. Elora was unique; she was albino with golden tinged feathers. Davina peered at the white eagle the gold-rimmed eyes were mesmerising. She had a graceful yet definite stature and was undeniably beautiful.

‘Right here we have some Timrin algae paste…’ Thalia chatted to Elora like an old friend. ‘It should give them the energy they will need. What do you think Elora? Maybe Ghost isn’t ready for orange straight away; it may be better to start him off with green. I hope that his system does not reject it. We know how sensitive humans are.’ Thalia gave a subtle smile and Elora appeared to nod in response.

‘So you think I should go with the green then? Tovi soup for the outsider to start with. He receives the nutrition he needs in a liquid form.’

After a few gentle chirps, Elora adjusted her gaze to stare out of the window.

‘Okay, I understand… nothing much has changed since Davina returned,’ intuited Thalia. ‘You go and check their journey ahead. If you learn anything at all please report back. Please pay attention to how far the Chimera has progressed with her destruction. I also want to see how Clio, our elusive Pumagoyle, is doing on her mission to find the whereabouts of Malchus. Can you do that for me?’ said Thalia tickling Elora under the chin and stroking her elegant head.

The eagle turned back towards Thalia and blinked.

‘Davina you must take this opportunity to rest,’ she said with definite tone. Davina noticed her smile did not match the expression in her eyes. Anyway how could she sleep she was so full of questions? All the same she made her way out of the door but something was niggling her. She paused by the wall intending to go back and ask a questionon.

‘Elora I can feel her presence… the cruel one is growing more powerful by the hour,’ shivered Thalia.

Elora squawked her reply.

Thalia sighed a pained sigh. ‘Davina must not remember too much – only the facts that will help otherwise her past will hinder her and it will all go wrong. She must discover for herself who she is up against or else Gargantuan is lost.’

Using a well placed mirror, Davina watched Elora rest her head affectionately on Thalia’s hand. There was a sense of melancholy about the pair. Elora called once more, took off through the house and out into Gargantuan. She flew on and on, through a porthole located next to a waterfall.

Davina followed Elora’s progress then noticed Thalia peering at a pool of silver liquid forming before her. She shook her head solemly. ‘The Chimera is gaining power. We must act fast!’

Davina returned to bed; she was baffled. Who was she really up against?


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