Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 16 – With AUDIO


In the depths of the bag.


The full implications of Davina’s father’s kidnap had set in. Davina sat quietly brewing her thoughts as she assembled the survival gear Thalia had provided. She placed the algae, a woven poncho, a hammock and a bivvy bag (which worked as a tent) in her woven knapsack. She felt sure she carried everything that she needed to survive. This time she was ready for ‘out there.’ When she had entered the world the first time, she must have left in a hurry with anger driving her. Maybe that would explain her level of shock and memory loss.

She paused for a moment and gazed out at the magnificent city of Gargantuan. It was filled with beautiful flowing architecture, plateaus of inspiration and places where Gargoyles and Gargantuans could grow up safely. She couldn’t allow it to die.

The rummaging sound Ghost made as he ferreted through his own special bag was a distraction. Davina watched him open and close the bag in repetition and look excited when it illuminated from the inside. ‘It’s almost bottomless and as light as a feather,’ he said in surprise. ‘How does this work then?’

‘These are made by Gargantuan rules. So only the weavers could tell you,’ said Thalia sounding somewhat smug. ‘I asked them to create it especially for your journey. You will be able to sleep anywhere and you will always be warm. You can make a canopy from the material inside and there’s also a hammock to sleep on. It’s all in there ready,’ Thalia replied gesturing inside the bag.

‘But if we’re going to be surviving in a forest don’t we need central heating and lamps too?’ asked Ghost jovially.

‘Ghost we can’t draw attention to ourselves. We don’t want to get captured so it is crucial we stay in the dark,’ replied Davina noting the hope in Ghost’s question.

Davina glanced at Thalia and Elora apprehensively, her time in Gargantuan was coming to an end. ‘Is this the last time I will see you?’

‘If you don’t succeed in saving your father it will be the last time for everyone,’ Thalia responded gravely.

Davina shuffled nervously and glanced over at Ghost. ‘I hope we succeed then.’

‘That’s not how it works Davina!’ grumbled Thalia with a shake of her head. ‘You must intend to do something. Not just hope to do it. You must really intend it. You must truly believe nothing will stop you and feel it in your heart Davina. You must intend to save your father with every cell that is in you. Hope is not enough! If you don’t the Chimera will kill him and then the Rebis egg is lost. Gargantuan will be gone forever and only exist in myths. What’s more, you will only be able to return to Gargantuan once you have the Rebis egg so you must succeed.’

Davina chewed some dried skin on her lip, ‘Okay – I intend to succeed,’ she repeated with absolute conviction. ‘I WILL succeed!’

‘Travel peacefully and keep an eye out for Elora.’ Thalia studied the small girl before her, the existence of Gargantuan remained firmly on her shoulders. With her arms outstretched, Thalia gestured for Davina to cuddle her. The animals on Thalia’s staff shuffled up, reached out and made contact with Davina. ‘You have an arduous task but you have so much potential. Look out for the animals, use your intuition to sense what they mean and ‘feel’ what is right and what is wrong. You will be entering the real world and you will play by those rules. You must only use your powers and skills when there is no other alternative. Make sure the humans do not witness what you can do and do not draw attention to yourself this time. Oh… and Ghost keep those travel translators to hand. They are smaller and will allow you to understand Gargantuan language without the unsightly tube hanging from your nostril.’

Ghost rummaged through the bag and pulled out a pack of small glowing blue lights. They reminded him of glowing earplugs but for the nose. ‘They look better… but my nostrils will glow!’ he said with a frown.

‘They will help me find you in the dark,’ said Davina, trawling through her own bag.

‘That bag is prepared for all eventuality Davina. Look inside for a solution when you have no other options left.’ Thalia smiled knowing there were some rather interesting creations inside.

‘So how will I know my father?’

‘You will know him instinctively little one. You will ‘feel’ his presence,’ Thalia replied comfortingly.

Ghost looked at Davina with trepidation, it was time to step from the safety of Gargantuan into the adventure of the unknown. It was just a case of travelling through the porthole. How bad could that be?

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