That Holiday Refund – Well the worm has finally turned…

Hello again Elizabeth Hotel, I notice that your phone is no longer being answered, yet your website is still up and taking bookings. That is a little misleading really…
I did try and call you today, to get this issue resolved. However, it seems you are rather resistant and clinging to the cash. I have been chasing you for 5 months. That is over half the size of a baby..
With that in mind… I would like to make you aware that I am the author of Cruise Ship Creatures, a very successful book with many readers… I guess you might be clever enough to add a few things up… So since you are clearly doing well at ignoring my messages, and annoying me… I feel there could be a lot of joy in aggravating you back, while sharing my escapades with my avid fans… You might consider it a type of Karma.
Ohhh woops!
So let’s start the questioning off with:
What is the most annoying thing you have ever experienced?
Well whatever it is… it is going to get worse and have me in hysterics…
Oh what fun…
Have you ever sat on stinging nettles and stung your lady garden or snake sausage by accident?
That will seem pleasant in comparison.
I look forward to receiving my refund…
May stinging nettles be a lesser irritation to your undercarriage than the aggravation I intend to provide.
Best wishes
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One response to “That Holiday Refund – Well the worm has finally turned…”

  1. You’re a legend Michelle! Can’t wait for an update!!


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