Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 31 – With AUDIO


The art to manifesting is knowing exactly what you want.


Ghost climbed back onto Solomon and headed back towards the main group.

‘Nice going!’ said Johnny sarcastically.

Ghost scowled, ‘Oh and I’m sure you would have done so much better!’

‘Well if you had given me a chance with the Shamaventus…’

Ghost glared at Johnny, ‘And how do you know its name?’

Johnny retracted looking awkward, ‘Davina said it was called that back when we were flying.’

‘No she didn’t!’

‘She did too!’

Ghost turned to Johnny, ‘I know what you are.’

‘And what am I?’

‘You’re a…’

‘A what?’

‘A spack head!’

Johnny flushed red.

Ghost studied Johnny’s reaction; he had hit a raw nerve. Johnny was definitely a spack head!

Susie cut between the pair of them. ‘Leave it you two! We have to keep going. You can sort this out once we’ve found Davina’s father.’

‘Ghost give the group your orders,’ Solomon growled.

Ghost glared at Johnny.

Johnny watched him with his eyebrow raised. ‘Yes tell us Mr I’m In Charge,’ said Johnny with his arms folded.

‘Right, we are going past the volcanoes to the desert,’ said Ghost.

‘What! The volcanoes covered in ice?’ said Johnny.

‘Shut up Johnny! There’s only a small window of time where ice will cover the volcanoes. Then it will melt,’ said Ghost in a thoughtful tone.

‘Fire and ice equals melting! Genius!’ said Johnny

‘What I mean is we have enough time to get past the volcanoes before the Grotes recover. By the time the ice melts, we should be well into the desert. That’s it, that’s what we’re going to do,’ said Ghost, searching for Wanda. Once he spotted her, he flew parallel. ‘How’s Davina doing?’

‘She’s still resting, she needs to get her strength back,’ she replied kindly.

‘Erm… does she know what I did?’ asked Ghost fidgetting.

‘No she was asleep.’

‘I say we tell her once we get her father back, that way she won’t be too angry with me,’ he said.

‘Where is he?’ asked Johnny.

Ghost glanced at him, ‘We think he’s being held at the centre of the Sea of Sand.’

‘Where exactly?’

‘I’m not willing to disclose that until we get there,’ said Ghost.

‘Don’t you trust us?’

‘I don’t trust anyone. That way I don’t get disappointed.’

‘So what…? We are expected to trust you to get us to the right place… After what you just did to that city?’

‘You don’t have to trust me. You don’t even have to come with me. You can go down there and wait for it all to melt if you like. We can pick you up on the way back. Maybe you could do some figure skating in tight, gold, lycra trousers… Or maybe put on a tutu – it will go with your eyes.’

‘I’ll come, but just because you’re acting like an idiot – it doesn’t mean I have to do what you say,’ said Johnny glancing at Susie.

Ghost feigned a yawn and turned his attention to Wanda. ‘Do what you want Johnny,’ said Ghost. ‘Wanda are you ready?’

Wanda nodded and howled the orders to the other Goyles.

‘Oh and Ghost how come you can speak Gargantuan. You were going to tell us,’ asked Johnny.

‘I was given a translation device when I visited Gargantuan,’ he said. Did Johnny understand what he said to Wanda?


There was no time for hesitation so Ghost guided Solomon to lead the group towards the volcanoes; he scanned the area for potential trouble. Ahead, a layer of thick ice coated the volcanoes; where the ice covered the lava, heat bubbled up creating gaping vents of steam.

‘We need to hurry, the lava is breaking through,’ called Ghost.

The Goyles sensed his urgency and picked up the pace.

