Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 26 – With AUDIO


Many eyes, many sights and this is the worst sight ever!


‘Do you think they’re following us?’ asked Johnny who was flying parallel with Davina.

Ghost gritted his teeth and scowled; who did Johnny think he was? He was flying as if he owned the sky. What’s more, he was finding it easy to fly his Goyle and that made Ghost mad!

‘Davina what do you want me to see now? Would you like me to check ahead or sideways,’ asked Ghost, glaring at Johnny with his multitude of eyes.

‘Check the whole area and report back. And Johnny the Grotes are chasing us. You would probably have been safer where you were.’

‘I don’t care, I hate them! I’ll fight them until they’re all dead!’

‘Woo! I bet they’re really scared of you!’ said Ghost with a smirk.

Davina raised an eyebrow, ‘Ghost was captured by them – tell Johnny what it was like Ghost.’

Ghost sat up straight and peered down his nose. ‘I was in the forest completely alone in the dark… I sensed something… then from nowhere they surrounded me. They pulled all this thick dribble from their mouths and wrapped me in it then took the wax from their ears. The wax stunk like…’

‘Didn’t you fight?’ asked Johnny.

‘Yes but what chance did I stand against ten of them? You do realise they all had talons and sharp claws?’

‘So you gave in?’

‘No… I struggled…’

‘So how did you escape?’

Ghost looked away, ‘I don’t remember I was unconscious, the weird smell in the wax knocked me out.’

Ghost slowed his Goyle, hovered and appeared to be concentrating. ‘The Grotes are about an hour behind us. Ahead of us, there are a few travelling in packs. To our left thousands are preparing to attack the cities and to our right there are a few battalions. Over by the volcanoes, really far in the distance, they are extracting the molten lava and using it to drop on the cities as bombs. I just thought that you may like a full report of what ‘only’ I can see.’

Davina slowed her Goyle and smiled to herself. Ghost’s best distraction technique had stopped Johnny finding out that Davina had saved him. ‘Thanks Ghost. So which way do you think is best to get to where we need to go?’ asked Davina.

‘I think diagonally that way for a while and then over there – the other way. I think it’s best to zigzag through this. Can I have the Shamaventus a second? I can show you all what I can see.’

Davina threw the staff to Ghost who caught it in his most masculine way. He tapped the staff and allowed his visions to fill the air. ‘So you can see here what I’m talking about.’

Davina pointed to an area, ‘Can you focus on them so I can get a picture of what we’re up against?’ she said.

Without hesitation, Ghost smugly focused on the image.

Susie sat back on her Goyle and gasped. ‘There are thousands of them. Thousands and thousands. I had no idea there were so many!’

Davina nodded, ‘We have to find my father as quickly as possible.

‘And who is your father?’ asked Susie curiously.

‘Well it isn’t like he’s anyone famous in this world, but he is very important in my world and carries an egg that enables the Goyles to exist.’

‘And why does your father have such a thing?’ asked Johnny curiously.

Ghost cut in, ‘Because he’s the king of Gargantuan. Davina stop being so weird! If they are involved in this then they should know who you are.’

‘Remember what we promised Thalia Ghost?’

‘Not really… but I thought that if they at least had an idea it might somehow protect them,’ he replied.

‘Wow, so you’re a princess,’ asked Susie.

Ghost laughed, ‘She doesn’t remember properly. She only remembers the last week.’

‘Can we stop going on about this, we need to get going. Let’s go that way… Ghost the Shamaventus please,’ Davina scowled.

Ghost threw the staff, but unfortunately threw it awkwardly. It spun through the air past Davina.

‘Well done!’ said Davina curtly.

Davina and Wanda swooped and Davina reached out for the staff. At the end of their arc Davina whispered to Wanda. ‘Let’s go – and let’s go fast. Then they can try and keep up with us.’ With that Davina was off. ‘Go!’

Ghost rolled his many eyes. ‘Oh here we go! She’s such a girl sometimes!’ Ghost and Solomon increased speed, ‘Solomon you can’t let a girl Goyle beat you. You’re a BeargGoyle… we have to beat her!’

Johnny and Susie followed as fast as they could. Johnny attempted to catch up with Ghost; he had questions. ‘So… do you think it bothers her that we talked about her memory?’

‘No she’s probably acting all strange because you now know who she is. Whatever you do don’t treat her any different.’

Johnny sighed, ‘I won’t. I know how girls can be.’

‘No this one is different – weird does not begin to explain her,’ said Ghost.

Ghost and Solomon sped through the sky.

Behind them, Susie leaned into her Goyle. ‘I’m sorry if I’m holding on too tight. I don’t want to hurt you,’ she whispered softly.

The Goyle howled, suggesting it was fine and effortlessly whooshed past Ghost and Johnny.

Ghost gritted his teeth, ‘I hate it when girls do that!’

‘So do I!’ said Johnny speeding up.

