Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate – CHAPTER 53 – With AUDIO



Never underestimate a little light from a friend.


Davina’s eyes remained closed. She waited and waited and waited…

What Davina didn’t see was the tiny little spark lodged itself on the Chimera’s throat. It gradually increased in size and glowed. The Chimera’s grabbed her throat but it was too late. The tiny spark had wedged itself firmly and the light transformed into a constricting web which suffocated her.

The Chimera’s grasp became weak and Davina was released from the Chimera’s limp hand. A moment later they both plunged towards the frozen wasteland. Davina attempted to tap the Shamaventus, it was impossible, she was too weak. They were both going to smash into the ice.

Whack! Davina was winded as Ghost pulled her onto his Lizer and sat Davina behind him. The pair remained silent as the Chimera’s limp figure descended silently towards the earth. Thud!

Davina’s body trembled; uncontrollable sobs swept through her small frame. The creature who had fallen was her mother. Davina repetitiously shook her head, trying to comprehend what had just taken place. She was inconsolable.

Ghost remained silent, the unavoidable truth was: he had killed Davina’s mother.

Davina buried herself in Ghost’s back and shook with grief.

Ghost was helpless. What could he do? What could he say? It was an accident that he had saved Davina’s life.

‘I thought she was going to kill you,’ he said guiltily.

‘No… No! I don’t understand!’ Davina drew in her knees and curled into a ball,

Thalia and Malchus swooped towards the pair.

Davina was a complete mess.

‘No!!!!’ she cried again.

Ghost apprehensively put his arm around Davina. She burrowed into him.

‘She was going to kill you Davina,’ he said softly.

Davina sobbed and sobbed; her tears tumbled towards the ice. As she cried the Lizer gently descended taking Davina down to the frozen earth. Once on the ground, Davina climbed off, wiped her face and took a series of deep breaths. It didn’t help. Davina held her chest as she ran amongst the smashed boulders. Where was her mother? As she silently sprinted she skidded; she had to find her mother!

Alone, lodged in the ice, was where Davina found the Chimera’s remains. The once powerful creature was fractured into numerous pieces.

Ghost glanced overhead, the Grotesques stopped fighting. They had no leader so retreated.

Davina laid her head on the remains of the Chimera and sobbed. ‘I didn’t want to kill her,’ said Davina, her heart throbbing.

Ghost awkwardly climbed off his Lizer and shuffled towards Davina. How could he make it alright? Finally he gently put his hand on Davina’s shoulder. ‘Davina…’

Davina shrugged him off. ‘Thalia, I want my memory back now!’

Thalia tapped her staff and plucked the memory pearls from the air. Thalia carefully passed them to Davina who stared at the tiny pearls in the palm of her hand. ‘Davina absorb them,’ said Thalia.

Davina pressed the pearls into the palm of her hand. Once they were absorbed, memories flooded back into her mind. After a few moments, she stared at her mother and soon understood the truth of what had happened.


Davina wiped her eyes and stared at the broken creature. After a short while she turned to Ghost looking relieved. ‘I remember now.’

‘What?’ Ghost shook his head in disbelief,

‘My mother was sent out into the world to bring peace. She had witnessed so many wars and destruction the humans brought on themselves. She intended to make change, so she volunteered to go to the outside world carrying inspiration. The thing is the human’s wouldn’t listen and created a series of nasty stories to turn the masses against her. Eventually they created evidence that she was ‘bad’ and imprisoned her. After years of torment, she built a shell of brutality. In that time, she forgot about Gargantuan and focused her attention on destruction. She made a decision she was going to show the humans once and for all what war could really do. She had to teach them on their own terms. So instead of fighting against each other she was going to give them something to fight against. That way humanity would unite… and that was when she became the Chimera. The Chimera suffocated the once peaceful woman and transformed her into `the other`.’

‘Davina I don’t get it. You’re saying she did this for the best interest of humanity?’

Davina nodded, ‘It seems it was the only way, in her opinion.’

‘So what have you got to do with all this?’ asked Ghost.

‘My mission was to save her from herself,’ she replied.

‘So why did you lose your memory?’ he asked.

‘Because I didn’t want to remember what she was before. I had to see what she had become. The creature she became is who I had to stop.’

Ghost frowned, ‘But now she’s dead!’ he whispered.

Davina shook her head, ‘No Ghost, these are Gargantuan rules.’

Davina leaned towards the rubble and reached inside. She carefully pulled a small, limp, figure towards her. ‘I came to free my mother from herself. This is her, and she’s free of the shell that she became. This is the true person, by being lost she transformed and lost connection to her real self.’

Ghost stared at the limp human-like figure who looked remarkably like Davina but older. ‘But she is…’

‘She’s a Fluxion. She changes form. Her need for power and anger turned her into the Chimera form.’

Davina passed her mother to Malchus who kissed her on the cheek. ‘My darling Rayna are you there?’

The woman, who was once the Chimera, smiled weakly. ‘What happened? I don’t remember.’

‘You became your own worst nightmare. I will tell you all about it when we return home,’ Malchus said.