Ghost leaned into Solomon; once they made it to the Sea of Sand they would be all right wouldn’t they? They would be closer to Davina’s father, which meant they would be closer to the Rebis egg. Why was the egg so important? How could the egg control everything and why did Davina’s father have it? What was the point of keeping such an important object on one person? Surely it should be locked away somewhere safe and surrounded by guards. Ghost sighed, what he wouldn’t do for a comfy bed, hot chocolate and some home-made cookies. He sighed and fought back his upset while his lower lip trembled. It all seemed so hopeless. His intention to save people had gone wrong. ‘Well they were all going to be killed by lava bombs anyway. Rather than be burned alive they were simply frozen, cold or hot…’ he muttered.

Solomon listened to Ghost mutter. ‘In the future weigh up what you really need. When you are asked exactly what you want – you make sure you word it perfectly – then you will never be able to complain when you get precisely what you ask for.’

Ghost leaned on Solomon’s back and closed all his eyes except two. He wanted to feel what it was like to be normal again: to see the world through two eyes rather than multiple vision. Ghost glanced at the Shamaventus and wondered if he set his intention correctly whether he could only have two eyes like he had had before. Knowing him, he would probably end up with something far worse: like an eye on his nose and another on his bum, Then what would happen when he sat down? Ghost felt unsettled, so turned his attention to the newly formed ice plateau below. Even though it had all gone horribly wrong, he had still created it all by himself. He should have been proud. Since meeting Davina so many things had become possible in Ghost’s life, suddenly there were no boundaries. For a start, he now had more eyes than any human had ever had and his brain was probably more active. He had flown on what was effectively a stone with wings. And here he was, nestled on a Beargoyle’s back flying through the night sky looking at an ice plateau full of volcanoes. The world was now a more interesting place. Maybe it was his destiny.

Ghost glanced over at Davina; she was wrapped in the depths of sleep. He wondered how long it would take her to recover. Ghost had so many questions: why had she been so physically affected by using the Shamaventus and he hadn’t? There was so much not adding up. One particular thing bothering him was the fact that Davina’s memory was lost. From what Thalia had suggested, it wasn’t accidental. There was no point asking Davina because she didn’t remember. How was Ghost ever going to find answers if the person who had the answers didn’t have the memory? Ghost yawned, opened all his eyes and watched Davina. There was so much that was curious about her.

‘I can feel you staring at me with all your eyes,’ said Davina, with her eyes closed.

‘Sorry, I just wanted to make sure you were all right,’ he replied.

‘I can feel myself returning to how I should be,’ she said through a half-yawn.


‘So what did I miss? Why aren’t we in the city?’ she asked.

‘It’s kind of taken care of for a while.’

‘Good, that’s one less thing to worry about,’ said Davina.

Ghost didn’t agree. He had plenty of worrying to do. ‘Erm Davina…’

‘Ghost should I be concerned? You’re speaking in a tone that tells me you have something you want to confess,’ she said.

‘I know… It’s just you know Johnny…’

‘Yes I know Johnny. What about him?’

‘Well he’s been acting weird. I think he could be one of those Fluxions.’

Davina opened her eyes slowly, ‘You’re not just saying that because you don’t like him are you?’

Ghost shook his head, ‘Nope. I wouldn’t just say that. Plus he’s been trying to get hold of the Shamaventus and he even knew the name without being told.’

‘Where is he?’

Ghost glanced about, ‘He’s at the back of the group. He and I had a bit of a run in.’

‘I should have sensed him if he really is a Fluxion,’ said Davina with a frown.

‘Davina, you were already tired by the time you rescued me. At what point have you had any rest? Surely when you’re tired your senses go down.’

He was right, ‘Okay, I think you have a point. If that is the case then he is with us for a reason. I think we need to watch him. He may be a spy, but he could be useful – so don’t worry about his presence because it might be to our benefit.’

Davina rubbed her eyes, ‘Ghost what do you think of Susie?’

‘I think she maybe one too, but she isn’t showing it in the same way.’

‘Why would they disguise themselves as children?’ asked Davina reclining.

‘I reckon it makes it easier for them to get our sympathy or be accepted. That’s what you did.’

Davina adjusted her position and watched the two other children. ‘This isn’t one of those weird jealousy things is it?’