‘So Johnny how old are you?’ asked Ghost.

‘Fourteen why?’

‘I just wondered. And Susie?’

‘She’s eleven.’


‘Why is that good?’

‘Because she’s younger than me.’

‘How old is Davina?’

‘She doesn’t remember, but we think she’s about thirteen.’

‘Weird!’ said Johnny.

Ghost snorted, ‘You don’t know the half of it. You wait until she starts doing weird stuff with the wind.’ With that, Ghost leant forwards and overtook. As he glanced down, he noticed they were flying over wastelands. Those wastelands had become the manufacturing grounds for the newly grown Grotesques. He scanned the area; distorted figures struggled to rise to the surface of the earth.

Johnny caught up and noticed the expression on Ghost’s face.

‘What have you seen? You look odd.’

Ghost shook his head, ‘I can tell you this: in a couple of days, this whole sky is going to be filled with those awful creatures. We need to catch up with Davina. You see that wasteland down there?’

‘Yeh.’ said Johnny staring below.

‘Notice the shapes in the sand,’ said Ghost.

Johnny nodded, ‘They look like mounds of earth.’

‘That’s not what I am seeing. If you look closely you can see millions of Grotes rising.’

‘You can see that from here?’

‘Mate… if I could show you what I can see in all directions at this moment, your brain would explode. Down there is a sea of creatures breaking out of the ground. You wait – in a couple of days this whole planet is going to be writhing with them. There will be nothing we can do unless we save Davina’s father.’

‘Can’t we use missiles?’

Ghost laughed a half-hearted laugh, ‘That’s not the solution, plus for every single Grotesque that falls there will be two more growing out of the ground to replace it. What do we do when we’ve used up all the missiles?’

Johnny shook his head, ‘I don’t get it. Why did no one notice this happening?’

‘How many hours a day do you spend watching TV or playing on the computer?’

‘Probably five or six.’

‘And how many hours at school?’


‘And sleep.’

‘Around nine hours sleeping.’

‘So what does that leave?’

‘Around two hours.’

‘In those two hours did you spend that time looking out for something like this?’


‘Then you have your answer. Do you think anybody else noticed?’

Johnny shook his head slowly, Ghost was right. ‘I doubt it… You would at least have thought it would have been on the television or something…’

Johnny paused and took a breath. ‘But… it was on the TV.’

‘I doubt it.’

‘No it definitely was. One of the cathedrals had more Gargoyles on than was counted in the middle-ages. What an obvious hiding place. Who notices the Gargoyles on the churches?’

Ghost glanced over at Susie; she was laying on her back gazing at the stars. Her arms were locked around her Goyle’s neck.

‘Your sister’s very quiet,’ said Ghost.

‘She’s shy.’


‘Because she is,’ replied Johnny.

‘No. I mean most people are shy for a reason. I was shy…’ said Ghost.

‘She just is… That’s the way she has always been. Why so interested?’ asked Johnny.

‘Well, if we’re going to be involved in this war or whatever it is – I reckon I need to know the people I am going in with.’

‘Do you really think there’ll be a war?’

Ghost nodded solemnly, ‘There’s definitely something massive going on. I reckon it will be humans and Goyles versus the Grotesques and Chimera.’

‘What exactly is the Chimera?’ asked Johnny.

‘From what I can gather she is half lion and half goat.’

‘How did such a creature get to earth?’

Ghost shrugged, ‘No idea.’

‘Well, what do you know?’ asked Johnny.

‘She’s supposed to be cruel and viscous. She hates humans because of what they did to the Goyles.’

‘So where do you think she came from?’


‘What is Gargantuan?’ asked Johnny, his eyes flickering as he touched his nose.

‘Gargantuan, from what I can understand, is the place we go to in dreams. It is a place of inspiration.’

Johnny shook his head. ‘Right… inspiration. I don’t get why the Chimera would decide to attack earth if she is from somewhere inspired. It just doesn’t make sense,’ he said scratching his face.

‘Who knows? Why does anyone do anything?’

‘It doesn’t add up though does it?’

Ghost thought about it, it didn’t make sense, but nothing in Gargantuan followed human logic.

‘So have you been to Gargantuan?’ asked Johnny.

‘I was there for a short time.’

‘What’s it like?’

‘Very white, they eat weird food and they grow the Gargoyles from eggs. It was really pretty and sparkly,’ said Ghost. He paused, ‘Okay don’t laugh but it is actually the most amazing place ever. Like the best place you could ever dream of but the whole place is like it.’

‘So why didn’t you stay?’ asked Johnny.

‘Because we had to save people like you,’ he replied.

Ghost looked ahead and focused. In the distance, the glowing red light of the volcanoes lit up the sky. Lines of red lights revealed thousands of Grotesques ferrying lava from the volcanoes towards the cities.

Davina hovered with Wanda, ‘How on earth do we stop this?’

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