‘How can you forgive her so easily?’ demanded Ghost. ‘This doesn’t make sense! She’s been killing innocent people and now it’s suddenly all right? No! No! No! That’s madness! Bloody madness! And she tried to kill her own daughter and she would have if it wasn’t for me!’ Ghost took a breath, ‘And here I am feeling all guilty about killing her… What are you all playing at you freaks?’ Ghost glared at the Chimera, something still wasn’t right about her. She carried a blue glow around her heart. Surely it should have been pink?

‘Ghost calm down!’ said Davina.

‘I won’t calm down! All I have been through too: the killer snot, the multiple eyes…’ said Ghost.

‘Ghost that’s enough!’ said Davina. ‘Ghost she’s not forgiven yet. There’s a great deal we have to discuss before we will consider forgiving her,’ said Malchus calmly.

Rayna gazed at Malchus longingly then side-glanced an area where the Grotesques were still moving. She smiled mysteriously to herself. All was not lost.

Ghost had seen that look, he didn’t like it one bit! He felt ill at ease with the woman.


Davina looked up to the tower and saw Johnny waving. Davina gestured for her Goyles to fly up and collect Susie. She also noticed many of the children from the Nadim School were standing watching. She glanced at Ghost who scowled, ‘I think we should leave them there, lets teach them a lesson for grassing us up!’

‘Ghost sometimes you just have to move on and let go,’ she said.

‘I hope you’re right!’ he said glancing at Rayna. ‘Anyway how come I’m the baddy now?’

‘Ghost come on! We made it. You’re safe… It’s all okay.’

Ghost rolled his few remaining eyes. ‘Look I’m just a bit annoyed by this whole thing Davina. I just think you need to know that!’


Davina sent some Goyles up to the tower to collect the children. Davina turned to her mother. ‘Mother I can’t believe what you did!’

‘Please forgive me child, I didn’t see it happening… It all happened over such a long period of time. A little bit of anger and hurt each day finally turned me into a monster. I’m so sorry for what I put you through Davina. I mean it please forgive me…’ said Rayna with a tone in her voice.

Ghost folded his arms and stared at her. He really didn’t like the woman, she was manipulative.

Davina wasn’t so gullible and turned to her father. ‘May I have the egg?’

Malchus tapped his face and handed Davina the Rebis egg. Davina handed it to Ghost, ‘Go and tap the Goyles with the egg. They’ll return to life. Energy simply transforms.’

Davina noticed Rayna watch Ghost handle the egg. Rayna’s eyes narrowed.

Ghost took the egg and wandered through the throngs of lifeless Goyles. He tapped them gently. Each stone turned white and reformed to return to the form it once was. Eventually he came to Wanda and tapped the egg. Wanda’s gentle stone eyelashes fluttered, life was restored. Particles of stone were attracted to each other and joined to re-build her original form. Her stone eyes slowly opened and inside the pupil the light of life ignited.

Ghost placed his hand on his heart and grinned; he waited for a moment then flung his arms around her. ‘I’m so happy you’re alive!’

Wanda smiled weakly. ‘Look… You, as a human, have the power of life in the palm of your hand. That is one of the greatest honours a human can experience.’

Ghost stared at the glowing egg in the palm of his hand and grinned, ‘You’re right.’

‘Maybe you need to consider that you’re the only one on this planet who has seen such wonder. Maybe you need to ask yourself was it worth being dangerous? And notice that you, Ghost, have lived part of your destiny,’ she said kindly and kissed the top of his head.

‘The egg created life,’ he muttered.

Davina watched Ghost with Wanda, thank goodness she was alive.

Ghost returned to where the group was standing and carefully handed back the egg to Malchus. ‘Thank you.’

‘No… thank you.’

Rayna watched Malchus handle the egg. ‘You pass the essence of life about so freely Malchus. Come on let me hold it for the briefest moment. Let me feel the power once again,’ she said.

Thalia’s eyes flickered when Rayna spoke. Something wasn’t right. At the same time Malchus shook his head and turned away and returned the egg to its resting place.

‘Davina I feel odd, a bit dizzy actually,’ said Ghost tapping Davina and gesturing. Something weird was taking place: he seemed to have fewer eyes.

‘Ghost your eyes are dissolving… What does it feel like?’

‘Weird, each eye’s vision seems to cloud over then it makes a popping sound.’

‘Gross!’ she said.

Davina studied Ghost’s head, the eyes kept popping until he had only two eyes left.

‘Ghost you are back to normal,’ she said with relief.

Ghost was pale; the thought of eyes popping from a person’s head was enough to make anyone feel queasy. ‘I can flick my hair freely now without poking myself in the eye! What a brilliant change!’ he said flicking his hair. ‘Erm Davina there’s something I don’t get. How come this became your fight when Malchus is married to your mother?’ he asked.

‘Malchus went out into the world to save her, but because he loved her so much he gave in. Of course she did not want to be saved so she took him prisoner. That was when it became my fight.’

Ghost was confused. ‘So what will happen with the Grotes and the Goyles now?’

‘I think I would like them to take shifts between Gargantuan and the human world.’

‘What like three months on and three months off?’

