Let Me Share What is Coming – The Greatest Stink To Grace Mankind

Oh yes, you wouldn’t believe it… There is such pleasure in pong creation. This may sound immature and it clearly is – but who cares? If you can’t laugh at your own jokes then why should anyone else?

So lockdown provided me with the perfect brewing time. Most evenings I would be out socialising but not for a few months so I re-directed my focus to Tingle Dingle and The Little Stinkers. What an absolute pleasure!!!! I really am not joking. I think I had myself in complete hysterics and quite often had to stroll around the room because of the things that popped out – I am talking ideas rather than smells….

Whiley Wafter

As many of you know, I have been writing for years and quite often as a writer you reach a point where you have delivered your ‘sensible’ writing to the world. The well thought out… the world might need this insight kind of works. Take for example The Money Farm, Retina Blue and A Short Course in Creative Writing. There of course the more random items such as Cruise Ship Creatures and then there are those that have no rhyme or reason. A story haunts you until it is written. In this case I was ambushed by a bulldog blow-off in my favourite cafe. The little brute watched me walk into it and then stared me in they eye and actually smiled. I know… The little blighter. In addition to that a suspicious smell was released during a barn dance and made everyone retch and I realised that such events would continue until I wrote The Little Stinkers.

Now, after a few Pongversations with some of my work buddies, and this is why I love going to work because I can test out random ideas and get a reaction, I came to the conclusion that I could truly let rip with this little beauty. When I say let rip – I mean write a book that made me laugh so hard, that was so full of pong-puns and would involve creating rather fun creatures…. Oh I was excited, ignited and definitely delighted!


So what happened next? Well I started drafting and the Little Stink Creatures began to brew. Now, I am sure many of you know that my dad illustrates my books. He is a straight-laced sort with an army background. So asking him to essentially illustrate a series of farts tickled me beyong belief. Imagine this conversation ‘hello dad, I have drafted the next book and intend to send it through…’

‘Oh good what is it about?’

‘Different kinds of pongs and stinks,’

‘Oh that is … erm… interesting. So what kind of thing will you want me to illustrate?’

‘I would like you to illustrate some dank smells, some dastardly stinks and a few pertinent pongs…’

‘Hmmm. What does that look like?’

‘Well that is for you to figure out – let’s create images of silent but deadly smells, a suspicious smell and gigantic guff… Can you get the picture?’

I could tell that he was contemplating how a silent but deadly smell might appear.

‘Dad you will be a pioneer in stink illustration.’

It is always good to try and convince your dad he will be a pioneer. It didn’t work. Never mind – good try!


Anyway with that in mind, the Little Stinkers were born and we now even have a compendium of Little Stinkers. I will be sharing these with you over the coming weeks because it is definitely worth figuring out what kind of Little Stinker you are and figure out which Little Stinker your family members are… Oh what fun!

So now you know what is brewing, some definite stinks-a-stewing and all I can say is get ready to Detonate the Sprouts because there is one Big Stink about to be released on the 22nd July 2020! I literally can’t wait…




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