Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 52 – With AUDIO



A revelation at the wrong time.


The first wave of Grotes launched in their direction. The Chimera stood with her staff raised and directed the masses of Grotes towards the forest.

In response, Davina tapped the Shamaventus creating a field to protect them. ‘Malchus! You need to tell me what’s going on!’

‘I’m sorry child, but you’ll have to work it out for yourself.’

A blast of light penetrated Davina’s field. She was flung backwards. A loud, cackling laughter reverberated across the plane. ‘Davina you are no match for me! These are Gargantuan rules and you’re playing against the wrong person. At least I remember the rules!’

Davina glanced at her father and clung to her necklace.

He avoided looking back.

Davina flushed red, pursed her lips and climbed onto Rochelle. The pair leapt into the air followed by her guardian Goyles.

Ghost was apprehensive; he stared at the Chimera and could sense something he didn’t like.

‘Stop stalling Ghost,’ he said to himself. Ghost leaned onto his Lizer, took off and followed Davina. ‘Johnny, there is something very wrong about this whole situation. I feel like everyone knows something except me.’

‘What do you mean?’ said Johnny glancing at Ghost.

‘That Chimera, well I can see through her and she isn’t what she seems,’

‘That Chimera has my sister imprisoned. We’re going to get Susie back! I don’t give a grunt about the Chimera!’ Johnny growled.

‘Oh you will care!’ said Ghost.

Thalia watched Davina and her Goyles fly into the air, she stroked Malchus’ arm affectionately. ‘Maybe you should have informed her of what she was in for.’

‘How could I? It would only have hindered her,’ said Malchus sighing.

‘Well we should at least help her,’ said Thalia with a tone of sadness. With that, the pair bounded into the air.

The scene over the wasteland was strewn with conflict. Goyles fought Grotes; each wrestled in the air intending to bite the other’s throat. Once bitten the loser plummeted to the ground and smashed into the ice.

Davina spun the Shamaventus and sent orbs of light to the throats of any Grotes in her path. She had one mission: to get the Chimera. Every attempt she made was blocked by numerous Grotes; each fell in seconds after she blasted them with cutting, white lights.

Behind her, Johnny and Ghost were caught up in the trail of destruction. Each wove through the carnage in an attempt to keep up.

Davina spotted the Chimera ahead of her. She had to look her in the eye; that way her she would have answers to her questions.

In the meantime, Ghost had already managed to occupy his usual ‘dangerous’ situation: he was in combat with two Grotes, both were trying to rip out his Goyle’s throat.

Ghost focused his eyes in two directions and jabbed both of the Grotes in the throat. The light dimmed in their eyes, and each plummeted to the frozen desert below. Smack! Smack!

Johnny quickly mastered his staff and shot every Grote he could see nearby. He was on a mission: he intended to access the tower and save Susie.


The Chimera was safely protected amongst the myriads of Grotes. As one Grotesque fell five rose. All the while, the Chimera slayed the Goyles at an alarming rate. She spun her staff and darted through the air. Slash, slash, and slash! She was vicious, fast and agile. Did Davina stand a chance? Davina directed Rochelle towards the Chimera: Rochelle reared. Davina patted Rochelle, to calm her…   ‘Rochelle… I understand this is not your fight, I have to do this alone,’ she said.

Davina summoned a whirlwind and set Rochelle free. The spinning wind was unpredictable, but that was a chance she was willing to take. Davina used the wind to propel herself towards the Chimera and for a moment she hovered staring into her eyes. Everything became silent. The space expanded. It was just Davina and the Chimera. Neither muttered a word. Both gazed at each other, sussing out each other’s vulnerabilities, both searching for an opportunity to attack.

The Chimera’s human form smiled a mysterious smile. She stared Davina in the eye and roared. Grotes charged Davina from all angles. Each intended to knock her off the wind. Davina calmed herself and focused on her illuminatus and increased her glow. That glow sensed pending attacks before they were close. Davina’s natural instincts rose to the surface, she spun the Shamaventus vigorously forcing numerous aggressive lights to fire. Those lights whizzed through the air and extracted life from the Grotes.

The Chimera was Davina’s next target. She gritted her teeth, put her head down and launched herself towards the Chimera. The Chimera stared back, her eyes distant. They weren’t the kind, loving eyes she had known as a child. The Chimera’s eyes were bitter and twisted.

‘So my child, you really believe you’re ready to face me?’

Davina remained silent.

‘I understand you had your memory removed so you could face me. How sweet, trying to stop all those emotions affecting how you react to me. I brought you into the world and now I am going to help you exit!’ said the Chimera.

Davina froze, was that what it was all about? She had removed her own memory to face her own mother? Davina shuddered and now her own mother intended to destroy the world. It suddenly all slotted into place. She had endured the journey to learn. It was now her fight because her mother planned to obliterate humanity. Yet how could her own mother intend to kill her own daughter? What was wrong with her? Why didn’t she care?