Davina nodded, ‘I think that would be fair. What’s more, we don’t really need humans to be completely aware of it. They never paid attention before.’

‘But they should know. They should know what happened so they can understand what you did for them. You need to remind them what could have happened if the Chimera had succeeded,’ he said.

‘Well maybe I will ask someone to write it down and make it available to them. Kind of like a book then they will think it was just a story and not real.’

Ghost felt better about that. He wasn’t going to go through all that without someone knowing. ‘So what will happen to me now?’

‘Whatever you want to happen Ghost.’

‘Can I visit Gargantuan whenever I please?’

Davina nodded, ‘You will be an honorary guest to the Gargantuan kingdom.’

Ghost was pleased, ‘I’ll tell the people of Gargantuan how they looked when they were frozen. That’s what I’ll do!’ Ghost paused for a moment, remembering something. ‘Erm Davina, can I just borrow the Shamaventus for a second?’ Davina nodded and handed over the staff. Ghost had some problems to solve including some ice to melt.


The Goyles, laden with Nadim children, flew from the tower and landed before the group. Davina took a deep breath and watched one particular Goyle land carrying a shape she recognised. Ms Kirk sat upright on the back of an Eaglegoyle. Once the Goyle landed, the spindly figure, clinging to its back, noticed the small girl attempting to sneak away.

‘Is that you Davina?’ called Ms Kirk wearily, her hair in disarray.

Davina paused and turned slowly. She tried to muster a smile but it resembled a grimace.

‘Davina, how did you get out here and what on earth is going on?’

‘Ms Kirk I got my memory back and it turns out my parents want me after all. So…’ said Davina glancing at her parents.

Ms Kirk’s eyes narrowed, she stared at the strange creature Davina had nominated as her father. ‘Are you sure?’

Davina nodded.

Ms Kirk studied Malchus, her eyes narrowed. ‘Are these really your parents Davina?’

Davina nodded.

‘I always knew you were foreign,’ said Ms Kirk.

‘Anyway if they decide to disown you again there will always be a bed for you at the Nadim School. Now don’t tell the others but you won’t even have to be naughty.’

‘Thank you.’

Ms Kirk stared at Davina’s parents again, she particularly eyed Rayna.

‘Davina I always had my suspicions about you!’

Davina nodded and turned to go. ‘Erm wait Davina… I have to apologise…’

Davina frowned, Ms Kirk’s pupil carried a slit and Raynor smiled in a familiar way at Ms Kirk.

‘I have to admit it was me who turned you in to the Fluxions,’ said Ms Kirk.

Davina stared at Ms Kirk, did her mother already know her?

Ms Kirk smiled mischievously. ‘Not everyone is who they seem Davina,’ she said glancing again at Rayna.

Davina stared at Ms Kirk’s eye, was she the enemy? At that moment, a large shape rose up from the earth, that shape was reflected in Ms Kirk’s eye.

Davina turned slowly, the last remaining Guardian Grotesque swooped towards her father and prized Rayna from his arms. It flew up into the air, turned and glided back down. In the motion of the arc, it seized Ms Kirk and grasped her in its clutches too.

Davina couldn’t react; the shock overwhelmed her.

‘Chase her!’ shouted Ghost, running towards Davina.

No one moved because something registered in their minds. The group watched the lone Grotesque fly into the night. What had just happened? In that moment of silence, Davina understood her journey was not over. Which one was her real mother? And had they been working together all along? They were Fluxions, so they could change guise when they desired.

Davina shook her head and turned to her father for answers.

Malchus looked dismayed, ‘She almost got the egg. She used her Fluxion skills to confuse us. I think she even used the advanced split Fluxion technique.’

Davina frowned, what was that? ‘Does she have the egg?’ Davina asked urgently.

Malchus shook his head.

A whispering wind approached carrying an important message. ‘While you were away from Gargantuan the Chimera sent some blue Fluxions in. The centric Ozulum orb has been stolen. News has reached us that the other four orbs from around the planet are in jeopardy,’ the wind whispered.

Ghost watched Davina’s blood retreat from her face.

‘What happened? And what are they when they’re at home?’ asked Ghost.

‘The Ozulum orbs have been stolen and they open the stratosphere gateways – they are the ways in an out of this world.’

‘What does that mean?’

‘It means all the creatures that have been banished from this planet to the outer edges of the universe can now return to this planet!’

‘Is that bad?’

‘If you thought this was bad Ghost… that will be worse,’ said Davina.

‘I can’t believe it. How could it possibly be worse?’ asked Ghost.

Ghost looked about, he had an inkling of how it could all be worse, but he thought he would keep that to himself. He chewed his lip in thought, ‘So is there any chance of me going home and having a normal life?’

Davina shook her head, ‘Ghost you could go home to normal life but it will not be normal…’

Ghost scratched his face.

Davina placed her hand on his arm, ‘Erm… how do I say this? Ghost please don’t go… I really need your help! You really are the best friend I ever had and I didn’t say this before but thank you for saving my life.’

Ghost flushed red and fidgeted, as much as he wanted to go home he had to help Davina, even if it did mean he had to endure another adventure. Was that why they had entwined destinies?





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