Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 27 – With AUDIO


What is the greater picture?


The Goyles hovered expectantly, awaiting Davina’s orders. Davina fidgeted whilst working out her strategy. ‘I need the wisdom back,’ she muttered. Davina tapped the Shameventus, the image of a large, white owl appeared, ‘I need advice… How do I stop this conflict?’ she asked in Gargantuan.

To the left of her Elora swooped down and landed on the she-wolf’s back. ‘Hello Elora… What are you doing here?’

The image of the owl transformed into a transparent image of Thalia.

Susie and Johnny sat back and watched silently. Thalia spoke by clicking mixed with deep gurgling sounds, which evolved into a high-pitched ping.

Davina and the Goyles replied, there was a debate going on.

Ghost quickly pressed the translation tube up his nose and turned to Johnny and Susie. They stared curiously at Ghost because his left nostril was glowing. They glanced at each other and both came to the same conclusion: the kid before them was a complete freak.

‘They do this stuff,’ said Ghost.

‘Do you know what they’re talking about?’

Ghost concentrated, ‘Not really… but I can give it a go.’

‘So what do you think they are saying?’ whispered Susie.

Ghost pointed, ‘You see those red glowing dots in the distance?’

The pair nodded.

‘Well those are lava bombs – I think.’

‘And?’ asked Johnny.

‘The ugly ones are preparing to attack the city. It will be like Armageddon.’

‘Maybe this is it,’ said Johnny.

Ghost wrestled his thoughts. ‘No it can’t be… Can it?’

The brother and sister stared at Ghost, who turned his Goyle and flew parallel with Davina, ‘Erm what’s going on?’ he asked.

‘I think we have a change of plan. We have to save that city.’

‘Davina you do realise there are thousands maybe even millions of Grotesques growing out of the wastelands below us? All the time we spend trying to save one city, more of them will be born to wreck other cities.’

‘I know… but there are innocent people in that city,’ said Davina, with tears glistening on her cheeks. ‘We can’t just leave them to die!’

‘Then that’s your weakness. You need to look at the greater picture… Davina your father needs to be saved. It’s the only way to stop those creatures being born. We need that egg then maybe we will be able to reverse this whole thing,’ said Ghost matter of factly.

‘No! I can see where you’re coming from Ghost, but we must save the city first.’

‘I think you’re making a big mistake. Go where there are least Grotes I say.’

Davina turned to the wise woman. ‘What do I do?’

‘Davina the decision is yours… Listen to your heart. You are both considering this situation from very different points of view. There is no wrong way. You do what you think is best now… Now ask yourself honestly.’

‘I need time.’

‘There is no time. Make the decision and accept the consequences.’

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