Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 43 – With AUDIO



It’s all about strategy…


Davina sat on the bed next to her father. His strength was gradually returning.

‘Father I have come to talk to you about strategy. Are you strong enough to give advice?’ she asked.

‘I think I can manage such a discussion, but tell me… is it that bad out there now?’ Malchus sighed.

Davina nodded solemnly, ‘Malchus it’s destruction all over… and erm, there are some things bothering me about this… I was wondering… Gargantuan seems deserted, where have all the inhabitants gone?’

Malchus shook his head sadly, ‘Davina many of them went out into the world. The others have gone further underground. Many of them have chosen to put themselves into a state of suspension; that is where they stop living at this time and wait until better times come along. Times have not been good here in Gargantuan for a long while, so the people have put all their hope in you. They took themselves to the suspension chambers and did what most animals would do; they put themselves into a kind hibernation until the bad times are over.

‘So what they just ran away?’ asked Davina sharply.

‘Davina they wanted all the pain and anguish to be over, they wanted to live in peace again. That peace will never happen until this conflict is resolved. So they voluntarily put themselves into a state where they were at peace.’

‘So they are waiting for me to make everything better so they can live a nice life? That sounds stupid!’ she replied.

Malchus shook his head, ‘Davina, you don’t remember the people of Gargantuan, they are not like the humans. These people are pure and cannot accept cruelty. Rather than live and adapt they would rather avoid it. Their purpose is to create inspiration. Inspiration does not come from negative emotions. It comes from a connection to self and the positive emotions. So you understand why the Gargantuans avoid living in fear or a state of terror because it poisons them. Now you should take your friends and go down to the suspension chambers. Only then you’ll understand what the people of Gargantuan sacrificed in hope that you will succeed.’

Davina folded her arms defensively, ‘Were they sacrificing or avoiding? Anyway who puts all their hope in one small girl?’

‘Davina every single person suspended themselves because they believed in you,’ said Malchus sensing Davina’s annoyance. ‘They had faith that you would save Gargantuan. Think of it like this: if they didn’t believe in you they would have simply left for the outside world. Now they are waiting for better times. Those times you will be responsible for. That is why you are who you are!’

Davina was ill at ease, why were so many people relying on her rather than taking responsibility for themselves and their own lives? ‘We need to talk about strategy my time is running out,’ she said in avoidance.

‘Well what are you planning?’

‘I have no idea,’ she said.

‘The vision of the world at this moment please,’ she said tapping the Shamaventus.

Malchus sighed as he studied the destruction. His lips pursed, it was complete annihilation. ‘She has gained a lot of power. She must have drained me when she captured me,’ he said shaking his head in irritation. ‘Davina you are going to have to divide your army and send them in groups to each city. Her army has stopped growing because of the removal of the Rebis egg. Now I assume you have chosen your Goyles. Did you select some Lizers?’

Davina nodded.

‘Well I suggest you set the Lizers on a mission to capture her. You go with the Lizers and my advice is to attack at night. One thing I will say is – make sure your Lizers are made of rainbow moonstone, that stone is reserved for times of trouble. It is stone from the moon containing rainbow, it can allow the Lizers to re-charge as they fly.’

‘This is all sounding weird,’ she replied.

‘Your time in the world has served you well; you have become cynical, sceptical and analytical. All the human skills that were originally developed as a defence mechanisms. Defence mechanisms are useful and help you survive – but make sure they don’t stop you doing what you need to do. When you are in situations that need clarity I suggest you use your intuition. Now I suggest Johnny and Ghost stay with you while Wanda and Solomon become your first in command. They can lead the Goyles.’

‘Why do Johnny and Ghost have to be involved? Why can’t they just stay here and wait until it is over?’ she asked.

‘Ghost has his destiny to fulfil. Why else would he have so many eyes? And Davina even though you two bicker, you both have loyalty binding you together. As much as you both pretend to dislike each other – the truth is entirely different. You and I both know that. And whether you like it or not the pair of you have entwined destinies.’

Davina flushed red, she did like Ghost a lot, but she would never tell him that.

