Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 42 – With AUDIO



A mind’s a mind with thoughts.


‘But none of us have seen her,’ said Davina in deep thought. ‘I have heard her – but how will we know who she is?’

‘I promise you… you’ll know her. She will have a presence that you will recognise,’ said Thalia.

Ghost and Johnny were transfixed by the images of destruction taking place on the cloud imagery surrounding them.

‘What… so we have to actually go out in this?’ asked Ghost.

Davina rolled her eyes and laughed, ‘Ghost, if you weren’t here in Gargantuan you would be dodging lava bombs every few seconds.’

Ghost shrugged, ‘What I am actually asking is – is there anything we could wear to protect us?’

‘Maybe we could get you a nice pink umbrella Ghost,’ said Johnny in a taunting tone.

‘Shut up Johnny! You know what I mean!’

‘Yes I know you want to wear a suit of armour or something,’ said Johnny with a smirk.

Ghost shook his head, ‘Thalia, is there something we could wear that will stop us being burned alive?’

‘I will have protective clothes woven for you from the strongest diamond thread. It will protect you and not allow any lava to burn through,’ said Thalia.

‘But aren’t diamonds effectively Goyle dumps?’ asked Ghost.

Thalia smiled, ‘That is so, but they are the toughest Gargantuan grunt around.’

Ghost scratched his cheek and twitched his many eyes, ‘So I’m going to have to wear an outfit woven from Goyle poo?’

‘You can look at it how you wish. It will still be the most protective outfit you can wear,’ said Thalia matter of factly.

Ghost shrugged, he was going to wear poop protection. He would keep that to himself.

Davina rubbed under her ribs and stared at Thalia, ‘Thalia I have this really strange feeling.’

Thalia studied Davina, ‘What’s that feeling telling you Davina?’

‘It’s telling me that this conflict is more than just trying to save the humans from being pelted with lava. It’s telling me there is far more to this than meets the eye. If only I could remember…’

Thalia’s eyes narrowed, ‘Davina memory is a strange thing, it documents what you have seen, but over time it becomes distorted until you eventually apply all your memories to every situation. Mark my words it is better that you have no memory influencing your actions at this time.’

Davina studied Thalia; what was Thalia intentionally not saying? She glanced at the images of all the major cities spanning the entire globe. The task she was involved in was ridiculous. She was going to have to decide how to deal with it properly. The more her mind churned, the more she fidgeted. Finally she began pacing.

Johnny and Ghost watched her. They could see the weight of Gargantuan was on her shoulders.’

‘Davina, go and lie down, then you’ll be able to work out a plan. If you relax – your mind will be clearer,’ said Thalia.

Davina sighed, ‘How can I relax? I’m waiting to prepare myself to go and face one of the most immense things I have ever faced… I think. More than rest, I need advice. I need to call all the Goyles back.’

Thalia shook her head, ‘Davina if you call all the Goyles back here we’ll become easy targets… Imagine – all the troops in one place. That is not an option!’

Davina scratched her face and flushed red. ‘Look Thalia how am I supposed to know what to do?’

‘I suggest you go and talk with your father, he will advise you,’ said Thalia.

‘But he is weak and sick!’

‘Davina talk to Malchus, he will advise you as best he can. You never know he may well be recovering at a good rate.’

Davina huffed and walked toward the door.

‘Davina you have three earth hours to finalise your strategy,’ said Thalia.


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