Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 48 – With AUDIO



Humans get the wrong end of the stick.


The group followed the timings of the Grote fly-over precisely. According to Ghost’s watch, each git of Grotes flew past every thirty minutes. Davina informed the Goyles to fly for a maximum of twenty minutes at a time. When the time was up, they were to land and camouflage themselves on any building they could. Alternatively, they could transform into a boulder. After the next fly-over Davina waited until the Grotes were out of sight, she then launched Rochelle followed by the Goyles.

Davina timed their flight to twenty minutes and prepared to make a landing. Ghost pointed below, he had spotted a small village. It seemed the ideal place to rest. Davina landed and signalled for the Goyles to find buildings to blend with.

From behind shuttered windows, a few of the locals peered out. Each watched the strangers land. Of course the humans assumed the visitors were a threat so became defensive. Each gathered their shotguns and quietly snuck up on the new arrivals.

‘What are you doing in our village?’ shouted an angry looking man with a beard.

Davina turned quickly, ‘We’re waiting to leave again.’

Johnny gestured to Davina when he noticed a mob of humans forming behind the main man. Each carried a shot gun. The mob muttered amongst themselves, that muttering built into frenzy.

Ghost stared at his watch; he didn’t want to lose the timing by being distracted by a bunch of angry people with guns. That one thought distracted him, how long had it been since the last fly-over? According to his reckoning there was only a matter of approximately two minutes until the Grotes were going to fly-over again.

Davina glanced at the man with a shot gun, ‘Look I don’t want to appear rude… but we are about to have a fly-over of something called a git of Grotesques… yYou would probably be better off if you went back in the house and hid.’

‘Do you really think I’m going to listen to you stranger?’

‘One minute,’ said Ghost staring at his watch.

The locals were silent when they noticed the boy before them had numerous eyes.

‘Look there’s a freak of nature,’ said one of the women pointing fearfully.

‘It’s witchery!’ screamed another.

‘What on earth are you?’ shouted the leader waving his shot gun.

‘I’m just a kid who ate something funny,’ said Ghost matter of factly. ‘Thirty seconds…’

The mob shuffled and ventured closer, they didn’t like it.

‘They’ve turned him into it,’ said an old woman waving an arthritic finger.

Davina glanced at the sky; the Grotes were on their way. ‘It doesn’t matter what we are. Now move to shelter!’ shouted Davina urgently.

‘I ain’t listening to a mere girl!’ shouted the man.

‘I suggest you swallow your pride and take cover – it could get nasty,’ said Davina sincerely.

The man with the gun glanced at the others, they didn’t like her attitude.

‘Don’t let her win, they’re all freaks,’ whispered one.

‘Arthur are you really letting a teenage girl tell you what to do?’ said another older man viciously.

Davina glanced at her father, ‘See I told you… What incentive have I got to save the human race when they act like that? You know they’re planning to shoot us, which means they want us to die.’

Malchus nodded, he understood why humans had become so untrusting. ‘Davina give them a chance.’

‘Davina, we have ten seconds,’ called Ghost.

‘Please take cover; I don’t want you to get killed. You’re all so frail and your bodies won’t protect you,’ said Malchus in his calmest and most regal tone.

The man with the shotgun was having none of it. ‘Something ain’t right ’ere,’ said one of the villagers glancing around the village. Numerous new statues had randomly appeared on the roofs. ‘Now how’d they get there then?’ he muttered.

One of the old women tapped the leader on the shoulder. ‘Arthur I don’t think she be lying,’ she said pointing at the sky.

‘Four, three, two… run!’ screamed Ghost.

Davina and her group scarpered towards a barn and hid inside with the animals. Arthur stood staring at the sky in silence. Thousands of hideous creatures flew over. Arthur and the villagers stood motionless, a number of Grotes landed and studied the group of humans. Some prodded them, another picked a few up and threw them up into some trees for fun. Others sniffed and licked them. Arthur stared into the face of a snot-infested, slithering Grote and wet himself. He had never seen anything so ugly and fearful in his life. The Grotes glanced about; nothing caught their attention so they flew off. Arthur nodded at the villagers who stared at the barn. ‘I thinks we need answers!’ shouted Arthur.

‘Awful suspicious if you ask me,’ said a second old woman, tugging one of the village men from a water trough.

Arthur stood outside the barn with his shotgun aloft; two of the villagers opened the barn doors. ‘I think you have some answers to give…’ said Arthur.

‘We have to fly in four minutes Davina,’ said Ghost.

Davina didn’t want to talk to the man.

Thalia knew what Davina was thinking and stepped forward. ‘Erm human, yes… well I don’t know how your small brain is going to comprehend this, but there is an interesting situation developing on this planet. Someone called the Chimera is intending to exterminate humanity. The major cities are under attack and we are trying to stop this disaster.’

‘I don’t believe you…’

‘I didn’t think you would – but we tried. Don’t say we didn’t warn you… ’ Thalia shook her head and clicked her fingers to call her Goyle. Her Eaglegoyle scrambled down from the barn roof and prepared to take off. Thalia climbed on and a moment later Elora landed on her shoulder. Thalia sighed and shook her head sorrowfully. ‘I wish you all luck.’

Arthur frowned, how did he respond to that?

Davina and the others mounted their Goyles. Malchus plodded over to the Arthur, ‘I’m afraid there’s no time to explain. Anyway you wouldn’t be willing to listen, even if we took the time to explain what is really happening.’

Arthur was silent while he studied Malchus, ‘Er… what are you?’

‘I’m a king,’ he replied.

Davina made a call, the other Goyles transformed and each prepared for take-off.

‘What on earth?’ said an old woman pointing that same bony finger.

‘No this is not of earth, we are from Gargantuan… Good-bye!’

With that, the Goyles took off carrying Davina and her group.

The villagers stood dumbfounded. ‘Should I shoot them?’ said Arthur shakily.

‘No I think we just met the good guys,’ said the old woman.

Another old woman turned to Arthur. ‘I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own blood-shot eyes.’

Arthur turned to his wife, ‘I think it is best we go to bed Bess, and then we can tell ourselves it was all a dream.’

Bess nodded, ‘Maybe everything will all be fine in the morning.’

‘I hope so,’ he replied.

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