Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 23 – With AUDIO



Davina uses her wind problem to her advantage.


At first the wind whistled through the trees.

The Grotesques ignored it.

A flock of white owls burst through the foliage.

The Grotesques looked up and snarled.

When the owls swooped, the Grotesques swiped at the birds with their extended talons. Swishing and hooting could be heard but the owls were too quick and agile.

A cool, salty wind spun through the trees leaving many of the leaves turgid. The Grotesques mumbled and glanced at each other. Each cackled their annoyance but discussions subsided when a bright light hovered over them carrying the Shamaventus. The Grotesques were in trouble.

The vicious Grotesques hideously stared at Davina. She gave a mysterious smile in reponse. She had a plan and a strategy, but first she had to save Ghost. ‘I’m the one you are after. And you will not hurt me or my friend. Do you hear me?’ she said pointing the staff. ‘Return the Grotesques to their original form.’

A series of small bubbles of light elegantly drifted towards the Grotesques and danced around them. The Grotesques found the lights mesmerising and cackled at the sight; each assumed that Davina had failed in her attack. The Grotesques mumbled as they made ready for combat.

The tiny bubbles of light nestled on the Grotesque’s shoulders. The Grotesques did not pay attention but the tiny bubbles of light located their weak-spot and transformed the creatures with a crack. The Grotes screeched like slaughtered pigs. With a flash of light, each was transformed into a mound of sand.

Davina stared curiously at the lifeless shapes; each tiny light had found the same weak point. In that moment, she understood how to destroy the creatures. As she watched the sand began to move. When it merged, it lifted into the air and formed a cloud. That cloud travelled at speed through the air in the direction of the distant mountains. If she followed the cloud would she reach the Sea of Sand? Was the sand returning to its source to re-form as new Grotesques? Davina watched the cloud darken the horizon; she now knew where she had to go.

The whirlwind descended to where Ghost laid unconscious. ‘Ghost you’re such a spack! I knew something like this would happen,’ Davina muttered under her breath. ‘And it had to happen to you didn’t it?’

Solomon and Wanda studied Ghost when they landed beside Davina.

With the prod of a long finger Davina waited for him to respond. There was no response.

‘Davina when you transformed the Grotes back to their original form they returned to sand. That bothers me because it means the sand troops are already rising from the desert.’ Solomon looked to Davina and Wanda. ‘If those Grotesques are already here then the Chimera must be growing them in batches. Soon there could be thousands, even millions.’

He was right, how could such a small group deal with thousands upon thousands of the hideous creatures? ‘I know what you’re saying, and I have already considered it in my strategy. We have to move quickly,’ she said glancing down at Ghost.

‘What would have happened to him if he’d been captured? Would the Grotesques have shredded him?’ Davina asked in a concerned tone.

Neither Wanda or Solomon answered.

Davina knew the Grotes were cruel, but how cruel were they? If they were like that then how vicious was their leader?

Ghost was out for the count; Davina gazed at his exhausted face. He was cocooned with his eyes closed and his body at an awkward angle. It was apparent that he had struggled. She leaned closer and gagged, the rancid smell resembling rotten eggs mixed with dog vomit surrounded him. That smell was beyond nostril violation! Once conscious he was definitely going to take a bath; there was no way she would travel with someone who smelled like a dog fart mixed with rotten sprouts!

‘We set him free.’ Davina tapped Ghost with the staff.

Two tiny globes of light nestled into the wax and wriggled. The hard wax exterior cracked like an egg. Once the wax had fallen away, the small globes of light rapidly unwound the web binding. Ghost remained unconscious.

Davina glanced helplessly at Solomon and Wanda.

Solomon stared gravely at Ghost, ‘We’ll have to take him with us like that. That is, unless you want to kiss him.’

Davina shook her head and scowled – there was no way!

Solomon and Wanda glanced at each other. Goyle humour?

‘I think we should take him while he is unconscious. You know he is scared of heights,’ said Davina sympathetically.

‘I can hear you talking about me,’ muttered Ghost as he stirred.

Davina watched Ghost’s eyes flicker and open, ‘We were just saying you are safe now.’

The look of relief wasn’t convincing. ‘Davina I feel weird and what on earth is that smell? Is that you again?’

Davina shook her head, ‘No Ghost – it’s you. We need to get you washed, and then we can continue.’

‘Can’t I just rest a while? I feel really weird.’ Ghost laid awkwardly.

Davina sighed and gave Ghost some fresh orange paste. ‘This will make you feel better.’

Davina looked to Wanda for permission.

‘Let him rest a while. The others are awaiting your orders Regina,’ said Wanda watching Ghost gulp the paste.

‘We’ll go to the desert first and find my father. Once we have him we’ll use the Rebis egg to grow more Goyles. From there we go to the cities and stop the attacks and finally we return to the school. They are our last priority. Once we’ve succeeded we’ll all go home,’ she said optimistically.

‘Very wise,’ said Solomon.

‘Now we must go before more Grotes find us,’ she said with a definite smile. She was finally learning to lead.

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