Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 44 – With AUDIO



Egg fields, field of eggs.


Davina left her father to rest and took a walk through the egg fields. While she paced she used the Shamaventus to create a pendent to carry the Rebis egg. She inserted the egg into the protective, pendent shell and studied it. It was a warm orange-pink and a rainbow glowed from the centre.

How was she going to mount the attack? How could she surprise the Chimera who was waiting for her attack?

‘Surprise!’ thought Davina.

That was stupid; no matter when she mounted the attack, the Chimera would be ready. Davina took a deep breath; she had to be clear about her approach. What’s more, how was she going to contact the Goyles to inform them of her plan?

Amongst the expanse of Goyle eggs, Davina stood in silence. It was an incredible sight. Rows upon rows of multicoloured and patterned eggs extended towards the horizon. Each egg carried a different design according to each creature and breed. She took a deep breath and tapped the Shamaventus. ‘We will create a message for the Goyles in the outside world. Message: Solomon and Wanda please meet me at the signpost that states zero miles to Gargantuan – close to the two-handprint cave. Please be ready and make sure you are inconspicuous. I look forward to seeing you all. Best Wishes Davina.’ Davina watched the message swirl up into the air and form a fluffy cloud. The wind picked it up and guided it to the outside world. ‘The winds will take you there quickly,’ she whispered.

Davina found an empty patch amongst the myriads of eggs and laid down and gazed up at the sky (it wasn’t so much a sky, but an inner expanse of one colour). She tapped the Shamaventus, ‘Show me the Chimera. Show me who I am searching for.’

A scene rose before her, it did not fully reveal the Chimera, instead a shadow with penetrating violet eyes peered back at her. The Grotesques stepped in front of her and shielded her from view.

Whack! A twisted claw cut through the image, destroying it. ‘She even senses me watching her?’

‘Davina!’ called Ghost, running amongst the sea of eggs.

‘I wondered where you had got to,’ he said running over and plonking down.

Davina rolled onto her front. ‘Ghost I was trying to work out strategies.’

‘Oh, and did you come up with anything good?’

‘I have no idea how to do this… My father said something but…’ she said solemnly.

‘Well I was really good at battle ships and computer games when I lived at home,’ Ghost nodded and used his finger to draw on the ground.


‘Well let’s work this out… If all the cities are under attack, then the places where they won’t be is in the country. All cities have greenbelts we just have to position the Goyles in a circle and ambush the Grotes when they least expect it.’

Davina raised an eyebrow, ‘So what you’re saying is we form circles around all the cities and attack from there. That would mean that the main body of the conflict would happen over the cities. I don’t know if I want that to happen.’

Ghost rolled his many eyes, ‘Davina the people in the cities are being pelted with lava from flying monsters. Do you really think they’re going to be bothered by a battle happening above them? I reckon they’d just be happy to stop being pelted by lava bombs don’t you?’

Davina shrugged, ‘Ghost my instinct says be cautious and use what we have. We need to use the Goyle’s ability to blend in. We could position them on all the buildings and they could pounce when the Grotes fly past.’

‘Davina, you’re making assumptions on the fact that we have the same amount of Goyles to Grote ratio.’

Davina rubbed her head, it was all too much.

‘Davina I think you need to have a rest and sleep on it. Leave your mind to work out all eventualities and then we’ll be ready. Me and Johnny have already rested, so we’ll keep an eye on the hatching masses. You know what? I’m really quite excited. Imagine… There are going to be millions of little baby Goyles all creating tiny piles of stones.’ Davina formed a half-hearted smile, stood up and patted Ghost on the shoulder, ‘Thank you for being here Ghost.’

Ghost blushed and fluttered his multitude of eyes. ‘Davina you might be interested in the fact that Thalia said that I was given all these eyes for a reason. She reckons this is my destiny. If that’s the case, then we were meant to meet. Don’t you think that’s strange?’

Davina glanced at Ghost’s many eyes. ‘I can’t really say anything is strange anymore. I’d just like to understand what normal actually is.’

Davina extended both hands to Ghost, leaned over and pulled him up, ‘We need to get hold of Johnny. Before I rest because we need to see the suspension chambers.’

‘What on earth are those when they’re at home?’ asked Ghost.

‘You’ll see…’


When Davina stopped by Thalia’s house, Johnny was sitting in a room watching a wall carrying a vision of his sister being imprisoned. ‘Johnny?’ she said.

‘Susie is being held in the Sideways Tower,’ said Johnny with a jump as he glanced over his shoulder.

Davina nodded, on the other side of the room another vision of the Nadim School caught her attention. The school was in pieces and the remaining children were cowering in corners. Davina watched the Grotes pick them up in their mouths and fly them one by one to the Sideways Tower. Davina shook her head. ‘I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. We have to save them.’ Davina choked on her words as she spoke, ‘If we don’t do this then they’ll all die!’

Johnny shook his head; the vision of Susie in the dungeons had upset him. She sat alone in a corner hugging her knees while other frightened children were led in. ‘Why is she capturing children and not adults?’

