Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 45 – With AUDIO



The final battle.


It’s nice to have things that match.


Davina stretched out her arms and cracked her neck. It wasn’t really a proper sleep but one of those where the mind churns and attempts to turn thoughts into some semblance of order. Davina spent her whole rest-time dreaming about tactics and strategy. Although, when she woke up she had a solution.

Davina glanced out of the window, below her all the newly grown Goyles were grazing on any stone they could nibble. A few of the older ones were scrapping whilst others chased their tales. Davina ran down the stairs and shooed the hungry baby Goyles away from the houses. As she was doing that, she noticed Ghost and Johnny watching the Goyles and giggling. ‘What’s so funny?’ she called.

‘We’re laughing at the little pebbles falling from their bums. It reminds me of shingle beaches,’ said Ghost.

Davina giggled, ‘I would never have thought of that.’

‘You seem in good spirits…’ said Ghost.

Davina sighed, ‘Well I’ve had a chance to think.’


‘Well I have a strategy. First we are going to grow the Goyles and then we will hold a meeting,’ she said.

‘Can’t you tell us the full plan now?’ asked Johnny.

Davina shook her head, ‘It isn’t completely straight in my mind yet. It’s there but not in perfect order.’

Thalia wafted in from nowhere and strolled over to Davina, ‘Are you ready?’

Davina nodded, ‘Erm where is my father?’

‘He is preparing himself.’

‘For what?’

Thalia smiled, ‘He is going to lead a Goyle battalion, as will I.’

‘So why can’t Malchus take charge of the whole thing?’ asked Ghost.

‘Because it is Davina’s fight. Whether she knows it or not this was her idea and her destiny. She will take full responsibility and Ghost before you ask, it has to be this way,’ she said glancing at Davina.

Davina gazed at Thalia, she had said that for a reason. ‘Okay I’m ready – I think.’

Thalia pointed to a stand carrying three sets of shimmering, woven clothes.’

‘Is that our battle dress?’ asked Davina with an excited clap.

Thalia nodded, ‘It’s woven with diamond. Nothing will cut through it and it’s heat resistant. Your only vulnerable area is your throat, so be careful Davina.’

Davina clambered over to her clothing; a dress had been woven with trousers built in. In her opinion, it wasn’t too bad. It was far better than wearing bulky armour. Davina waved Johnny and Ghost over. ‘Look, here’s our battle wear,’ she said excitedly.

Ghost and Johnny stared at it as though it had a disease. ‘Davina we wouldn’t be seen dead in that!’

‘That’s the whole point! You won’t be seen dead in it. Wear it and it will save your life!’

‘Can’t we just wear our own clothes?’ asked Ghost.

‘You know what? You asked for this… Now I love my life and I’m not going to give anyone a chance to ruin it. Now wear it or you might just find your flimsy clothing doesn’t protect you from a lava bomb!’

Johnny and Ghost glanced at each other, neither wanted to be the first to put on the clothing.

‘Would it help if there was a logo on it or if someone was telling you it was cool?’ she said sarcastically. ‘I’m sure it can be arranged!’

Ghost shook his head and stared unhappily at his spangley outfit.

Johnny was having the same thoughts, ‘But Davina, it shimmers…’

‘Johnny – death or a bit of shimmer? Make your choice.’

‘It reminds me of Elvis,’ said Ghost as he reluctantly put on the clothing. He stood for a moment looking down with all his eyes. Finally he strolled around kicking his legs. ‘It’s remarkably light considering how rubbish it looks.’

Johnny followed Ghost’s lead and put his on too. He glanced at Ghost seriously and then burst into a retro-style disco dance. ‘Look I can disco!’

Ghost turned around and joined in. The pair looked ridiculous!

It was funny but Davina had to motivate the two nurks. She pointed to some staffs on a stand. ‘Those will be your weapons.’

Ghost had a staff with pigs and rats carved into it. ‘Okay what happens when I fire it?’ he asked waving it about.

Davina shrugged, ‘We’ll have to see when we get out there.’

Ghost examined the staff, the carvings led up to an eye, which scanned for a target. Once the eye was focused, with a blink, a plasmic blast shot from the pupil. ‘I reckon this is pretty cool,’ he said. It balanced out the fact he was wearing a stupid outfit.

