Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 28 – With AUDIO


Decisions… Decisions…


‘So what would you do Johnny?’ asked Davina.

‘I would consider my parents over everything,’ he replied.

‘See he’s on my side,’ said Ghost.

‘But what about all the innocent children in that city? They are being bombed by lava,’ said Susie. ‘We have to help them!’

Davina’s mind churned the potential outcomes. She whispered her plan to Solomon and to Wanda. The pair growled their opinions; it was not their decision. Davina took everything that was said and concentrated. Finally she sat back, ‘Right this is the argument. If we go ahead and go straight to the desert who is to say we will find my father? All the time we are out there searching innocent people are being killed. Although, if we do go there we can get the Rebis egg and stop the birth of the Grotes. However, if we go to the city millions more Grote army will be born. That means her side will grow stronger, but it means that we can help the humans who will join our side. What do you think?’

‘So what are we going to do?’ asked Johnny.

‘We are going to vote. Those in favour of my father raise your hand,’ said Davina.

Ghost put his hand up with Johnny.

‘And those in favour of the cities?’

Susie and Davina raised their hands.

‘Davina you are going to have to make a decision,’ said Ghost definitely.

The truth was Davina was divided, ‘Can I really tolerate the thought of thousands of innocent lives being lost?’

She held her heart and shook her head, ‘We will save the city first… no… yes… The city it is. That is it – decision made! I will stick with it – I think… Yep.’

Solomon and Wanda yipped at each other. ‘Davina before we do anything, the Goyles have to refuel because we have been flying for hours without a break. We will go to the nearest mountain.’

Davina nodded vaguely, she had other concerns; at least if she was on a mountain she could make a plan.


Davina felt a pang in her chest and directed Wanda to a mountain clearing. Where she landed Wanda and the other Goyles could graze the cold stones dotted in all directions.

‘Erm… I will be back shortly. I need some space…’ she said. Urgently she hiked to a ledge coated in snow. The sharp pinch of ice nipped at her skin. A steamy exhalation rose as she breathed. She had to focus! As soon as she focused on her ability to glow, she felt the warmth expand through her frosty body. Davina raked through her knapsack and found extra clothes.

In the distance, she could see the bright luminescence of the lava emerging from the volcanoes. Each Grote waited to transport the lava bombs over the city. Once positioned, they intended to create molten devastation. Davina fidgeted, how could they even carry the lava? Maybe their talons were heat resistant. Was it Gargantuan rules?

Davina gazed out into the night, the sight before her was cruel but beautiful. Thousands upon thousands of red fairy lights dotted the sky. Davina held back her tears as she watched the small globes of light rising from the lava pits, they were going to destroy the city. The people in the city were defenceless and unaware.

Davina turned to Wanda looking for direction. Wanda gestured to the edge of the ledge and whispered into Davina’s ear. Davina nodded, found an area she thought was stable, closed her eyes and began to chant in Gargantuan language.

Johnny, Susie and Ghost stood with the Goyles watching her curiously.

‘What’s she doing?’ asked Susie innocently.

Ghost watched, ‘I think she might be summoning the wind.’

‘Yeh right,’ said Johnny.

‘You want to bet?’ said Ghost.

‘Yeh actually I do!’

Ghost looked like the Goyle who had just found the pit of rocks. ‘Watch… then you’ll believe me,’ he said.

Davina chanted rhythmicly; the sound echoed about her and rose into the night sky. The sky began to swirl and move down towards her in a column of twisting cloud.

‘She bloody is. She is bloody summoning the wind!’ said Johnny excitedly.

‘What do you think she’s planning?’ said Susie in fascination.

Ghost made a shush! The spinning cloud gained momentum, a storm formed inside.

Davina closed her eyes and chanted some more. She then tapped her staff in the same rhythm. From what Ghost could tell, she was instructing the wind in some kind of dance.

The tapping of the staff increased until Davina let out a sound from the very pit of her being. As she lurched forward, she threw her hands to the heavens. The wind gathered force with lightening darting in all directions. Davina panted leaning on the Shamaventus, trying to gather her breath as she hummed another song directing the wind as a large funnel towards the Grotes.

In the distance, the Grotes went about their lava-bombing business as usual. They extracted the lava, transported the lava, and then lined up to do it all over again. Since the Grotes were robotic in their actions, when the winds arrived, they were caught off-guard. Many of the Grotes were unexpectedly blown and smashed against the edge of the volcano. Lightning strikes targeted a specific part of their body. As each Grote fell, they cracked in two. Davina was now convinced of the location of their weak point.

Eventually rain fell upon them, Davina, through her chanting, made sure the rain contained seawater. The Grotes who escaped squawked and flew their fastest towards the cities laden with lava bombs. Once the Grotes dropped the lava bombs, they made warning calls to each other. A backlash was inevitable.

‘Wow,’ said Susie, completely in awe. She ran over to Davina who looked drained and pale. The life had been sucked out of her.

‘Where did you learn to do that?’ Susie asked.

Davina didn’t respond.

‘Are you okay?’

Davina dropped her head and rested it against her staff. ‘I feel a bit weird… a bit sick actually.’

Susie stared at Davina, her skin was transparent. ‘So how do you know how to do that?’

‘I don’t know. I guess it is instinct,’ she replied.

Wanda supported Davina with her paw and licked her gently with her warm, stone tongue. Davina lent for a moment trembling, ‘Why do I feel like this?’

‘I believe it is because you are away from Gargantuan. You have used your own life force. You must rest child.’ Wanda dropped her head and allowed Davina to lie on her back.

When she was comfortable she weakly spoke, ‘We have to go to the cities. The Grotes are going to know we’re on our way. It will only be a matter of time before more Grotes are born and will receive orders to kill us all. We need to fly now.’

‘Yes Davina but are you capable?’ asked Wanda.

‘Just let me rest a while.’

Wanda wasn’t convinced and felt the additional weight of Davina falling asleep. Wanda yipped to all the other Goyles as she padded and launched herself into the air. The rest of the Goyles swiftly followed.

Ghost was concerned about Davina. He hadn’t seen anything like it; her very action of creating the wind appeared to have resulted in her having losing all her power. Ghost watched as Johnny ventured forwards to catch up with Davina but Ghost cut between them.

‘What did you do that for?’ demanded Johnny.

Ghost shook his head, ‘I know what you’re planning… You’re going to ask her loads of questions. Don’t – not yet. We need to leave her to get her energy back.’

‘But I want to know now!’

Ghost shook his head, ‘Come on Johnny don’t be selfish! Have you ever been so exhausted you could hardly move?’

Johnny looked aggravated. ‘Yeh.’

‘How would you feel if someone started firing questions at you?’ asked Ghost.

Johnny sighed because Ghost annoyed him. In his aggravation he guided his Goyle away from the pack. Unfortunately that one manoeuvre was about to create massive repercussions.


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