Davina had no idea, ‘I think she is capturing adults too. I expect that she is just keeping them apart. I reckon she is using the children as bait to try to draw me to the tower,’ she said.

‘Do you think she would really set all this up to draw you out into the world?’

Davina shrugged, ‘Don’t you think it’s all a bit of a coincidence?’

‘Davina there’s something very wrong about this. Why is she picking on you?’ said Ghost studying the images.

Davina didn’t know, nor did she want to think about it. ‘Johnny, Ghost we need to go somewhere that I think you will both find it interesting. Plus I don’t want to go alone – so please come with me.’

The pair stood up and studied Davina curiously. ‘Where are we going?’

‘To where the Gargantuans are.’

Ghost and Johnny glanced at each other, ‘Shouldn’t we be practising fighting or something?’ asked Johnny.

Davina shook her head, ‘No you need to see this first. Apparently it will provide some kind of understanding.’


The group walked through the warren of limestone houses. In the central court, there was a huge three-dimensional compass. It carried numerous directions on it including all the magnetic fields to a multitude of dimensions. Davina leaned forwards and pressed her hand down on the central point, the whole thing twisted and unfurled to reveal a stairwell. She then tapped the Shamaventus and increased its flame.

‘Where are we going?’ asked Johnny

Davina glanced back looking solemn. ‘We are going to the suspension chambers. It’s where the people of my world have suspended themselves.’

All of Ghost’s eyes narrowed, ‘What does that mean?’

‘The people of my world do not like conflict. Rather than fight they go into suspended animation to avoid threat. It is as if they just freeze themselves at a point in their life. They then wait for a time of peace where whoever is left brings them back to life.’

Ghost screwed his face up. ‘Now that is really cowardly!’

‘Ghost the Gargantuans are different to humans. Fighting is not natural to them.’

Ghost was not impressed; fighting was something he had grown up with. He couldn’t ever comprehend that people in some places didn’t fight at all. ‘Then why are you a warrior?’

‘I am not exactly sure, but from what I can gather, in the past there have been invasions. The characteristics within certain families meant that they were natural leaders and were able to adapt to train in martial arts. Those families became warrior families.’

‘So that is what you are?’ asked Ghost studying Davina.

Davina shrugged, ‘I guess so,’ she said leading the way down the stairs. Throughout the chambers, there was an eerie pale, purple glow and a bizarre humming. Davina came to a sudden halt; she had forgotten such scenes existed. Before her was a massive expanse of purple stone. In that stone, thousands of people were suspended. Davina walked to the walls and peered through. All age groups were suspended. Some sections even contained whole families suspended together. Davina felt a deep sadness; her own people had willingly frozen their lives not knowing what the future held.

Johnny shook his head silently , ‘I… I don’t understand. Why don’t they just fight?’

Davina didn’t remember why they didn’t fight. ‘Malchus said they avoided conflict. Their role is to create inspiration, conflict does not inspire. So they are waiting for better times.’

‘But that’s stupid, that means they take no responsibility for themselves,’ he said.

‘I know. That’s what I said, but Malchus said that I have been affected by the human way of life.’

‘Well then so have I!’ said Johnny angrily. ‘So these people expect you to go out and fight a war by yourself so they can have a bloody good party afterwards?’

‘Suppose so,’ she replied.

Johnny flushed red, ‘Well maybe we should do that too!’

A translucent, singular figure wafted along the corridor. ‘Shhhh!’

‘What I’m going to wake them up now am I?’ snarled Johnny.

Davina grabbed Johnny and dragged him to the steps. ‘I think that must be some kind of keeper, someone must have to keep an eye on them.’

‘I think it’s rubbish! Oh let’s leave other people to fight our battles – not! Davina you have to do something!’ he said.

‘I need to rest. I need to be ready,’ said Davina climbing the stairs to the surface of Gargantuan. Once she emerged into the light she stood for a second, not ready for the sight about to greet her.’

‘Holy cow!’ shouted Ghost.

Johnny was silent but grinned.

Davina just stood smiling listening to the squawking of the baby Goyles. Instinctively she ran over to the eggs and gazed at the newly hatched babies. They were all little and padding around making squeaking noises. Davina sighed; she would give them a few hours to gain their barings, while they were doing that she would rest. She found it incredibly sad that the babies were going to be forced to grow up so quickly. The pleasure of being little was learning about things and they were going to miss out.

‘Are you two tired?’

Ghost shook his head, he was thinking about something else. It was only now that he understood the implications of what was about to happen. He certainly hadn’t considered how vast the warrior force was going to be. ‘Davina, you are going to have to grow them one section at a time. I don’t think there’s enough room in Gargantuan for all the fully grown Goyles to wander around here.’

Davina agreed. ‘I’ll grow them in a few hours… Look I need to sleep, even if it is for a short time. Ghost do you mind keeping an eye on them?’

‘Was that supposed to be a joke?’ said Ghost glaring at Davina.

Davina smirked and ran towards Thalia’s house. She had to be ready in few hours. Davina rushed inside the house and tapped the Shamaventus, first she was going to have one more look at the way the Chimera had set up her Grotes to attack. If she could fathom a system and a structure, she could very well break it.

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