In the meantime, Johnny danced around in his new clothes. Every so often, he pulled up the crutch to fit. ‘Okay so it’s not so bad when you wear it. But we do look a bit girly. If there are any fit maidens out there who need rescuing they’re going to laugh at me,’ he said still dancing.

‘Whatever Johnny! If a girl is more concerned about your clothing than you, I wouldn’t bother anyway. Oh don’t save me from this awful onslaught of evil creatures because I don’t like your outfit!’ said Davina in a mocking tone.

Johnny smirked.

Davina pointed impatiently at his staff, ‘Well have a go then.’

Johnny danced over and picked it up.

Johnny’s staff was carved with eagles and pumas so when he picked it up it squawked and growled. ‘How mad is that?’ he said coolly, trying to conceal his excitement.

At the top of Johnny’s staff the head of an eagle gazed out. He studied the eagle and noticed the talons. Were the talons going to hurl whatever it was he was firing? Nope. The missiles were shot from the beak.

Johnny glanced at Ghost and pointed the staff at him. ‘Can’t we just have a go on each other?’

It was too late, a light accidentally shot from the eagle’s beak and hit Ghost square on the chest blasting Ghost backwards.

‘Cool!’ said Johnny bouncing around excitedly and kicking his legs.

Ghost didn’t know what had hit him straight away, but pointed his staff back at Johnny defensively. The eye skimmed Johnny’s form searching for a vulnerable area and shot a cool green light in his direction. That light divided and knocked Johnny’s legs from beneath him. Smack! Johnny hit the floor face first.

Davina stood watching the pair of them. ‘Good going! Let’s hurt each other first, and then hurt the enemies!’

Johnny and Ghost glared at each other.

‘Well you started it Johnny,’ said Ghost.

‘Well you copied!’ he replied.

‘I only retaliated,’ said Ghost.

‘Shut up the pair of you!’ shouted Davina.

Davina huffed and went into Thalia’s house to get changed. When she was ready she emerged wearing her full battle dress.

Both Johnny and Ghost stared at Davina in awe. Neither boy said a thing. They just smirked at each other as boys do. Davina ignored their reaction; she quite liked the dress because it shimmered. The way it caught the light made Davina feel special. Davina’s self-admiring thoughts were interrupted when she noticed Ghost and Johnny nudging each other.


‘Nothing!’ said Ghost.

‘Nope, I’m just happy,’ said Johnny.

Nevertheless, if they had told the truth, they would have both said how warrior-like she looked. She wasn’t just a scraggy, little, girl covered in mud and slime anymore. She was Regina. In that moment, they both understood Davina was someone special; she was royalty and that was why they called her Regina Davina.

Davina lifted her leg to see if what she was wearing was practical; she looked like she was about to Sumo wrestle. Davina stopped jumping about when she had that sensation of someone watching her. She turned to see her father dressed and ready for combat. ‘Oh Malchus you are still weak, you should stay here.’

Malchus shook his head, ‘You came and saved me. It is my duty to support my daughter in her endeavours. Have you decided on a plan of attack?’

‘I finally have it all worked out in my head,’ said Davina with an excited nod.

Malchus smiled, he had expected Davina’s subconscious memory to reveal all her years of training in one way or another. Davina walked over to her father and gave him a cuddle. ‘I’m glad you have recovered. Now Malchus we are going to grow the Goyles.’

Davina strode towards the edge of the expanse of baby Goyles. Where she stopped, six shimmering moonstone eggs were waiting. They had not yet hatched. ‘Where did you come from?’ she asked.

Malchus called from behind her, ‘Davina, I put them there; they are the royal-Lizer eggs. We have used them throughout history.’

Davina nodded and stared at the eggs, what did Lizers look like? First, she had to concentrate on the masses. She would leave the Lizer eggs until last. No she couldn’t wait – she had to see a Lizer now.

Davina focused her attention on the eggs, pointed the Rebis egg at them and concentrated.

Ghost and Johnny ran over.

‘What are those?’ asked Ghost.

‘Watch,’ said Davina.

