Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 49 – With AUDIO


A twisted sideways fortress.

After negotiating numerous Grote fly-overs, Davina could just about make out the edge of the wastelands. Further in the distance, the dark silhouette of the Sideways Tower stood out against the dark, red sky. It was different to your average tower. Dark clouds shot lightening at the tower while it rotated on its side; all the while it hovered above the ground.
‘That’s one twisted tower. It looks like a spiral on its side. I reckon that lightening is what rotates it,’ said Johnny drawing parallel.
‘I never thought a tower would be like that,’ said Davina vaguely.
‘It’s like an inside-out spiral staircase but a tower,’ said Ghost leaning his head to the side.
‘Do you think that’s where Susie’s being held?’ asked Johnny, his face flushing red.
‘I’m sure she’ll be inside somewhere,’ said Ghost.
‘Ghost can you look ahead and tell me what you can see?’ asked Davina.
Ghost focused his eyes and studied the tower. ‘Davina the whole thing is wrapped in Grotes; they’re crawling all over it. It looks like they’re all just perching, watching and waiting. It’s kind of like when you see an apple covered in ants. You know what? We have to do something to draw them off, that is, if we actually want to get inside.’
‘And the surrounding area?’ asked Davina.
Ghost studied the moors and the wastelands, ‘There are millions of shapes in the earth. I don’t know whether they are half formed Grotes or half-hidden to ambush us.’
‘How about we make her come to us? She obviously wants us to go to her,’ said Johnny staring at the tower.
As the dark-red dawn grew lighter, Davina decided that she didn’t want to fight in daylight. What’s more, the Goyles should rest and eat before the next conflict. In that time Davina could go over her strategy.
‘Right we will camp and refuel. We will wait for dusk, so that we can rest and recuperate. The Goyles will be ready; we can send messages and gather our numbers together. In the meantime, I will place force fields over the cities I have missed.’
‘Are you sure? If we go now we can mount a surprise attack,’ said Johnny.
Malchus flew forwards, ‘She’ll be ready no matter what. There’s nothing that will surprise the Chimera, she’s been working on this for hundreds of years. I agree with Davina. We should gather our Goyles and then Davina will draw her out. Whether we like it or not we all need to rest and prepare.’
‘Hundreds of years?’ muttered Ghost.
The strategy was paramount and she intended to make sure she knew it inside out. She needed to hedge her threat.
‘We’ll spread out. The Goyles will disperse and blend with whatever they can. In the meantime, you must all rest and we will take shifts to watch to make sure she does not attack us okay?’ said Davina.
‘Okay,’ said Ghost.

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