Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 50 – With AUDIO



Why pace when you can rest?


The Goyles found numerous nooks and crannies to make their camps. Davina and her group found a convenient cave, which cut into the side of a hill. From the mouth of the cave, Davina could clearly view the tower. As she considered what was about to take place, Davina chewed the rest of her available nails. It seemed a strange way of cutting them. Whether Davina liked to admit it or not, she was anxious. What should she expect? Was the Chimera indestructible? What did the Chimera look like? She had been so elusive, yet all the while, there was a familiarity about her. That familiarity bothered her.

Davina paced about the cave.

‘Can you just stop pacing about Davina?’ said Ghost sharply.

‘Nope,’ said Davina.

‘Davina what on earth is the matter with you?’ asked Johnny.

‘Something doesn’t feel right,’ said Davina.

‘Davina you’re about to wage an attack on a creature who’s been killing innocent people. Of course you’re going to feel a bit strange. Who wouldn’t?’ said Johnny.

Davina continued pacing.

‘Look if you have to pace, can you go somewhere else and do it?’ said Ghost. ‘I need to sleep.’

Davina huffed and went outside. She perched herself on a moss-encrusted rock and stared at the Sideways Tower. Something about it was summoning her.

‘Davina what are you doing?’ asked Malchus standing behind her.

‘I feel very odd about this. Is there no way I can talk to her one to one? Maybe I could persuade her to stop the attacks,’ she said.

Malchus shook his head and studied his daughter, ‘Tell me what you are feeling child?’

‘I feel like the Chimera isn’t all bad… like there is something good inside her,’ she replied.

Malchus nodded, ‘Everyone, no matter how bad, has good inside them. Davina, in this case we have to stop her, catch her and release that good. There are ways and means of doing it, which is why you are here.’

‘I have no idea what that means,’ said Davina studying her father.

‘Oh you will when this is over,’ he replied.

Davina gazed at the tower and watched it revolve sideways. ‘So the tower turns?’

Malchus nodded watching the tower rotate on its side.

‘Have you been there Father?’

‘When I was first captured I was taken to the Sideways Tower. After that she imprisoned me in the Meru fortress, the tree,’ he said.

Davina studied Malchus, ‘Why didn’t the Chimera kill you and take the egg?’

‘If the egg is extracted without my permission, my body closes down and protects the egg. I become its vault because I am its protector,’ he replied.

Davina frowned, ‘Father is there something I should know before we do this?’

Malchus gazed at the tower, numerous emotions washed over his face. ‘Dearest child, whatever I tell you will hinder you. You have a destiny to fulfil and this journey must be complete. When this is over your full memory will be returned. Only then will you understand the relevance of all this.’

Davina sighed; she was fighting in complete darkness. All the while, something was niggling her: how had her father been captured when he had so many Gargoyles to protect him?

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