The rainbow-shelled eggs cracked and hatched. Small creatures struggled from the shell making whinnying noises. Johnny, Ghost and Davina crouched down and peered at the tiny creatures; they were obviously sturdy, even though small. Their heads were the same shape as a tiger but they had a long jaw like a lizard. As they crawled, exploring their surroundings, their split tongue sensed the air.

‘Wow, so what are they for?’ asked Ghost

‘They will be our transport,’ said Davina.

Davina called all the Lizers together; she crouched before the small, helpless creatures and admired them. Even when they emerged from their eggs, they were definite and proud. Davina could sense their natural courage by the way they instantly moved towards her foot and started nibbling her shoe.

Davina held the Rebis egg and focused. The Lizers matured in a matter of seconds. From babies they transformed into adults. With their growth, wisdom filled their eager minds.

Johnny and Ghost watched the Goyles grow rapidly to full size. The Lizers were huge, almost transparent and shimmered with rainbows undulating over their surface.

The two boys’ mouths opened to their fullest. Neither spoke, instead they just stared at the huge creatures. Davina glanced at her dress and then at the Lizers. ‘I think it’s a nice touch that we all match don’t you think?’

Johnny and Ghost weren’t impressed; since when did men wear clothing to match their Goyles? It would be like dressing up like a horse whilst riding one.

Davina stood by the Lizers and patted them, after a moment of getting to know them, she gave her commands in Gargantuan. The beautiful beasts understood and left the grounds to make themselves ready. The next group Davina called were the baby Eaglegoyles, she grew them and advised them of her plan. They too grew rapidly to full size and departed, taking up their positions, ready for departure.

Each Goyle race grew at an incredible rate and Davina informed them of her commands. Before entering the outside world, each race was given time to prepare. In the meantime, Malchus stood in the gathering areas and informed the Goyles of their roles. After Davina had briefed most of the races, she came to the final three: the Wolfgoyles, Liongoyles and Beargoyles. They were going to be her protectors. All were loyal, all were courageous and all were strong. Finally, she took a deep breath and turned to stand in her tiny form in front the myriads of Goyles. Her warriors were ready. It was time and she had created a vast warrior force from nothing.

Jogging over to Malchus, Davina handed him the Rebis egg. ‘I believe this is yours.’

Malchus drummed and tapped on his face to reveal the compartment hidden behind his eye. Johnny and Ghost watched in utter fascination as Malchus slid the small egg back inside the socket. The group watched how the socket absorbed the egg, rebuilt itself then retract back into Malchus’s stone head. Davina waited for the two boys to stop gawking. When the pair were finally ready, Davina whispered her plan of action. All nodded sincerely, each had a role to play and each would follow the commands specifically. Davina turned her attention to the Lizers, who sensed they were soon to be needed. ‘I hope you’re ready,’ she said.

‘I still can’t believe they match your dress,’ said Ghost in a certain tone.

Davina shook her head, ‘Just because I’m a girl it doesn’t mean that I did that on purpose! Now are you ready?’

Ghost and Johnny carefully climbed up onto their Goyles, the creatures strutted about nervously. Ghost noticed his Lizer was unstable; it kept shifting and rearing its head.

‘It hasn’t been broken in yet has it?’ said Johnny, attempting to hide his apprehension.

‘No but these aren’t like horses… they have more developed characteristics… they’ll be fine if we trust them’ said Ghost patting the creature and preparing his staff. He hoped he was right.

‘Right, are we all ready to face the Chimera?’ asked Malchus.

Davina glanced at Johnny and Ghost; no one said a thing. Nobody knew what they were about to face.

‘Erm… how will we know which one is her?’ asked Ghost.

Malchus chuckled, ‘Mark my words when she is present you’ll know she is there!’

Malchus nodded, unfurled his wings and pointed his staff towards the entrance. Ghost noticed Malchus’s staff was made up purely of lions and it roared when he waved it.

‘I’m ready,’ said Ghost nervously.

Johnny nodded and glanced at Ghost, it wasn’t a game anymore.

‘I’m ready,’ said Johnny.

‘I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,’ said Davina looking around, ‘Gargantuan will be great again and Johnny we will save your sister!’

Johnny sighed and glanced hopefully back at Davina.

‘Let’s go,’ she said. Davina jerked her reins. It was time!


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