Davina gazed at the Chimera, there was nothing left she recognised. All that remained was the bitterness, anger and resentment. Her years in the outside world had gradually poisoned her. The woman who had once carried inspiration had been destroyed. All that was gone and now, she was simply a shell with enough rage to annihilate humanity. Davina shook her head. How could she fight the woman who had brought her into existence? If not her then who could face her?

Davina raised the Shamaventus, ‘Underneath that exterior my real mother is still there. Your anger and hatred has twisted you into something evil!’

The Chimera morphed into the half goat and half lion. Her exterior transformed into impenetrable armour and she growled ferociously. ‘I am not that creature anymore! I am the CHIMERA!’ With that, she swooped at Davina.

Davina flipped backwards.

As the pair fought, flames and orbs of light blasted from their staffs. Both were agile. Davina was quick and small. The Chimera was strong and had experience.

When Davina darted past – the Chimera lashed out.

Davina defended.

The Chimera’s strength threw Davina off-balance. Davina spun and rotated in the air, landed on Chimera’s back and steadied herself. The Chimera growled and attempted to shake Davina off. Davina launched herself into the air riding a gust of wind.

‘Who would have thought my own child would be sent to stop me? But who would have thought that child would then be killed by her own mother?’ said the Chimera smugly.

‘God you’re such a spack!’ yelled Davina.

The Chimera frowned, ‘A spack?’

‘Not so all knowing are we now?’ said Davina through gritted teeth.

Johnny summoned Ghost; the pair flew away from the battle towards the tower.

‘Look Davina’s fighting the Chimera,’ said Ghost glancing back and turning rigid.

‘She’ll be fine… We have to keep going!’ said Johnny.

Ghost paused, would Davina really be fine? Ghost was torn; he’d been given specific orders. He had to complete his mission, yet it did not ‘feel’ right. He and Johnny drew closer to the tower, Ghost searched for a way in. Yet all the time he felt a wrenching in his solar plexus.

‘Ghost, use your sight to see what’s inside,’ said Johnny.

Ghost concentrated, his battle weariness was taking its toll. He could see rooms; he could see children but his eyes were bleary. His eyes were weak. Why was that?

Johnny stared at Ghost and waited for an answer.

Ghost shook his head, what was the strange sensation? Pop! It was as if he didn’t have quite so many eyes all of a sudden.

‘What?’ asked Ghost.

‘Nothing… Where are they?’ asked Johnny.

‘The children are behind the third window along,’ said Ghost.

With a quick glance back at the battle, Ghost wondered whether he should enter the tower.

Flames burst from nowhere and balls of light erupted in all directions. Ghost’s instinct was to help Davina, but it was her battle wasn’t it? He was torn. He’d been ordered to free the nasty kids from the Nadim home but they weren’t that important were they? Ghost scanned the conflict once more. That was when he glimpsed the most frightening sight he had ever seen. At the centre of the conflict the Chimera gripped Davina by the throat, she intended to murder her.

Ghost froze. What should he do? What did his instinct say? What could he do? He was a mere kid with no special powers. Ghost shook his head and felt helpless. He was a mere mortal and had never been good enough. How could he go up against the most powerful creature on earth when it was likely he would die? Doubt seeped through Ghost’s veins. The more he thought about it the less likely he was to take action. He just had to do it! There was no way he could leave Davina. No matter what happened he wouldn’t allow the Chimera to kill her. She was his friend, she was special and she had saved him. Ghost watched Wanda swoop in intending to save Davina. As Wanda neared the Chimera she was blasted in the throat and instantly dropped lifelessly to the ground.

Davina screamed. She was alone.

Wanda was dead.

‘You see child you are weak! You have emotions. A true warrior would accept the loss and move on,’ the Chimera smiled a cruel smile.

Davina shook her head, ‘Wrong! Emotions can drive you!’

Ghost shook his head, tears stung his many eyes, he adored Wanda and now she was dead. Ghost flushed red, anger and adrenaline pumped through Ghost’s small frame. The Nadim children could wait. He turned his Goyle and raised his staff. He was going to fight!

Ghost raced into the thick of the battle. He focused everything he could on what he intended to do and let out a tremendous cry. A small spark plopped from the eye of his staff.

Davina struggled, but couldn’t free herself.

The Chimera roared with laughter at Ghost’s pathetic attempt and ignored the tiny spark weaving towards her. ‘Who is your wretched multi-eyed friend Davina?’

Davina’s throat was restricted by the Chimera’s sharp talons digging into her skin.

‘Oh poor little Davina. Has the Catgoyle got your tongue?’

The Chimera cackled as she gazed at Ghost. ‘Is that all you can do? That’s pathetic! Call yourself a warrior – you idiotic, puny wimp! You will never be good enough to face the likes of me!’

Patches of red clambered up Ghost’s throat. His eyes became bleary as rage pumped through his veins. She would not win!

Davina stared into the Chimera’s dark eyes. The Chimera raised her arm, preparing to cast the final blow. She remained completely unaware of the little spark of light weaving towards her. The Chimera assumed she was triumphant and revelled in the feeling of power. Death was waiting.

Davina accepted that was it and closed her eyes. The last thing she saw was a tiny spark of pink light weave between the pair of them. That was the end.

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