‘Together you are a team, a team who can watch each other’s backs. As for Johnny he has his family to save. You cannot deny him that,’ said Malchus.

Davina studied her father, he was wise.

‘Now when you are ready – call all your Goyles together and give them specific instructions. As for Clio, make sure she remains elusive. She will hunt down the Chimera for you.’

Davina listened to everything her father said. It made sense, but she was leading the army not him. ‘Malchus I agree with most of what you have said; however, I will be adjusting the strategy to suit the battle.’

Davina sighed, ‘I have a question.’

Malchus gazed back at his daughter.

‘Erm this is really embarrassing, but I don’t completely understand how a Goyle kills a Grote?’ she said wringing her hands.

Malchus shook his head, ‘I wish it had never come to this, but essentially they are of the same kind. Both have the same weak point.’

‘And that is?’

‘Davina it’s the throat. When the Goyles were first captured by the humans, their heads were attached to walls. The humans learned the throat was the Goyle’s weak point and often severed their heads so that they couldn’t escape. If the throat was correctly cut their heads still functioned without the bodies, because Gargantuans, unlike humans don’t have the same nervous systems. The humans attached the Goyle heads to the church walls and forced them to become the guardians of those buildings. If their throats were cut at a certain point they died. It is a very specific point.’

Davina looked horrified, ‘But that’s barbaric!’

Malchus sighed, ‘The humans never considered Goyles to be living creatures and that was why they were enslaved. Well look what humans do to animals – they hunt them and display them in the same way. Anyway, after a while, rather than have their throats cut, the Goyles willingly surrendered in return for the opportunity for one hour of freedom at midnight. That is when the first rebellions began. The Goyles and the Grotes were peaceful until they were forced into slavery. During their time on the churches, the Goyles witnessed war after war. It seemed that many of the humans slayed their own kind in the name of power. They soon learned life was secondary to power and money.’

‘If they’re all so cruel, then what’s the point of saving them? What the Chimera’s doing is right!’

Malchus sighed, ‘I can see what you’re saying but humans have both virtues and nasties. They can be inspired, love and create beauty. Of course, there are the negative traits that counterbalance them, but essentially humanity does its best.’

Davina studied her father, how could she comprehend such complexities?

‘A long time ago, we, the Gargantuans, made a pact with those who wanted to create a beautiful and inspired world. The vision these leaders had was magnificent. When we saw what they intended to create on earth, we made it our honour to protect the world and provide inspiration. It was just a case that the individual had to be open to it.’

‘Why did you do that?’

‘Without the human’s desire for inspiration Gargantuan does not exist.’

Davina thrust her head in her hands. ‘I don’t understand! This is all so messed up. We signed a pact with the Goyle enslavers?’

Malchus continued, ‘Davina not all people are bad. When I first went out into the world, I met with the leaders. I explained to them what the Goyles were and that their heads should never be severed. They agreed to this and accepted Gargantuan was a place that needed to be left alone. Every few earth years, I sent some of the Goyles out to protect places of worship and towers. In return for this watch duty, the Goyles were free to fly during the night and do whatever they pleased. If they wanted, they could come home through our waterfalls. When they were resting on the churches, they simply watched and kept an eye on things. The Gargoyles could spot conflicts brewing ahead of time so the Gargantuans could send inspiration to those who needed it. And that was when the Goyles became useful and loved. It’s a shame times have changed and people don’t even notice their presence anymore.’ Malchus sighed, ‘Times really have changed.’

Davina turned to the window and stared out, the sight before her was beautiful. There were millions of multicoloured eggs extending as far as the horizon. Davina sighed, those eggs, rather than being free, were soon to be an army. Anguish ate away at her. Why raise an army and lead them to their deaths? Why did such things happen? And why was she involved? Davina strongly disagreed, but Susie was a prisoner with so many other innocents. Davina felt for Susie, she was probably experiencing the worst time of her life.

Malchus watched his daughter fighting her thoughts. She was about to face something tremendous; there were going to be some terrible realisations including one of the hardest choices a person could ever make. Was she ready?

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