Ghost shook his head, ‘Davina I have more than enough eyes to spot a fake. There is something very weird about him. Plus I caught a flash of his eye – it was one of those cat slits for a few seconds.’

Davina studied Johnny who quickly guided his Goyle over.

‘Are you getting your strength back now?’ he asked.

Davina smiled weakly, ‘Slowly, I still feel like I have been flattened by a steamroller.’

Johnny glanced at Ghost, ‘Did he tell you what he did?’

Davina shook her head and noticed Ghost scowl.

‘Davina look below and look back from where we have just come from,’ said Johnny.

Davina looked down and noticed the solid block of ice. That ice carried a red glow where lava was melting through, creating pockets of steam. Davina frowned, ‘Erm Ghost… What erm… did you do?’ she asked slowly.

Ghost said nothing.

‘He froze everything and I mean everything,’ said Johnny cutting in.

Davina frowned. ‘Ghost?’

‘Look at it like this… I was thinking that if I froze everything the Grotesques wouldn’t be able to pelt the city with lava anymore,’ he said.

‘You even froze over the volcanoes?’ said Davina looking bemused.

Ghost nodded slowly looking guilty.

‘Actually Ghost that could have been a good temporary solution,’ said Davina considering the situation objectively.

Ghost’s face relaxed, ‘But Davina all the people in the city are frozen too.’

‘Well the intention was right. It could have been good, but I bet you forgot to mention that you wanted the people alive or to be able to escape. Am I right?’ she said with a sigh.

Ghost nodded slowly, ‘I had to make decisions quickly and…’

Davina rolled her eyes, ‘Ghost it’s all in the wording. When you set an intention or a wish you have to make sure it’s exact. You have to word it correctly otherwise it could turn up in a way you couldn’t imagine. That’s the thing with the whole manifestation thing.’

‘What do you mean manifestation?’ asked Ghost.

Davina shifted to sitting but her head swooned. She paused for a moment, a tingling sensation pulsated through her body. ‘That’s what the Shamaventus is. It’s a tool for manifestation and control. According to how you set your intention a result comes out. How do you think I saved you before?’

‘I thought you were doing magic…’ Ghost squinted in thought.

‘Magic is intention. That’s what a spell is. You hold an intention in your mind and the way in which you make the intention allows it to happen.’ Davina studied Ghost’s confused expression.

Johnny butted in, ‘I think you’re both talking crap!’

Davina studied Johnny; from the angle she was sitting Johnny’s pupil revealed a diagonal slit.

‘It’s not rubbish and isn’t it about time you let us in on your little secret?’ Davina’s sharp tone made Johnny jolt defensively. He then flushed red. ‘I don’t know what you mean!’

‘I didn’t think we were going to say anything Davina!’ said Ghost.

‘I think now is as good-a-time as any,’ said Davina watching Johnny’s reaction.

‘Johnny it’s no accident that you’re here is it? Now why are you here?’ Davina paid close attention to how he moved. Was he going to lie?

‘I needed to escape…’ he replied.

‘I’m not buying that Johnny. Tell us the real reason,’ demanded Davina.

‘I don’t know what you mean!’ he said.

Ghost guided Solomon forwards, ‘She’s trying to tell you that we know you’re a Fluxion.’

Johnny shook his head, ‘What’s a Flux…i..on?’

‘Good try, but your cover is blown. Your eyes give you away!’

‘Look it’s not what you think,’ said Johnny awkwardly.

‘And what should we think?’ Davina continued in her interrogation tone.

‘Well I assume you think I’m some kind of spy,’ said Johnny.

‘As I thought,’ said Ghost, pleased the weirdo was finally getting his comeuppance.

‘I don’t know what to think. Anyway if you’re not a spy then what are you?’ asked Davina curiously.

Johnny stared at the volcanoes; the ice was melting. ‘My mother was a Fluxion and my father a human.’

‘I didn’t think they could mix,’ replied Davina curiously.

