Where the inspiration comes from…

Some people think it is madness to get up at five in the morning. However, when else do you have the opportunity to be away from the mass and ‘people soup?’


At the same time people ask me where I get my inspiration… so I thought I would share a two hour inspiration trip that took place this morning…


This is at six in the morning and there is just silence… Amazing…


As I paddle I fall into a lovely rhythm and my brain begins to provide ideas…


Watching the vapour on the water makes me think of ghosts and water ghosts…


I literally love the shapes and reflections here. The way the light falls and the concept of arches. Bridges always amaze me because someone thinks we need to cross from here to there and then design a bridge… Ta daaa!


I love how crisp the reflections are and how still the water becomes. No disturbance… just silence… peace…


One needs to sit down to take photos on a paddleboard… so thought I would capture my toes on camera.


At my halfway point I stop for coffee. It is in the silence one can reach bliss. It is so simple. No fame, no wealth and no achievement provides the level of bliss found in absolute silence and peace…


This is where the inspiration lies… in the moment, in nature and in appreciation…


You did ask… I know it is deep… This has been my secret… This is where I find it…


I hope you have your way to experience peace and bliss too.


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