Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 39 – With AUDIO


When waterfalls freeze over- you know there’s a problem.


Davina fought her hardest, but the Grotes kept attacking. She spun the Shamaventus and chanted in such a way that each and every time she moved another blast of light was expelled. From behind her, she drew up the excess ice from the top of the waterfall. As she fought she called to the wind.

Chomp! One of the Grotes tore at her arm.

‘Right, that’s it!’ Davina scowled and flew into a rage. ‘Bring salt from the seas right here right now!’ Davina paused, someone was watching her from the pinnacle of the waterfall. She knew that presence. Davina desperately wanted to look behind her, but that would throw her off-guard and leave her open to be bitten again. Davina took a deep breath, whoever was behind her carried a sense of bitter cruelty. ‘She’ was the opposition.

The Chimera stood gloating, ‘Stop!’ said the Chimera. The Grotes ceased their attack.

‘You fool Davina! Do you really think you can fight my whole army alone?’ said the Chimera.

‘You don’t scare me! You should be the one who is fearful,’ replied Davina.

‘Oh how naive and delusional!’ The Chimera roared with a patronising laugh.

Davina remained facing the Grotes and noticed a distorted reflection flicker on the ice puddle beside her. She couldn’t see her clearly…

From above her, the wind carried the salt-flakes and rained them down. Davina spun and tapped the Shamaventus; she released a blast of light which propelled a cluster of melted ice through the air. That ice merged with the salt and the water. A huge wave tumbled through the tunnel. The remaining Grotes were washed away.

Davina spun on her heel.


The Chimera was gone.

‘Davina you may fight the Grotes, you may break them but when it comes down to you and me, we are too much alike. I have experience and I have memory!’ echoed the Chimera’s voice arrogantly.

‘Show yourself!’ called Davina.

‘Now why would I do that? It would ruin the fun. How can you recognise your enemy if you have never actually seen them?’ said the Chimera with a mocking laugh.

‘You fear me don’t you?’ Davina seethed.

The Chimera cackled, that cackle resonated in all directions, ‘Davina fear is a human emotion. You must know that I am not entirely human or maybe you just don’t remember. Maybe you need to ask yourself why you chose not to remember. The past is a powerful influence on the present. Without a past who are you? Maybe you need to ask yourself that!’

‘Stop playing mind games,’ said Davina.

‘People stop remembering to hide pain or to cover guilt. Think about it – we will meet again very soon. In the meantime, I am going to take down all the cities of the world for what they have done to me. You will never save them all!’

‘They have done nothing wrong! You are killing innocent people!’ shouted Davina.

‘Oh Davina, how gullible you are. Not one person on this planet is innocent. They all have unclean consciences. Now you tell me why I should spare any single one of them,’ replied the Chimera.

‘Because they can’t fight back!’

‘That’s why it’s so much fun – it’s like stamping on ants. Show me a child who has never done that or chased pigeons and then maybe I will consider sparing them. Until then I will reap havoc while you are away growing your pathetic excuse for an army. Now goodbye.’

Davina stood emotionally drained. What did the Chimera mean? Why was she so adamant on destroying everything?’

Davina slumped on the ground, tears of frustration streamed down her face. What on earth was she fighting against? Who was she fighting and why did it all feel so helpless?

There was a rumbling below Davina. The mound where she was sitting rose into the air and out popped Monte. Monte sniffed the air, ‘Now Davina you can’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself… you need to move and you need to prepare,’ he said.

Davina shook her head and buried her face in the mole’s chest. ‘I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know how I can win this.’

The mole peered at her very closely. ‘Are you crying?’

Davina nodded and sobbed harder. ‘It’s just… just… too much… I keep having to face all this stuff and I don’t want it any more. I want someone else to do it for me. I just want to have a nice time and act like other kids blowing off and burping, jumping around and playing with whoopee cushions. This isn’t fun; it’s just too much for a small girl to handle.’

Monte stroked Davina’s hair. ‘Child, some of us have more responsibility than others. I have a litter of fifteen to feed. Now all I can say is remember to have fun while you can and when you’re supposed to be serious you put all your thoughts into that.’

Davina couldn’t help her long, drawn-out sobs. ‘I don’t even… even know… why I… I’m crying.’

‘Sometimes we have to let out all that is bothering us. A good cry does no one any harm. Now I think we need to get you back to Gargantuan, you have some work ahead of you. You’re going to have to prepare and you’re going to have to get that Ghost boy to be a warrior. You understand?’

Davina nodded slowly.

‘Hop on then,’ he said.

Davina climbed onto Monte; who plodded slowly in the direction of the frozen waterfall.

‘Something doesn’t smell right.’ With that Monte walked straight into the remainder of the ice wall. ‘Erm… Davina I think we need to unblock this so we can get through.’

Davina tapped the Shamaventus, ‘From ice wall back to waterfall please – right now.’

With that, the waterfall melted and parted. Monte and Davina climbed onto a fast-moving rock and whooshed through the long tunnels to the gate of Gargantuan – Goylegate.

Once inside the cavern, Davina was surprised that the ice had travelled so far. It seemed the entire area was frozen. Davina looked to the ceiling; even the upside-down river was frozen.

The frozen Goyle guards on the gate glanced at Davina. Both were shivering wearing yellow earmuffs. ‘You could have warned us. I would have at least knitted myself a scarf,’ said one.

Davina said nothing.

‘Is there something wrong Regina Davina?’ said the other. He frowned and studied Davina’s upset expression.

‘I was just having a clear out,’ she said looking at the floor. ‘Thank you for your concern.’ Davina walked to each Goyle and hugged them, ‘Thank goodness you’re still here.’

The Goyles nodded, one patted her on the head and acted as though what she said was normal.

‘Erm Davina, you’ll notice we have slightly thicker walls… I think you should know that. When you walk through the cavern, you will notice a few things have changed – a kind of refurbishment.’

Davina sat astride Monte; she had already sensed something had changed in Gargantuan. There was silence throughout the cavern. What was stranger was the stalactites had formed poles to weave between. Davina was concerned, had Gargantuan come to a point where it would completely disappear?

When Davina came to a thick wall coating the exterior of Gargantuan, tears stung her eyes. She sensed what had happened: if Gargantuan was going to fade then it had to protect what was left and that included the Sanctus scripts and the many other secrets. Gargantuan intended to seal itself in.

‘Allow Davina to return to her home,’ she said as she carefully climbed off Monte and stared at the wall. The two enormous rocks rumbled; a few animal faces emerged from the rock muttering. ‘She is back so soon.’

Davina led Monte past the boulders to a viewpoint overlooking Gargantuan. Gargantuan had decreased in size, which meant hope was disappearing. The Chimera was winning.

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