‘She was captured when she was younger and sent out into the world.’ Johnny replied.

‘What else do you know?’ Davina demanded.

‘You know how the Chimera has been making her plans a long time. Do you think it’s simply a year or two that she’s been working on this idea? No, she’s been working on this attack for centuries and now she is ready.’ Johnny shrugged helplessly

Davina didn’t have any concept of time other than the last few days.

‘So have you been to Gargantuan?’ Ghost chirped in.

‘I was there briefly when I was younger. The Gargantuans sensed what I was and asked my mother to leave. It was just after the time of the great uprising…’ Johnny trailed off.

‘The great uprising?’ Ghost was intrigued.

‘Davina you must remember… That is when…’ Johnny paused and appeared awkward.

‘When what?’ Davina stared curiously.

Johnny glanced at the nearing volcanoes, the first parts of the ice were melting and the Grotes would soon be free. ‘Davina we have to move, the sun will be rising soon and we want to be past the volcanoes before the Grotes begin moving again.’

‘What were you going to say about the uprising Johnny?’ Davina wasn’t going to let it go.

Johnny hesitated, ‘I don’t want to be the one to tell you this. It is a second-hand story. If you remember it then you remember it according to what you have been told.’

‘What happened Johnny? Tell me now! Is it something to do with me?’ demanded Davina.

Johnny’s neck revealed red patches creeping towards his face. He stared at his hands, what should he reveal?

Susie flew closer.

Johnny took a deep breath. ‘Davina the great uprising happened when people on the outside stopped thinking about greater things and shifted their minds to worshipping objects and money.’


‘That was when your mother entered the human world. It was demanded by the Gargantuan masses that she left Gargantuan for the outside to make peace… to bring inspiration to reality and keep Gargantuan alive.’

‘My mother went out into the world?’ Davina asked.

Johnny nodded, ‘The world was not ready for her. When she entered the world, it was at a time where only men ruled. A woman challenging the belief system caused uproar. In the end, your mother was captured… Your father was in an awkward situation. If he left Gargantuan he would make Gargantuan vulnerable by carrying the Rebis egg with him.’

‘So what..? He left her to fight for herself?’

Johnny nodded sadly.

‘So what you’re telling me is somewhere on this planet my mother is also imprisoned?’ asked Davina.

‘No!’ said Johnny looking harrowed, ‘What the human’s did to her was appalling. She entered the world full of hope and inspiration. Where she looked for what was termed as good, she found nothing. Goodness and kindness had been replaced by greed, selfishness and cruelty. They used her inspirational energy and drained her. They took her inspiring ideas and turned them into vessels to make money. After being treated so dismally she disappeared. That was when she was lost.’

Davina stared at Johnny, ‘What are you saying?’

‘I am saying that your mother lost any love for humanity. She came from a place of inspiration and through continuous torture was destroyed.’

‘Is she dead?’

Johnny couldn’t make eye contact, ‘Yes, technically she is dead… I’m sorry Davina… I didn’t want to be the one to tell you…’

Davina’s eyes flickered; a lump formed in her throat. Was that why she didn’t have any memory? Davina wiped tears from her eyes, what had happened? Davina paused, was Johnny trying to distract her from him? How did she even know he spoke the truth? ‘But Johnny that still doesn’t explain you,’ she croaked.

‘When your mother left Gargantuan a great deal was lost. Many of the Fluxions left intending to support her in the outside world. When they were out there, they became influenced by the human ways. They took on meaningless jobs where the hours of their lives were exchanged for monetary value. They took to identifying themselves according to products with names. In essence, after a few years they lost who they were and became the same. It was safer. By not standing out, they didn’t have to explain who or what they were or where they had originally come from. It was then my mother took a liking to a human. His name was Gwyn. He was a good man, she said. Anyway, my parents fell in love – the human version of love that is. Then I arrived in the world.’

Davina stared at Johnny, what had happened to her own mother? And why did she instinctively want to find her? What did ‘technically dead’ actually mean?

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