Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 47 – With AUDIO



Fly by night.


From high up in the sky, a quarry caught Solomon and Wanda’s attention.

‘We could land and refuel,’ said Wanda licking her lips. ‘What do you think?’

‘I think it works as a reward,’ said Davina signalling for the Goyles to land. Each found a patch to graze and gulped stone as fast as they could. Davina climbed off Rochelle and strolled about while the Goyles ate. She was in deep thought: the force field had managed to wipe out all the Grotes who were bombing the city. Why didn’t they at least try and fight? Or had she really caught them completely off-guard? Davina didn’t want to become over confident otherwise she would move too quickly to the tower without preparation. The Atrox had taught her about preparation.

‘I know what you’re thinking Davina,’ said Malchus, in his deep, kind tone. ‘You are thinking it was too easy aren’t you?’

Davina nodded, still caught up in a flurry of thought. ‘I don’t understand why they didn’t at least fight,’ said Davina.

‘Davina they weren’t expecting it. They were programmed to do a simple task; they weren’t able to comprehend further than that.’

Davina wiped a tear from her cheek and turned to gaze at Malchus. ‘I just feel so guilty father.’

Malchus put his arm around Davina. ‘Davina, all those lives were created by the Rebis egg. They will return to the Rebis egg. So essentially all those Grote lives were simply borrowed from the egg for a short time. That egg will then breathe more life into other bodies that will come after. That is all… Does that make you feel better?’

Davina shook her head. The Grotes had been manufactured; did that mean they were worth nothing?

‘Davina it is never right to kill or harm another living being. However, what you were doing was a choice made to save innocent lives,’ said Malchus sympathetically.

‘But I just don’t know how I feel about it. Am I supposed to feel courageous like I succeeded? All I really feel is that I’ve killed something to get to something bigger. Those lives meant nothing in the scheme of things and that is why my heart hurts,’ she replied.

Malchus studied his daughter, ‘That is exactly what you did – you stopped an action. Davina, this human world is not the same as ours. Remember when you’re out here – you play by different rules.’

Davina nodded sadly, she didn’t like it. In her opinion life was precious – no matter where it came from.

Davina paused and gazed up into the sky. There was a whistling sound tearing through the sky above them. The Goyles stopped their grazing and transformed into boulders. Each was amazingly camouflaged by the quarry. Davina took shelter under a nearby tree with Ghost, Johnny, Thalia and Malchus. They looked to the sky: thousands of Grotes flew in formation. Were they search parties?

‘So word has got to the Chimera,’ whispered Thalia.

‘We’re going to have to be quick. We need to get to the Sideways Tower. We’re going to have to fight her as soon as we can,’ said Davina.

Ghost and Johnny looked up, ‘There are thousands upon thousands of them,’ whispered Ghost.

‘I don’t think you counted properly, there are actually millions upon millions of them Ghost,’ Davina sighed.

Ghost couldn’t believe it; he focused all his eyes on the skies above. ‘Davina I think I can see a way through but we’re going to have to move fast.’

‘What are you seeing?’

‘The Grotes are moving in waves, if we time the duration between each fly-over we can leap frog towards the Sideways Tower.’

Davina smiled thankfully at Ghost. ‘Ghost I’m so glad you’re here.’

Ghost looked smug and glanced towards Johnny, who rolled his eyes.

Johnny then pretended to cuddle himself and kissed the air.

Ghost scowled.

Davina sensed tension and turned to look at Johnny; who acted as though nothing had happened. Davina knew he was up to something when Malchus chuckled.

‘Boys will be boyish,’ said Malchus with a smile.

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